WATCH: “Westboro Baptist Can Blow Me,” Says Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton has an idea that might shut up the hate-spewing Westboro Baptist Church clan for 15 minutes a while. The country entertainer and judge on The Voice was asked by TMZ what he thinks of the good Christians, known for using their oral skills to denigrate anyone who is even slightly friendly with a gay person. WBC had threatened to picket outside Shelton’s Kansas City concert earlier this month due to his being divorced and a friend to the LGBT communities.

“Westboro Baptist can blow me,” Shelton offered the TMZ photographer outside a West Hollywood nightclub where he’d helped Usher celebrate his birthday. “Yeah, really, they can. Can you quote me on that?” he added.

“They can blow me. I think that’s one of the commandments,” he continued.

Shelton didn’t specify whether the offer was for Fred Phelps or his enchanting daughter Shirley, but the latter did Tweet something of a response.


H/t: Huffington Post