Castro Confusion

Watch: Only Jake Shears Can End Queerty’s Existential Crisis

Oh, hi, Jake Shears! We totally did not expect to bump into you when we were out in the Castro this weekend, taping this fabulous “Hello World” video for the all-new Queerty.

But we’re glad you stopped to say hi; we’re tickled pink that you have, in fact, heard of us; and we hope that you put our gift of condoms and lube to good use.

Anyway, as you might have noticed, Queerty is back. We’ve got some of your favorite writers and a big bunch of awesome new staffers, all dedicated to bringing you all the most important news, analysis and attitude. And spelling everyone’s name correctly.

For our relaunch, we hit the Castro to find out what men on the street want the all-new Queerty to be. The answers ranged from “what’s that” to “haven’t heard of it” to “I don’t read blogs.” So, that’s pretty fantastic. What about you, Queerty readers? What do you want Queerty to be?