what an ass

West Virginia’s anti-LGBTQ governor just waved his dog’s butt at Bette Midler and WTAF


West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice is making headlines today for a bizarre stunt he pulled in which he told actress and LGBTQ icon Bette Midler to “kiss [his dog’s] hiney.” Worse, he actually brandished the English bulldog’s backside at the camera while making the declaration.

Justice made the remarks in his televised State of the State address yesterday. He was responding to Midler’s criticism of West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin for refusing to support President Biden’s Build Back Better Act, which would have poured billions of dollars into West Virginia’s economy.

Midler characterizing West Virginians as “poor, illiterate and strung out” in dire need of the benefits of the proposed bill. So, Justice did this…

The Associated Press reports that the 70-year-old Republican addressed Midler by name in concluding his speech, waving his English bulldog’s butt, “Babydog,” for the cameras to see.

“Babydog tells Bette Midler and all those out there: Kiss her heinie,” he quipped. Babydog, for her part, looked really confused as to why her owner was showing her ass to the world.

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This isn’t the first time Justice has shown himself as a disconnected moron. Last year, he participated in a disastrous MSNBC interview in which he tried to defend a new law that banned transgender middle and high school students from competing in sports.

When pressed to cite an example of a trans student trying to use gender identity to gain an advantage in sports, Justice couldn’t. He also couldn’t explain why he had prioritized the bill in a state that ranked 45th in education, 47th in healthcare, 48th on the economy, and 50th in infrastructure.

Midler has yet to respond to Justice’s butt waving remarks.

Twitter, on the other hand, has major thoughts.