WATCH: Video Series Take A Stand With LGBT Russia

The Flag, a moody short film that is the second in a series of three videos from the group (We are) #GayPropaganda created to raise awareness for LGBT in Russia, has been released.

“We are proud to release our second of three media pieces this Thanksgiving holiday, especially as the holiday reminds us of privileges that we take for granted — privileges that some of our LGBT friends around the world do not share,” Trenton Waterson, co-founder of (We Are) #GayPropaganda said in a statement.  “We hope these videos humanize the escalating violence against our LGBT brothers and sisters in Russia. Our goal is to use the power of the #GayPropaganda hashtag to unite the message of our campaign as we continue to flip the term ‘propaganda’ on its head.”

Clay Pruitt, a co-producer of the video series, spoke to Queerty about the first clip last week. “With this PSA, and the other two in the series, we hope to educate by putting a human face on the atrocities that LGBT people are facing,” he said.