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‘We Have Recruited Convicted Felons.’ But Maj. Mike Almy Wasn’t Qualified to Serve Because He’s a Homogay

It’s like, jeez, is that activist journalist Rachel Maddow ever going to give this Don’t Ask Don’t Tell thing a rest? Only Joy Behar beats Rachel in the number of homosexual guests she has on her show. (Sarcasm, folks, sar-cas-emmmmmm.) Tonight, it was cutie Maj. Mike Almy, kicked out of the Air Force in 2006, during that Iraq War thing, thanks to — you guessed it — DADT.

You remember Mike from his NPR interview, where he detailed how he was relieved of service after 13 years serving his country because his private emails were searched. Which was, apparently, a priority during “the height of the insurgency” in Iraq, he says. Nevermind that he didn’t violate DADT; his emails were searched without his permission or solicitation.

He’s an American hero, and we want to hug the crap out of him.

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  • ewe

    I am so sick of this crap. We should attack those against us until they are forced to say that it is their delusional god concepts that promote their hatred. Every last stinking one of these right wing homophobes should be publicly humiliated for being so ignorant. I want them to say its god, then we can go after god by throwing Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris in their faces.

  • merkin

    one question ive had is, if DADT is repealed can these people get their jobs back?

  • Ted B. (Charging Rhino)

    Typically, former service-members with honorable discharges…which is what many involuntary DADT dischargees get today…can re-enlist or return to their service on active duty. This might be one the if “issues” that some at the Pentegon wanted time to study.

    The military lawyer-types also have to review and re-write the sodomy-clauses that apply to gay and straight service-members; oral, anal, and kinky sex, even heterosexual adultery with another married person all fall under “sodomy” in the UCMJ. Plus, they’ll have to revisit the clauses regulating “conduct unbecoming an officer”. It’s actually more complicated under the UCMJ than “just” DADT, especially for officers. An example; if their duty station requires full uniform off-duty when in public…even at a straight bar….then they’ll have to wear them when at a gay bar, Heheheheheeh!

  • AlanInSLCUtah


    Yes they will be allowed to go back (at least thats what I have read elsewhere), though there isn’t anything saying they’ll be taken back with the same rank they earned while initially enlisted.

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