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Which True Blood Character Should Go Gay(er) in Season 4?

TV gossip hound Michael Ausiello has been cuddling at home with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s watching the first three episodes of the upcoming season of True Blood. And he didn’t even invite us! Now we’ll have to wait until June 26 with the rest of you minions to see all the vamp-action Alan Ball has in store for us. But in the meantime, let’s steal a lick off Ausiello’s scoop.

According to the TVLine, the HBO hit series about Southerners who get off on having sex drenched in other people’s blood (not to be confused with the Newt Gingrich documentary…) will go from gay to ga-haaaai in season 4 when yet another character gets involved in a same-sex romance. No word yet on whether the romance will be same-species, however.

So with openly gay Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) strutting with his hookah (endearment for long-term Latino lover) all over the town of Bon Temps while bitchy bisexual vixens Pam and Sophie Ann (Evan Rachel Wood) suck on whatever lollipop lands on their lap… we ask ourselves, who?! Who in the True Blood universe is next to be bitten by the gay?

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  • Roger Rabbit

    OK, here’s my guess….
    Godric, the one coming back is going to be the gay one.
    Now let’s get on with the show!!!

  • Ciach_o

    Jason Stackhouse!!!!

  • zach

    the godric thing would b a good idea since erics maker in the books made eric for a boy toy and later turned russian prince u no anastasias hemophiliac brother as a even younger boy toy so i really wish they would have followed the books more but wat ever jason is not gay ever sorry boys he becomes a were at the end of the season more likely cause thats wat crystal is and her cousin gets jealous of jason dating her so he bites jason turning him into a werepanther maybe pam will get all lesbian with one of the witches to get info on how to save eric that would b fun since they already started introducing the fairys it might be a new character claudines brother claude is a gay stripper

  • zach

    the sex beast has to much baggage for sookie you will find out next season wat i mean sookie is not a murderer yet but when his baggage comes to bite her she may have no choice dont worry she dates an even hotter wer later hes a weretiger :)

  • Drew H.

    I seriously can’t wait to see Claude in the show. Though from that 8 minute preview we might have already.

  • eagledancer

    I want it to be Tommy–Sam’s white trash baby brother. He has a history of being a real failure with female relationships–he has the classic “distant father/mamma’s boy” thing going on–and hell–what’s more gay than turning into a little pitbull? I bet he let the other doggies do him in-between the dog fights.

  • Drew H.

    @eagledancer: Oh shit! I totally forgot about him! Yes, I agree.

  • L7

    It should be Alcide

  • Gray

    It’s Tara!

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