What Do You Mean You’ve Never Seen Conan The Barbarian: The Musical?!!

Before he birthed a lovechild as the governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger played Conan O’Brien the Barbarian in the heartwarming 1982 film of the same name. This weekend, a 3-D remake will grace silver screens across America, so we feel it’s our duty to add a highbrow cultural note to the symphony of slaughter by presenting the hero’s theme from Conan the Musical. If you’ve never heard it, then prepare for the transcendent joys of Austrian-accented English. And if you have heard it, then to hell with you and Crom.

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  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Another shitty remake that will bomb. And audiences will be blamed, rather than the imbeciles who made the remake. They should have spent the money to continue the story with Ahnald.

  • slanty

    Don’t you mean helle?!

  • NateB79

    Seen it? I sing my cats to sleep at night with the soundtrack.

  • Storem

    I”m totally hot to see the new CONAN movie. And totally glad not to see Ahnold in it.

  • baizhias

    Something unexpected surprise–

    Hello. My friend

    {{w w w }}{{jordans forking }}{{ c o m }}—

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