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What’s Keeping Joe Solmonese Busy in Britain?


Honestly, we’ve got less of a problem than Michael Petrelis about HRC president Joe Solmonese running off to London (where he’s stuck, thanks to the volcano erupting as retribution for America passing health care reform) while the queers in America are handcuffing themselves to the White House. Solmonese was there meeting with Stonewall UK, the Brits’ national LGBT group, and it is important for two of the world’s largest LGBT activist groups to meet and strategize and share tips and such, just like how Obama is free to travel internationally on diplomatic trips, without criticism, even if there are pressing issues at home to deal with. But what’s the cost of a first class flight from DCA-LHR? Just $2300? Actually that’s not too bad. Bring us back a Toblerone, Joey!