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Weatherman fired over x-rated videos returns with a warning… and some good news

Erick Adame
Erick Adame (Photo: Spectrum NY1)

Erick Adame, the Emmy-nominated TV weatherman fired last year by Spectrum News NY1 in New York, made a return to social media yesterday after a four-month absence.

In September, Adame revealed his employment termination. He said he had been compulsively enjoying adult webcam chats with other men over a period of time. Unbeknown to him, some of these videos were recorded. Someone sent the videos to his employer and his mother.

“My psychiatrist calls my actions ‘compulsive behavior,’ others would call them reckless, stupid or brazen. I’m not in a position to argue with any of these descriptions,” he said in a lengthy, September Instagram post explaining what had happened.

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“Despite being a public figure and being on television in the biggest market in the country in front of millions of people five days a week for more than a decade and a half, I secretly appeared on an adult webcam website,” he continued.

“On this site, I acted out my compulsive behaviors, while at home, by performing on camera for other men. It was 100% consensual on both of our parts. I wasn’t paid for this, and it was absurd of me to think I could keep this private. Nonetheless, my employer found out and I was suspended and then terminated.”

Adame said he hoped another broadcaster would consider hiring him and making use of his years of experience. He has remained offline since then. However, he posted a new video to Instagram just yesterday.


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“Sexual predators”

Adame said it had been “a rough couple of months” for him and recounted the circumstance of his dismissal. And what happened next.

“That news gave … sexual predators the idea that I wanted to be exploited and humiliated as if it were something I enjoyed,” he said. “A lot of these people are out there searching for internet for whatever pictures or videos of me they can find. But I want to be absolutely clear about something tonight: I never wanted any of those images or videos to ever be recorded or kept or saved or shared in any way. And I don’t want any kind of this attention that I’ve been receiving.”

“What I do want is for these people to leave me alone,” he continued. “I’m hurt. And I wish people would focus more on the fact these videos exist when they shouldn’t exist, as opposed to the salacious details that people have been really going on and on and on about.”

“I assumed that once I closed my laptop that anything that happened on camera would only exist in memory. But instead, those video sessions were recorded, by people and sometimes these bots.”

“And these bots are scripts that automatically run on a computer or website that record those webcam sessions and post them on a website, and that’s all done without your knowledge or permission. And many of these websites then have a download available to download the entire video, for a fee! Someone out there makes money off you doing sexual activity on camera without you even knowing.”

“So I say this again, to all the sexual predators out there: I did not want any of these pictures or videos out there, and I don’t want them shared. I don’t enjoy being humiliated and treated like a sexual object.”

“The internet is a very dangerous place”

Adame continued, “And to everyone else, obviously … you don’t need me to tell you this, the internet is a very dangerous place. Anything you put out there on the internet, is going to be out there forever. There are sexual predators who are ready to exploit you like they have been doing to me.”

“I still think that the real story here should be that there are these websites out there that are recording you or taking screenshots of you while you are on camera, without you even knowing.”

Adame said many of these websites are hosted overseas and out of US jurisdiction. He says he’s read other stories from people on Reddit: Individuals depressed or suicidal after taking part in an adult webcam chat that was recorded without their knowledge.

He ended by wishing people a happy New Year and saying he hopes people will be able to see him on camera again in 2023.

In short, if you take part in adult webcam chat, be someone might record and share them without your knowledge. So be careful.

New love

On a more positive note, Adame posted another Instagram message. This one shared the fact that despite the year’s many challenges, he found love in 2022!


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Many of Adame’s followers posted supportive messages, informing him he’s a missed presence on their TV screens. Here’s hoping he can make a return to the camera soon.

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