Which Of These Hollywood Actresses Did Denise Richards Go Girl-On-Girl With?

A skilled multi-tasker, Denise loved to roll around on her bedroom floor, paying equal attention to each of the four pussies she was playing with.

While some of you tossed and turned this weekend worrying whether Washington would resolve the debt-ceiling crisis in time, I lost sleep wondering which Hollywood actress Denise Richards was alluding to when she revealed her previous dalliance in lesbianism last week.

All she told Howard Stern when she broke the news on his show was “I just met her through friends and work and stuff… I was just curious. We were curious.”

Okay, so from that we can infer that the mystery lady was a bi-curious actress. So that’s pretty much every woman in Hollywood. To narrow it down, Richards added, “She was a girlie-girl. She’s beautiful.”

WTF, D? Throw a dog a bone! Or at least nudge a lesbian detective in the right direction! Narrow it down to a year, an eye color, an astrological sign, something!

Determined to figure out whose lady basement Ms. Richards had once played in, I used the process of elimination. (For argument’s sake, I assumed Richards explored her girl cravings before she married Charlie Sheen in 2002.)

Click through the following pages to evaluate each of the candidates and determine for yourself who Richards might have bumped boxes with. It’s a veritable Hollywood whodunit!

Think it’s a different actress? Name your suspect (and why) in the comments!


Note: After conjuring up all these various Sapphic scenarios Richards could have been in, I’ll be spending next couple of days watching every hardcore gay porn I’ve ever downloaded or bookmarked to re-gay my mind and scrub it of the girl-on-girl graphics currently haunting it.


Image via Denise Richards Official.