What To Expect When You Decide To Listen To a Band Named “Naked Kids”

Try saying any of the following sentences out loud:

“I’m really into Naked Kids.”
“Naked Kids are my favorite.”
“I can’t get enough of Naked Kids.”
“I’m downloading some Naked Kids right now.”

And you thought AIDS Wolf was a problematic band name.

With this moniker—the actual name of an L.A. garage-rock band fronted by gay dude Nik Johnson (far right) and rounded out by friends Siobhan Kelly and Jason Hanakeawe—you’re more or less asking for the FBI to show up at your door and confiscate your laptop.

But it’s not a far-fetched idea that they might become your new favorite band. Naked Kids puts a fuzzy garage/punk spin on sunny pop music: The one-minute-forty-nine-second video for “Thugz,” features the trio half-performing on a color-bleached local beach and is just right for the song—like a post-surf party in an echo chamber. Into Best Coast? Then you’re into these guys too.

Check out their debut album, Fresh Meat, and find more Naked Kids on their Tumblr or “Like” them on their Facebook page. It’s all completely innocent.

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  • Baz

    Nik is actually the person on the far right of that photo wearing an old man sweater over a blue shirt.

  • Kevin

    Nik is hot

  • NSBS

    Ah right on.. I was into these guys when there was like one other person at their show.

  • james

    WaVVes called, he was his shitty lo if sound back along with the 90s.

  • HandAmp

    This band rules! Gunk the naysayers! I knew Nik when he wasn’t gay.

  • HandAmp

    This band rules! Gunk the naysayers! I knew Nik when he ‘wasn’t’ gay.

  • david

    @james oohhh… someones bummed that nik didn’t hit him back on grindr. chin up bro, add a pic. it could happen!

  • mark

    hahaha ive been to two of this bands shows and there was like 10 people there.

    this kids into fat dudes too!

  • Martin

    Just downloaded their album, this stockboy song is Soooo cute!

  • Matt Tavlarides

    First, they’re called Naked Kids HAHAHAHAHAH

    Second, I dont get it. Hot dudes, cute girl, really catchy tunes and based in la. Why isn’t this band popular? I don’t even get the Best Coast comparison, they’re nothing like them. How come i’ve never heard of this band way up here in SF?? Wake up la! Get your shit together!!! This is why I moved!

  • Nessssss

    Naked Kids forever!

  • Nessssss

    @ Mark…. Go fuck yourself.

  • Daniel

    Naked Kids are my favorite. HAHAHAHAH

  • bob van bob

    Dude can like whoever he wants, but i personally hate fat dudes. you know what’s worse? when fat dudes have “flavor savors” on their assholes…ya know what I’m talkin bout, that peach fuzz at the top of the ass crack that you see when fat dudes bend over and have plumber butts.

  • atom

    get your head out of the sand and make a video for van dweller.damnt!

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