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What’s Keeping Joe Solmonese Busy in Britain?


Honestly, we’ve got less of a problem than Michael Petrelis about HRC president Joe Solmonese running off to London (where he’s stuck, thanks to the volcano erupting as retribution for America passing health care reform) while the queers in America are handcuffing themselves to the White House. Solmonese was there meeting with Stonewall UK, the Brits’ national LGBT group, and it is important for two of the world’s largest LGBT activist groups to meet and strategize and share tips and such, just like how Obama is free to travel internationally on diplomatic trips, without criticism, even if there are pressing issues at home to deal with. But what’s the cost of a first class flight from DCA-LHR? Just $2300? Actually that’s not too bad. Bring us back a Toblerone, Joey!

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  • Cam

    Some of the most important legislation dealing with gay issues is going on in the U.S. right now. HRC is telling people that we have to call congress and be engaged.

    I for one would LOVE to know why the head of HRC, who is supposed to be so “In the Loop” in Washington DC, and who’s job it is, to lobby Congress and schmooze for our rights…went to London.

    Just what was going on in England, that he felt it was worth leaving his job in DC during what is arguably the most important few weeks with regard to gay rights bills in Congress in the last several decades. He is supposedly our big gun lobbyist, and yet at a time when there are still two or Three Senators wavering on putting a repeal to DADT in the bill, and the White house is wavering…he takes off.

  • Rochelle

    Correction: Stonewall is not an LGBT group. They refuse to work in Trans issues. Also they are against same-sex marriage, so doubt there is anything good Solmonese can get from them.

  • dreamfish

    @Rochelle: They are not against same-sex marriage – it’s just that they don’t take the hysterically extreme position that because civil partnerships are not called marriage it’s a cop-out and consequently worthless.

    However, civil partnerships are here and are real and are 99% identical to straight marriage, the only differences being the name, the involvement of churches and a very minor matter of procedure. It is a considerable queer achievement, light-years ahead of the USA and no reason why it being renamed ‘marriage’ can’t be achieved in the future.

  • Brian

    Anywhere he can be away from sucking Democratic Party cock is good for the gay community.

  • Cam

    No. 3 · dreamfish

    However, civil partnerships are here and are real and are 99% identical to straight marriage, the only differences being the name, the involvement of churches and a very minor matter of procedure. It is a considerable queer achievement, light-years ahead of the USA and no reason why it being renamed ‘marriage’ can’t be achieved in the future.

    And the back of the buss is just as comfortable.

    Come on Dreamfish, that is WHY the Ca supreme court legalized same sex marriages in Ca (Bringing is the hated Prop8). It was because they found 8 or 9 very substinative ways in which civil partnerships were NOT the equal of marriage.

  • dreamfish

    @Cam: … in the meantime in the USA, use of the term ‘marriage’ is so politically charged that gay marriage either isn’t allowed or is overturned.

    In the UK, the reality of the situation was well recognised, i.e. that right-wingers and religious types were against it, so the term ‘civil partnership’ was created that was actually a joke on them as it’s practically identical to marriage but they like to think isn’t because it doesn’t use the ‘m’ word. In the mean time, queers are getting all the equivalent benefits of marriage *now*.

    Let’s win the practical battles now and winning the moral ones will come with time. Yes, it’s technically inferior to marriage because of the name but *practically* it’s a lot less inferior than nothing at all.

  • Cam

    @No. 6 · dreamfish

    Mariiage is legal in several states. When we HAVE put civil partnerships in place the courts strike them down under the “Separate but Equal Not allowed” precedence. This isn’t England. The courts go by precedence and there is a history against this kind of thing.

    Additionally, if you remember, a Civil Partnership was the excuse given for why Elton John and his partner were not allowed to adopt the baby from Ukraine. The govt. there said that they only allowed their children to be adopted into “Married” families.

  • dreamfish

    Firstly, the separate but equal argument may well apply in the USA but it’s not a reason to criticise civil partnerships in the UK, where it doesn’t.

    Also, it’s widely suspected that Elton John couldn’t adopt due to the homophobic attitude of the Ukrainian Government (as well as overseas adoptions from that country being a sensitive political issue anyway, even for straight couples). Do you really think if he and his partner’s relationship were called marriage, the Ukrainian Government would be totally OK with it? Somewhat naive.

  • Timothy (TRiG)

    The USA does have marriage in some states, but it’s not recognised by the federal government. Same-sex marriage in the USA is therefore technically inferior to civil partnerships in the UK, which are functionally identical to marriage. (Unlike civil partnerships in France and in some parts of the USA, which are not nearly functionally equivalent to marriage.)

    On this issue, the UK is ahead of the USA. (And we here in Ireland remain well behind, but we’re working on it.)


  • AndrewW

    He’s staying in London until GetEqual finishes pissing on everyone. He knows these self-proclaimed “activists” are about to take over the leadership of the LGBT Equality Movement.

    GetEqual = LGBTeaBaggers

  • Nicholas

    Interesting debate about civil partnerships in the UK. You say it’s 90% the same as marriage.

    My question is: Are civil partnerships in the UK the same as civil unions in the US?


  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)


    No, cause your civil unions are not like marriage.

    Civil partnerships have the same rights as marriage, the name is just different.

  • Cam

    So anyway….BACK to the subject of the post….I still find it Sad that the head of the largest gay lobbying group, who has his job because he is supposedly “In the Loop” chose to bail on DC and head out of the country at a time when HRC is sending out mailings asking their members to put pressure on Congres and the Senate to put a DADT repeal in the Defense Authorization bill. The head of HRC leaves DC right at the time when possible votes on two of the gay communities largest issues are on the line.

  • Rochelle

    OMG. How can you all be so wrong and misinformed about civil partnerships? The entire act is grounded in stereotypes and prejudices about gay people.

    UNLIKE marriage, CPs cannot be held in a religious premises that may want to do them, like liberal jews or Quakers.

    UNLIKE marriage, there are no set vows in CPs, so gay couples dont know what they are promising each other.

    UNLIKE marriage, the two people having a CP dont even have to be in the same room at the same time for it to be confirmed.

    UNLIKE marriage, there is no requirement to consummate a CP

    UNLIKE marriage, foreign same-sex marriages are not recognized in the UK

    and UNLIKE marriage, ADULTERY is not grounds for dissolving a CP.

    There is no substitute for equality. None.

  • Ronbolina

    Joe is in hiding. He misled us into thinking that Obama was going to strike down DADT – AFTER he had been told that the Obama Administration was pushing DADT to the bottom of their priority list. Love Crooksandliars, gayAmericablog. Get your news red hot! They banned me from making comments – but it’s still a the best pair of sites for politically accurate comments.

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