WATCH: Tori Spelling Profiled On A Very Special Episode Of Hoarders

Though we haven’t had a truckful of plastic surgery and our gazillionaire father didn’t stiff us in his will, we really relate to Tori Spelling. She just seems like the kind of girl who gets invited to the A-List party, but has to stand in line to get in. (Story of our life.)

In this spoof of A&E’s addictive reality show Hoarders, La Spelling is subjected to an intervention when it become apparent her collection of gay men is getting out of control. BTW, that’s Sally Kirkland (!) as the interventionist.

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  • John


  • lika

    recycling vintage videos again, queerty? this was mildly funny 8 months ago when it was originally released. tardy for the party again.

  • G

    Definitely funny, but it’s dated :P

  • Oh, ok.

    when it become apparent

  • GaySam

    uhhh hello i think my granddad watched that already…..or well lemme say….VINTAGE!!!
    !!! ah oh wait its the fail blogger again

  • stevoj

    @lika: DON’T, DON’T BE TARDY FOR THE PARTY… lmao


    rehash. a symptom of contempt you have for your loyal readers.
    and why are you protecting that delicate little flower (c..t) lucas from any comments? pathetic. truly.

  • Jase

    Uh yeah this is like a year old. yawn.

  • Spike

    Wasn’t funny the first time, doesn’t seem to have gotten any funnier. I’m guessing Queerty will be reporting on the outcome of Prop 8, from 2008, next.

    Mustard, mayonnaise, relish, Catch UP!

  • Curtis

    effin straights.

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