White House Arrestee Robin McGehee Now An Official White House Guest

After being dragged from the White House fence on Monday, GetEQUAL’s Robin McGehee says she’s now an invited guest of the Obama administration, meeting today with the president’s chief muzzler Brian Bond. I bet they’ll talk about Sen. Carl Levin’s plan to strip DADT repeal from the Pentagon bill! Who wants those odds? [photo via]

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  • Patrick

    What a huge embarrassment to the LGBT Community.

  • Emily

    Somebody is getting pretty fat …

  • Awesome Patrick

    Hell yea! An activist with muscle going in. We might actually get something here. Call the capitol switchboard and connect with your senators to leave a message for repeal of DADT as part of the defense authorization bill if you haven’t already (202-224-3121). Oh, and register your calls with the HRC so there’s an idea of how many people want repeal.

    Emily, it’s more important that you accept yourself for who you are than judge yourself based on others. If you think you’re too fat, try cutting dairy out of your diet.

  • Casey

    I hope that Obaa doesn’t try to bribe her to shut up or buy her silence and complicity with homophobia that he has done with the worthless HRC. I hope McGehee tells the administration that full equality is the ONLY thing we will be satisfied with.

  • ~R~

    Wow! Way to show maturity by attemting to insult. What is sad about this is that Emily isn’t doing crap to stir change so she has to attack some one who is because it makes her feel better about herself. OMG!!!! A BULLY!!!!

    What needs to happen: We as a community need to be more like Robin and Choi. No more of this “oh, the lawmakers will come around… they’re good people!” Even Martin Luther King, Jr. knew that to get the rights deserved you’d have to get down and dirty, not passively sit on the computer and wait for those in congress to suddenly say “you know what!? They ARE equal!”

  • Casey

    It’s good that the admininistration seems to be realising that the Gay Uncle Toms of the HRC and Stonewall Democrats have lost all credibility within the wider gay community thanks to their absurd acceptance of 2nd class citizenship.

  • Emily

    I embrace my fatness. It’s not my fault, god made me this way. I think Robin looks great with her extra 50 lbs. I don’t want her to go on a hunger strike, she’s doing well and she should eat well, too.

    Robin and Choi have replaced HRC, GLAAD and most other organizations. They are our only hope for change and we should give them more money because as celebrities they have Obama eating out of their hands.

  • Emily

    @Awesome Patrick: But, I love me some Ice Cream.

  • AndrewW

    Brian Bond is going to tell her that the GetEQUAL publicity stunts are counterproductive. He will tell her what most of us already know – these childish stunts are hurting our movement.

    Robin believes in “embarrassing, humiliating and irritating people into submission” is an effective strategy. It does not work and only makes us look ignorant. She also believes Obama has a “magic-wand” that he can use with the Congress. We only have 55 votes in the US Senate so we can’t beat McCain’s filibuster no matter how many calls you make or emails you send or childish “street theater” you engage in.

    The White House isn’t “reaching out” to this loose cannon, they’re telling her that she is just preventing progress. Of course, Robin (true to form) will make up a story and suggest that the White House is “scared.” They are not – they’re just confused as to why LGBT Advocates or self-described “activists” are pissing on them.

    GetEqual is a big mistake. They have only succeed in alienating our friends and making most people want to avoid us. That is counterproductive. Robin McGehee is simply a self-important nuisance and the White House will tell her that.

  • Kieran

    Robin McGehee is the Rosa Parks of our generation. Somebody had to say it eventually: “Hell no, I refuse to sit in the back of the bus because I’m gay.”

  • AndrewW

    So, NOTHING happened.

    Hundreds of LGBT people have meetings each year at the White House and they have a “conversation.” Bond was smart enough to realize he couldn’t actually talk to Robin because he didn’t trust her. He said he would ONLY listen. He knew it was futile. She told him to tell the President to use his “magic-wand” to make DADT “go away.” He doesn’t have one.

    Self-importance doesn’t get us anywhere. GetEQUAL has wasted $700,000 and only alienated our friends. Right now – if you listen closely, you can hear them laughing at the White House. At least they now know they are dealing with a woman who knows nothing about politics or how to change any minds.

    Still, we have no progress from GetEQUAL’s childish stunts.

  • Matt Ford

    This is the dumbest thing I have seen on Queerty. GetEqual and Robin are a joke. She wants to be a celebrity. Please stop this.

  • Jay Matthew

    Ive watched this go on for ages and never commented. But Queerty, seriously, stop giving this self important woman any additional attention. She spends her nights “googling” herself to see how many more times her name appears online and you just encourage her

  • Another Lesbian

    I have to agree this circus is pathetic. Robin really believes she is our MLK or our “jesus.” It’s gone beyond crazy to dangerous. I don’t like “pushy lesbians” and I am a pushy lesbian. Nobody gets along with Robin and she doesn’t take the time to understand issues. Now, she thinks she’s a rock star or something.

    I used to read LezGetReal but after they had munch with Robin they began praising her every day and running free advertisements. I think even Pam Spaulding finally woke up and realized Robin is a loose cannon and is politically ignorant.

    Please stop inflating the ego of Robin by making it appear she is important. Most of us are rolling our eyes or laughing.

  • Carla

    @Another Lesbian: “after they had munch with Robin?

    Whatever do you mean?

  • the crustybastard

    Are they going to order her to give up her seat to the white guy?

    (Fingers crossed.)

  • But, I wanna be famous

    We are raising money for additional actions. Our acts of courage and behavior are changing everything. We’ve only been at this for 9 months, but we almost have DAT repealed. Please send us more cash so I can continue to lead the way to equality and celebrity. I am only paid $9,000 a month and i have travel expenses, too.

    Donate now.

  • James

    And dont forget her nice hotel rooms. Those dont come out of that huge salary

  • Clint

    So WTF Emily, you self-hating fatphobic fuck. If you meant all that stuff why the “someone is getting fat”? Couldn’t you have left that out and instead paid a compliment? And rock on Robin! Your hair looks hot in that pic!

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