WeHo Rolling In It

Yes, we all know the gays leave a trail of money behind them, but it’s always fun to hear just how wide. For example, liberal estimated put the boon of California’s gay marriage somewhere around $370 million. That’s a lot of money, right?

So, what happens when looked at on a smaller scale, like gay mecca West Hollywood’s pride parade? Well, ask no more. A new survey pinpoints the economic boost the boys and girls left after last year’s event:

Overall, people attending the three days worth of events spent $16.3 million inside WeHo and another $6.3 million in nearby LA – a $22.6 [million] shot in the cities’ arms.

The lions’ share of the revenue went directly to food and drink – where the average daily per person expenditure was $52, better than half of all those dollars went to food and beverages.

Retail trade accounted for $4 million, transportation (and parking) $2.5 million and the hotels took in another $3 million.

Damn! Those Stonewall queens should have charged a cover!