We’re 28,861 Signatures Away From Washington’s “Marriage” Law Going to a Vote


The latest count from Washington’s Secretary of State: 104,000 signatures have been checked for Referendum 71, which would stay Washington’s “everything but marriage” law and put the matter up to voters. Of that total, 91,716 names have been accepted and 12,182 rejected, providing an error rate of 11.72 percent — not good enough to forecast a fail.

checked signatures and just over 12,000 rejected for one reason or another. The overall error rate is 11.72 percent, barely up from 11.68 percent, which we reported Friday. In order to make the November statewide ballot, the referendum’s overall rejection rate must not go over 12.4 percent.

Here are the latest totals: 103,898 checked, with 91,716 accepted and 12,182 rejected. The R-71 sponsors, Protect Marriage Washington, need 120,577 valid Washington voter signatures for the measure to be placed on the ballot.

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  • Andrew

    Error in Signatures: 11.72%
    Error in Thinking: 100%

  • Lurleen

    Moral of the story: contact Washington Families Standing Together ( to see how you can help us prepare for the ballot. There are many ways to help: donate; volunteer for office work or phone bank; write a letter to the editor; ask your minister, church, organization or company to endorse or join the WAFST coalition. And tell everyone you know to vote “APPROVED” on Ref. 71 to preserve the domestic partnership law.

  • AlwaysGay

    The election officials are RIGGING this election to get this referendum on the ballot to take away gay people’s rights. Let’s review how election officials have RIGGED the process to benefit the anti-gay BIGOTS that support this awful initiative.

    * Election officials LIED to the media, told them the error rate needs to be lower than 14%. In reality it needs to be lower than 12.43%.

    * On day five this referendum was NOT going to make it on the ballot then suddenly master fixers came in and “readjusted” the numbers by more than 19% thereby putting this referendum back in play. Gay people raised concerns about the process and guess what the election officials did? Looked at the same rejected signatures again. And you know what the rejected signature percent went down another 10%. Here we have the same rejected signatures looked at at least FOUR times with FOUR massively different numbers.

    * The rejected signatures from the first 33,000+ signatures were checked at least FOUR times, twice by junior checkers and twice by master checkers. While the accepted signatures, which accounted for 89% of the signatures, are only counted ONCE.

    * Husband and wife checkers, Roger and Valerie gave names to outside people to confirm they signed the petition which is ILLEGAL.

    * Rejected signatures are NOW going to get ANOTHER look because according to the secretary of state spokesperson voter registration wasn’t “updated.” Election officials say that 12% of those already rejected will put in the accepted pile.

    * David Ammons told people concerned with the lopsided checking of the signatures basically gay people ain’t worth looking at the accepted signatures again. That election officials would only take a look at the already rejected ones.

    * Once again as the rejected signature percent neared the 12.43% to stay off the ballot election officials changed the rules and would look once again at only the rejected signatures.

    * Counting signatures from unregistered people and those that registered to vote after the petition deadline.

    * Counting signatures that went over the allowed 20 per petition.

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