Wedding Bells To Ring As France Promises Marriage Equality In 2013

Following up on a campaign promise by new President Francois Hollande, the French government has promised to legalize same-sex marriage by as early as 2013.

“Within a year, people of the same sex will be able to marry and adopt children together,” Dominique Bertinotti, junior minister for families, told Le Parisien. “They will have the same rights and duties as any married couple.”

If it comes to pass, such a measure would bring Catholic France up to speed with other European Union nations like Spain, Portugal, Belgium and the Netherlands. Though the topic of homosexuality is still something of a social taboo, a recent poll indicates 60% of French people support gay marriage.

They’re certainly not as hung up on traditional values as their American cousins: Prsident Hollande has fathered four children out of wedlock.


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  • 1equalityUSA

    It’s embarrassing that our Country is still so backwards on the idea of equality. Taxation without representation is tyranny. It’s difficult to pay taxes when I know that I’m treated differently from my straight compatriots. For all those who were Domestic Partnered and went on to legally marry, we should file a law suit for back taxes starting from the year of Domestic Partnership. It’s all we had available to us at the time and it should be recognized, once marriage equality is legally attained. Congratulations to France for getting around to being fair to its citizens.

  • Samuel

    What a world in which we live! A straight man who deliberately avoids marriage is working to have gays marry. Basically, “I don’t think it’s a great idea but if you want it, I’ll make it possible.” Perhaps, George Clooney and Johnny Depp are the best examples of straights who see marriage for what it is – an outdated custom conjuring up fantasy futures that only leads to serial divorce if couples don’t honestly define what they expect upfront. It should be noted that Depp/Paradis, despite not being officially married, have exactly the same legal rights and responsibilities as married parents under French law.

    Furthermore, there are two “marriages” in France. The religious one which has no legal effect, and the civil ceremony, which does. If that system were used in the US, the rightwing could keep their religious ceremony but everyone would have the rights and duties of a civil one.

  • raisedsouth

    @Samuel: I like your comment sir. I believe marriage is outdated and religion as well is outdated. I feel one should be allowed to be who they are are and want to be. Kudos. No, I see you have a box of Kudos there. lol

  • Schlukitz


    Couldn’t agree with you more.

  • Clueless

    It’s called separation of Church and State… what’s so difficult about it ?

  • robert in nyc

    Samuel, with respect, the French version of civil unions called (PACs) available to both straight and gay couples do NOT confer all of the rights of marriage, unlike the British version, Civil Partnerships. Adoption, among several other rights are not allowed under French law via such a union. Marriage is the only vehicle that will address it.

    The Pacte Civil de Solidarité (PACS) is a legal alternative to marriage in France, also recognized for same-sex couples. It is a civil union which gives rights and obligations to both partners which affords some of the legal benefits of traditional marriage. It gives rights to both partners particularly in regard to “mutual and material” assistance, for example in the event of unemployment or illness.

    Essentially it is a contract made between two people of either sex. Both partners must be aged 18 or over and must have a common place of residence (although not necessarily live together). French nationality is not required by parties signing a pact, but a foreigner must be legally resident in France. (PACS may also be conducted at a French Consulate elsewhere is the world, but in that case one of the partners must be a French citizen).

    PACS does not confer citizenship or residency on a foreign partner however it is considered to be proof of a “personal connection” to France and is therefore taken into account when applying for residency.

    PACS and Foreign Civil Partnerships
    A PACS agreement might not be recognised in other countries. Prior to May 2009 and the introduction of loi n° 2009-526 in France, a civil partnership/civil union agreement formed in another country was not recognised in France and in addition, a PACS agreement in France could not be held simultaneously with a civil partnership entered into elsewhere (it had to first be proved to have been ended/dissolved).

    Since May 2009, civil unions or partnerships registered elsewhere in the world are recognised in France. However there are some restrictions – the foreign civil union or partnership may not contradict French law and there are still limitations on factors including succession rights and the right to adopt which also means that in the case of, for example, the UK version that offers all of the rights of marriage, those rights would not be enjoyed in France if a French gay citizen had entered into a British partnership with a British national and settled in France. Marriage is the only method to avoid the discrepancies and inequalities in the variety of legal unions outside of marriage.

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