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Wesley Woods explains exactly why he came after Trump-supporting Colby Keller

Adult star Wesley Woods (pictured, above) penned an open letter earlier this month in which he called out fellow entertainer Colby Keller (pictured below), and particularly Keller’s continued attempts to justify his so-called reasoning behind voting for Donald Trump.

Keller, he wrote, is “a man who obviously lives in an ivory tower without any minority friends.”

I understand why he did it- he is a white man who can blend REAL QUICK with his surroundings- he (and I) have NOTHING TO LOSE. What a disgrace to others who do not live a life where that opportunity exists. He OPENLY and PROUDLY voted AGAINST anyone who feels marginalized. Colby, you and I will never fully understand how it feels to live a life of oppression.

Following his September 8th Facebook post, Woods had a sit-down interview with Into‘s Kevin O’Keefe, where he further emphasized his stance: “I’m not against Colby Keller as a person,” he says.

“I’ve never come after him as a person. I am coming after his idea, and that’s what’s important…It’s not okay to say the things that he’s saying and staking claim to being right….

You cannot sit here and vote to put someone in power that is actively trying to take away rights from people and not apologize or feel bad for it. It’s easy for him to vote this way and step back and not have to worry about the repercussions of what his vote did.”

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He also credits his fiancee with the quote, “Your orgasm is not neutral,” which many found to be the highlight of the letter.

“It’s true,” he says. “If you are jerking to Colby Keller you are indirectly supporting his ideas, his beliefs, and his platform. And you are further allowing it to marginalize people.”