WATCH: “Westboro Baptist Can Blow Me,” Says Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton has an idea that might shut up the hate-spewing Westboro Baptist Church clan for 15 minutes a while. The country entertainer and judge on The Voice was asked by TMZ what he thinks of the good Christians, known for using their oral skills to denigrate anyone who is even slightly friendly with a gay person. WBC had threatened to picket outside Shelton’s Kansas City concert earlier this month due to his being divorced and a friend to the LGBT communities.

“Westboro Baptist can blow me,” Shelton offered the TMZ photographer outside a West Hollywood nightclub where he’d helped Usher celebrate his birthday. “Yeah, really, they can. Can you quote me on that?” he added.

“They can blow me. I think that’s one of the commandments,” he continued.

Shelton didn’t specify whether the offer was for Fred Phelps or his enchanting daughter Shirley, but the latter did Tweet something of a response.


H/t: Huffington Post

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  • Meowzer

    If Westboro doesn’t take Shelton up on his offer, I will!

  • NateB79

    @Meowzer: Amen. I would gladly kneel in front of him and worship.

  • Matt

    Actually, I’d rather do Zac Brown or Blake’s buddy Trace Adkins. Seriously, though….Blake Shelton would seem to follow the line of most country artists, shying away from the gay community, since faith is a vital element of country music. But Blake is more comfortable with himself and his sexuality (hence his bromance with Adam Levine), and could give a damned crap about who sleeps with whom (since his romance with now-wife Miranda Lambert came about in a wild way), he’s shown on The Voice he cares more about how an artist SINGS. Remember, one of Blake’s first team members was Tyler Robinson, who had just come out, and one of Blake’s favorites from Season 1 was partnered blues bear Nakia (Reynoso). Blake Shelton is one of the biggest smartasses out there, but he’s proven he may not quite be the homophobe some say he is. Or at least, he hates Westboro Baptist as much as we do.

  • Dan Shill

    I’d blow him in a heartbeat!

  • HirsuteOne

    Get in line, WBC. Get. In. Line.

  • Errol Semple

    @Rockery: Blow me. LOL

  • jeff4justice

    He’s come a long way from “Any man that tries Touching my behind He’s gonna be a beaten, bleedin’, heaving kind of guy” to being playfully flirty with openly-gay Voice contestant Nic Hawk who is now on “Team Blake.”

  • Bellerophon69

    Hell would be having to attend the Westboro Baptist Church!

  • Rockery

    @Errol Semple:

    I would love to, but Queety has the first crack at me and they have been riding my dick all day and deleting my comments because I told the truth, they were LATE with this news

  • Matt

    Jeff, as I mentioned, Blake’s not the most gay-friendly guy around, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t blind to the fact a LOT of artists from the LGBT community have chosen to appear on The Voice. Tyler Robinson, Vicci Martinez, Beverly McClellan, Nakia, De’Borah, Erin Taylor, and Karina Iglesias have been on the show, to name a few, way before Nic Hawk got to try out (and got very “flammable” for both Adam and Blake). I don’t care WHEN this happened, the fact Blake stood up to those damned neo-moralists IS what’s important. And it shows that Blake and his wife Miranda Lambert may be more friendly to the LGBT community than we know.

  • jeff4justice

    @Matt: We agree. Perhaps his bromance with Adam (who has a gay brother) has impacted his world view for the better. Also, in the latest song by his wife Miranda (All Kids Of Kinds) there’s a transgender reference.

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