Wear a Ring If You’re Engaged Or Married. Not ‘Single + Looking’

Turning your wedding ring into a divorce ring? Buying a “single and looking” band? Wrapping a piece of metal around your finger to declare yourself “available and happy”? I’m not sure what makes me more disgusted with such crapulous consumerism: that jewelry marketers are pushing this junk, or that consumers are willing to buy it.

And women aren’t the only ones.

Tim Gould, the president of My Single Ring, said that of the nearly 1,000 rings he has sold since starting the online business last year — at $40 each — about 30 percent have been to men. One customer, Brian Chapman, a 31-year-old real estate agent in Chicago, said that his ring has been an “icebreaker” because women strike up conversations about it, and that it has led to as many dates in the four months he has worn it. Mr. Chapman, who wears the ring on his right ring finger, said that some dates followed women approaching him and joking that he had his ring on the wrong finger, suspecting that he’d put his wedding ring on his other hand to disguise being married.

No, he put it on his right ring finger to disguise having absolutely no game with potential love interests. Don’t make the same mistake.