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What WeHo Gays Go Through When Joining A Gym

24 Hours Fitness? Equinox? Gold’s? Crunch? And soon, West Hollywood’s homosexual men will have another meeting place to sweat and sauna, with David Barton’s westward expansion. So when it comes to finding the right gym to fit your image — YES THIS IS A REAL PROBLEM GAYS DEAL WITH IN EVERY CITY — let this little Xtranormal video explain the dilemma.

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  • justiceontherocks

    Xtranormal is great. This is an especially good one.

    True about the WeHo 24 Hour Fitness.

  • scott ny'er

    Funny. I’m not certain NYC has this problem tho.

  • James

    I think only the L.A. gays will get this one.

    But seriously, I hate working out in West Hollywood. I work out elsewhere.

    I really don’t want to fight for the treadmills with a skinny anorexic gay b*tch or have to lift weights next to a muscular tatted up gay guy who’s also up on steroids. And while I do watch gay porn every now & then, I don’t want to hear about gay porn stars’ personal drama.

    Plus, it’s more fun to check out straight guys ;)

  • Sam

    I’ll never understand who the f#ck cares what gym you go to? I think you can look pretty damn good w/o having to get ready before you go to the gym with some roided out queens.

  • GetBalance

    @Justice . . . Ditto to your comment. @Scott ny’er . . . I don’t think any city can add up to the superficiality of Hollywood/LA so you are probably correct about NY.

  • Joseph

    And people wonder why some of us like living in the South and not in some metro that’s all stuck up.

  • jacknastion

    I live in LA, but not in WeHo and am glad that I can just go to a normal gym because it is affordable and close to my apartment. I go to the gym to get in shape, so that I can be thin and popular outside of my gym life LOL

  • Pip

    yaaah babai i wanna teddy bear BJ!!!

  • Btboy

    @James: James, your obsession with hetros is pathetic. Gawking at straight guys who don’t want you, and the thought of sleeping with you makes them hurl yet you bash gay men and generalize them? You realize how stupid and pathetic you sound?
    I live in L.A, am gay, go to the gym, and don’t fawn over straight men. I’m gay and like gay men, you should too buddy.

  • Daez

    @jacknastion: I want to be thin and popular because its the ONLY way to live!

    After all, its not like gay guys ever get old. When they start to get old they just disappear from sight or start doing “daddy porn.” :P

    @Btboy: I think it reeks of a self insecurity. He is so insecure about himself that he attacks himself for being gay. Perhaps he has been treated badly by members of the gay community for whatever reason (there are a plethora of them after all) and that makes him feel like he doesn’t really fit in.

    I think a lot of us grow up around straight guys, and because straight guys tend not to be so catty or so overtly cruel to each other, like many gays guys tend to be, it leaves them wanting to be part of the brotherhood. They fail to realize it really is the minority in the gay crowd that needs to tear others down to bring themselves up, and they only really need to do it because they face the same insecurities that they create.

    Fun, fun, fun…being gay is just FUN!

  • Cam


    You mean the south where they smile at everybody and then tear them to shreads behinde their backs…usually starting with something like “Well he’s trying bless his heart”. lol

  • adman

    I’m from the LA area, grew up there my whole life. If I was straight, chances are I would still be there, but the grimness of the Gay scene there is just total. I swear the hollywhores are getting lobotomies on the sly these days..If not, they’re doing a pretty good job of acting like it. Actors, movies, agents, UGH! What a cesspool. The most successful people there are the most venal, natch. That’s because to succeed, one needs to be closeted, except when lecturing other gays how to be something resembling a human but somehow shinier, more vital, like. (translation: tweaking is the rule).

  • Fitz

    I love my gym. I love the people there. I love that it’s not all fit hot people in tights. I love the old people, the disabled, the kids, the hotties, the blind guy who walks around the track with his dog. If you just go to a gay gym or a basically gay gym then you are missing a lot of wonderful. I think it does more to fight homophobia, also, when we are part of the world and not in our own little ghetto.

  • KevinVancouver

    @Fitz: YAY Fitz !!! I agree

  • Jeffree

    @Fitz:; Thanks for saying that! My gym is filled with all types too. Best thing is that it is close by & that they actually have decent trainers who will work with us one on one for 30 minutes every month. They also have social even.ts every few months so you can see what people look like in the “real world”.

    Not a lot of cruisin’ going on, just folks working out. It’ s fun to see people gain more confidence in themselves as they get more fit.

  • Spike

    They left out the bj’s at 24 Hr. in Weho with the old Jewish guys that have been known to defiantly state with no intention of moving, ‘Don’t squirt on me!’

  • Adam

    Born in L.A. and live here. This is hilarious and spot on. I fucking LOVE this city. But, I honestly do not think it’s as pronounced as this video makes it. These are merely stereotypes…and there are a ton of gyms to choose from.

    @Joseph: Jealousy. Don’t be mad because no one cares about your crappy little Southern shithole. There’s always some insect who has to be from the South or Midwest and write pitiful comments about how great it is there compared to X, Y, and Z. If it’s so damn great, why don’t you just enjoy it and be quiet? And if it’s so great, then why are people constantly moving here to L.A. and other places like NYC?

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