When It’s Time to Come Out at the Office

ON OUR GAYDAR — News, notes, clicks, and quips from around the web.


Why gay employees don’t come at out the office: “either they have a preference to keep their personal and professional lives separate or they fear potential repercussions.”

• The White House blogs about Stonewall. Imagine seeing that posted on George W.’s homepage.

• Liza Minnelli hits Paris pride.

• Gay pride posters ripped down and defaced at the Labor Department.

• Family Research Council goes on the offense against GLSEN’s Kevin Jennings — in predictable ridiculous fashion. (More here.)

• Raymond Castro was at the Stonewall Inn that night. And then got the hell out of the area forever.

Inclined to ignore the city’s attempt to clamp down on anything pro-homo, Moscow’s gay activists are preparing to protest President Obama’s visit there, despite being denied a permit.

• Has Los Angeles support for marriage equality … dropped?


• At her Vegas birthday-slash-promo event, Lindsay Lohan keeps good company.

• There’s no HIV advertising without sex appeal.

• Photos from Michael Jackson’s final rehearsals.