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Wesley Woods explains exactly why he came after Trump-supporting Colby Keller

Adult star Wesley Woods (pictured, above) penned an open letter earlier this month in which he called out fellow entertainer Colby Keller (pictured below), and particularly Keller’s continued attempts to justify his so-called reasoning behind voting for Donald Trump.

Keller, he wrote, is “a man who obviously lives in an ivory tower without any minority friends.”

I understand why he did it- he is a white man who can blend REAL QUICK with his surroundings- he (and I) have NOTHING TO LOSE. What a disgrace to others who do not live a life where that opportunity exists. He OPENLY and PROUDLY voted AGAINST anyone who feels marginalized. Colby, you and I will never fully understand how it feels to live a life of oppression.

Following his September 8th Facebook post, Woods had a sit-down interview with Into‘s Kevin O’Keefe, where he further emphasized his stance: “I’m not against Colby Keller as a person,” he says.

“I’ve never come after him as a person. I am coming after his idea, and that’s what’s important…It’s not okay to say the things that he’s saying and staking claim to being right….

You cannot sit here and vote to put someone in power that is actively trying to take away rights from people and not apologize or feel bad for it. It’s easy for him to vote this way and step back and not have to worry about the repercussions of what his vote did.”

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He also credits his fiancee with the quote, “Your orgasm is not neutral,” which many found to be the highlight of the letter.

“It’s true,” he says. “If you are jerking to Colby Keller you are indirectly supporting his ideas, his beliefs, and his platform. And you are further allowing it to marginalize people.”


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  • dwes09

    For a long time Keller was a huge attraction to me, his body and looks, and the fact that he had a reasonably good talent in the visual/conceptual arts. The revelation of his political naivety and flawed intellect stripped that away. Had he been simply big and dumb and kept his mouth shut he’d still be wood inducing. Now he just seems like a silly clueless queen.

    • sf_italianboi

      although I agree with u politically, I think its important that all political views are valued and individuals are not attacked. Keller has his own beliefs but we don’t have to support him as a public figure. yes his views are damaging but thats the price of a true democracy (as perceived by a white privileged cis liberal man) Woods comments are really articulate, happy he’s using this platform to educate

    • dwes09

      All expressed opinions have consequences. No, we in no way have to value all opinions, as some are objectively stupid, some are entirely fantasy based, and some outright damaging: especially political opinions that result in political actions (voting for repression or disenfranchisement of others).

      Yes, people are free to express opinions without fear of governmental retaliation or prosecution (that is all our constitution provides us), but ethically, morally and intellectually we are not under any obligation to respect or value them!
      Where do you get that notion?

    • mhoffman953


      “we in no way have to value all opinions”

      Then why do you get your panties in a bunch whenever someone disagrees with your opinion and claim that we should value your opinion?

    • sf_italianboi

      so then who makes the decision of who’s opinion is valid? Keller is a lot of things but he’s not stupid, he made a educated (poor) decision, I don’t believe he repressed or disenfranchised anyone. by attacking him (calling him dumb / clueless, not to mention a queen, which is not an insult), you’re no better than the alt right that shoots down all conflicting opinions. I’m saying that we should be cultivating healthy disagreements, which Keller has done more successfully than you

    • DCguy

      Awww, how adorable, the Trump surrogates are still trying to hide the fact that Trump campaigned on harming lgbts. He STATED he would appoint judges to attack our rights, and his Justice dept RIGHT NOW is arguing that people should be able to be fired for being gay….

      and they are still trying to hide those facts behind the phrase “Different political opinions”.

      Sorry troll accounts, but if you support, or want somebody to get elected that is going to directly attack and harm another person, you don’t get to also attack that other person for not “Valuing” the “Opinion” of the bigot seeking to harm them.

      AS I’ve said before, you don’t get to attack a rape victim for “Having a different political opinion” than a rapist on whether rape should be legal.

      And the fact that you keep trying that same worn out old tactic shows that you have bankrupted even the smallest amount of logic in trying to argue your point. #Sad

    • mhoffman953


      “Justice dept RIGHT NOW is arguing that people should be able to be fired for being gay….”

      That’s not what the Justice Dept. is arguing. They are arguing people’s interpretation of Title VII which prohibits employers from discriminating on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin and religion. There is a case in the court system which is arguing that “basis of sex” means sexual orientation. Every circuit court in this country has stated that is not what the law means. The other side is arguing that we cannot look at old laws through modern eyes and start new interpretations of the texts. Instead they are arguing that these people should look to Congressional Democrats and Republicans to pass a bill specifically adding in this provision and not add in words to prior legal texts that do not exist in them. You’re conflating it into anti-social justice when the justice department is not arguing that at all because you’re playing partisan politics with your comment.

    • bambamboom777

      I used to be a fan too, but knowing this about him really makes him far less attractive in my view. In fact, it kind of repulses me. Sure, he has a right to believe whatever, but unfortunately his belief is irrational and only helps in enabling this nightmare presidency. Real harm to actual beings is the result. And the effect Trump is having on society and our common values is dangerous. Anyone could see during the campaign just how unhinged and reckless Trump is. No responsible person casts a vote for the most important position in our country for someone like that, no matter what the motivation. I’m so tired of these people who think they’re showing how edgy and free-thinking they are by throwing their votes away. It’s such a self-absorbed act that’s about nothing more than trying to stand out. And it’s even more annoying when it’s done by those who have less to risk (at least for a time) from having all these right wingers in power. Voting is about putting the best candidates into office who will do the most good for community as a whole. It’s not about making statement about how righteous you are. People think their opinions and expressing themselves is so important, when in reality nobody gives a damn. The only thing that matters is who gets elected and what the actual do in office. Facts matter. Opinions are just people projecting their own biases.

    • DCguy


      Oooohhhh, Sweetie, if you’re going through all those verbal gymnastics to try to lie about what the Justice dept. is doing I have to ask why you bother.

      Look, you KNOW that we all know that you are just another screename from the one anti-lgbt, pro Russia, Pro GOP troll. We KNOW that you see your job as being to lie, deflect, or do whatever you can to protect anti-lgbt bigots and lie about the GOP.

      It’s all out there, you’ve all exposed yourself, so why bother anymore? The Justice Dept. is arguing on a case and they are stating that gay people do not have protections. So again, your desperate, pathetic attempts to try to ONCE AGAIN pretend that the GOP isn’t seeking to harm lgbts is just sad at this point.

    • mhoffman953


      I stated clearly what the court case is about. You are doing your normal spin. Anytime you are proven to be exaggerating, lying, playing partisan politics, or are proven wrong, you bring out the tired “multiple screen names” conspiracy to distract from what people are saying. You spun the same rhetoric when you tried scaring people about President Trump’s religious freedom executive order and were proven wrong and you’re doing the same thing here.

  • Kieran

    Nice to see they both dressed up for this important interview. Afterwards, they both went to the park to play in the sand box. Even they can’t take themselves seriously.

  • Pistolo

    I mostly agree except I think Colby is EVEN MORE self-interested than he’s saying. He’s worse than an oppressor in voting for Trump, he’s a betrayer. The Republican Party spent more than the first decade actively trying to suppress the rights and freedoms of LGBTQ people and only barely forfeited after having their arms twisted.

    Still, there remains an undercurrent of homophobia which could very easily resurge with someone like Pence whose monstrous homophobia doesn’t appear to offend all that many people. Marriage is not and never was the threshold, people in that party and out of it still are insidiously homophobic and could find any number of ways to play that out again with little protest from their core. Republicans and some democrats may not be as ardently homophobic as they once were but all too many don’t mind homophobia. Yes, one could say Hillary, who didn’t support marriage equality until 2013 qualifies as a potential oppressor but she’s far less a threat than Pence or any number of other conservatives who just yesterday didn’t even think we were worthy enough to share oxygen with them.

    People like Colby Keller have a lifestyle centered around celebrated sexuality, they live in a bubble that doesn’t encompass a great many people. Even if over half the country supporting gay marriage magically makes them no longer homophobic (which it doesn’t) there’s still over 40% who don’t think we deserve a petty marriage license they aren’t even effected by- that’s a lot of people.

    • dwes09

      Colby’s justification for voting Trump was that it would hasten a Marxist revolution. That is demonstrably as fantasy based as the belief that Trump will “drain the swamp” or “make America great again”, or the belief that Hillary would invite radical islamists in to kill gay folks.

      That disconnect from reality is as dangerous on the left as it is on the right. His fantasy is that this Marxist revolution will address and eliminate inequity, despite the fact that is never did in the past in several countries on several continents!

  • Smith David

    I am African-American. I say that to say this, I don’t expect a white person or any other race for that matter, to understand my experience. Some people choice to be willfully ignorant. This is how I view Mr.Keller . He has the right to vote his conscience.

    • dwes09

      Once again, that is not the issue here. Of course everyone has the right to vote their conscience! But there is no right for that vote to go unexamined, uncriticized or unchallanged.
      No opinion is intrinsically worthy of intellectual respect. Nor is any person. Civil and equitable treatment and equal treatment under the law (respect for their person), absolutely! But respect for opinions or chosen actions, not at all. That respect is earned.

  • jckfmsincty

    Colby Keller’s work should be boycotted. Trump is an incompetent buffoon and a racist.

    • Etseq

      He is engaged to a man – Chris Donahue (or something along those lines). He had a short lived reality show on Bravo as a therapist in a house full of sexually compulsive people. Although hot, I get the feeling he isn’t a smart as he seems and I got the impression that he uses his “therapist” role to help them find other sex partners – they both make a big deal about how anti-monogamy they are.

    • Etseq

      Also, both of them claim to be “queer” now rather than gay because I guess it is more rad. They both only sleep with men but whatevs

    • Donston

      You really think a porn performer is gonna be pro monogamy? However, anyone who actively “fights” against monogamy has issues.

  • Donston

    Why is anyone bothering to give a sh*t about the vote of a sex worker who has made it clear that he has no political perspective but rather voted the way he did for nonsensical, fantastical and narcissistic reasons? I’m just not getting the purpose of this “debate” besides gay media having an excuse to talk about porn performers.

    • Donston

      And although Wesley appears to be coming from a “good place” he still seems more driven by hopping on the back of this “porn controversy” than enlightening people.

      The whole thing is just stereotypical social-media-faag-messiness.


    colby keller is insignificant, unimportant, irrelevant. Period.

  • gravityyaoi

    This whole controversy at this point is Woods wanting attention. The whole Keller issue died about a year ago but Woods feels he can drag up old drama as the pretext of education. I posted this same basic comment on an article he was tagged in on FB and proceeded to tell me how wrong I was, then made a comment saying people were dumb and how he makes more in one day then we do in 2 weeks. Which he then deleted because it showed his true colors. Nothing but an narcissistic attention seeker stirring the pot.

    • Donston

      Pretty much this. Instead of just passionately putting his political beliefs out there he had to piggy-back on old drama. Publicly “writing a letter” to some fellow performer. That’s just lame. I don’t take anything these porn performers say seriously (or hell, most legit actors). It’s not because they’re sex workers but because everything they say is typically skewed by wanting attention, wanting to boost their ego and wanting the consumer to buy into whatever persona they’re selling.

  • Tombear

    You people do porn and are involved with sex work. Doesn’t matter how I feel about it. I think it is OK but the vast majority of Americans think you and guys like you in the sex industry are trash. Donald Trump wouldn’t give Colby Keller the time of day!

  • Creamsicle

    Keller supported Trump because he’s a nihilist and saw it as the quickest means to causing social upheaval and even collapse, after which a new society free of our society’s baggage can be born. It’s not malicious or evil, but it requires the naivete of a 19 year old, which makes sense because Colby Keller has found that he’s hot enough that people will listen to his bullshit for as long as it takes if it means they can sleep with him or if it eventually means that they can watch him have sex with someone else. He hasn’t had to engage in any kind of real world political ramifications besides being evicted from his apartment a few years ago. Instead of just renting a different apartment he went full Kerouac, except that instead of living as a vagrant and writing about it, he’s living as a vagrant prostitute and filming it, and trying to pass off his entire life as performance art.

    He has all the pretension of an artist with none of the talent, because he’s handsome and well endowed. No wonder so many people are turning to being instafamous instead of going into STEM, brains get you a life of obscurity, but being photogenic and missing the point of most political philosophy apparently gets you a fan following.

    • Donston

      I get what you’re saying, but I believe his reasons are even more shallow than that.

  • Geeker

    Sorry but I tend to not put a lot of stake in the political opinions of bareback porn stars.

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