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What Thomas Roberts Would Tell Pope Benedict XVI Over a Pint of Jesus Juice

Namely, WTF, Ratzinger? But also: “I think I would ask why a man in his position doesn’t feel a greater sense of compassion for the victims…why he doesn’t just be like, The buck stops here. This is unacceptable. People are watching and do care about how [the Church] reacts, so I’d think they’d want to act with more swift justice so they can provide the confidence people need to still want to be Catholic.” For the record, Roberts, the former CNN anchor who was molested by a priest at his Catholic high school, still considers himself Catholic. Just not a practicing one.

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  • Cam

    Did anybody see that Connecticut is trying to alter the child moestation laws there to get rid of the statute of limitations so people molested years ago chan still charge people and sue etc… Well guess what organization is opposing that? Thats right, the Catholic Church.

    So they aren’t even pretending to support the victims, they are actually working against a bill that will allow people molested as children to seek some closure.

  • hf2hvit

    So even after forced cornholing as a teen,he still wants to belong to a club (cult) that still hates him and tells him he’ll burn in hell for an eternity? Sounds like Thomas (and those like him) need to get more counseling. And that also goes for gay republicans

  • Paschal

    @hf2hvit: Well you cannot just change your religious beliefs because the organisation which is supposed to uphold those views bahaves stupidly and without enough compassion. I’m not a Roman Catholic myself, I’m actually a secualr humanist, but I haven’t formally left the Church. The Roman Catholic Church needs to reorganise itself. Ordinary Roman Catholics need to elect the hierarchy and take a bigger role in making decisions. Ordianry Roman Catholics don’t deserve the pain which they’re feeling because of the actions of some members of the hierarchy.

  • Mark

    I think you’re missing the mark, HF2HVIT. I think he is saying he still believes in a god, and Jesus, which is acceptable to me. By not calling himself a practicing catholic (i.e. not going to church) he is showing that despite his beliefs in a god, loving one another, etc., he precisely wants nothing to do with the club/cult that abused him.

  • terrwill

    Here is my message for Pope Benedick aka The Boy nazi:
    Your coverup and covering up the covering up of the kiddie diddling priests is reprehensive……….

    I am fairly certain they are readt to start stacking the wood for the smoke to come out of that stack in vatican square announcing the boy nazis successor………………

  • alan brickman

    Is he still insinuating the priest made him gay? thats the impression i got from his previous interview…..

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