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White House Invites Blogs Over For Off-The-Record Chat, Which Bloggers Promptly Blog About

Over the summer the White House invited the gay blogs over for a little chat with aide Melody Barnes, the Obama administration’s Domestic Policy Council’s president’s assistant. The conversation was on the record, which meant afterward all the homos went online to discuss what happened. On Monday, the White House did something similar with black blogs. Except that was an off-the-record chat. And President Obama even showed up! We know this because many of them ignored the off-the-record rules.

With Valerie Jarrett as their host, bloggers from sites like Concrete Loop and Jack And Jill Politics were welcomed to a half-day of briefings led by Valerie Jarrett, who two days before got done chatting with HRC’s gays. The first half of the briefings were “on background” (i.e. the bloggers couldn’t identify who gave them any information), while the second half was to be completely off-the-record.

That didn’t stop Concrete Loop‘s attendees, including editor Natasha Eubanks, from posting photos, video, and a behind-the-scenes report from the meeting.

President Obama casually came in during the meeting and everyone was shocked. He walked around to each person, shook their hand and asked their name and affiliation. It was an honor to meet him in person, especially after being a big supporter of his during the election years.

I’m very excited that the Obama Administration is taking the new media approach seriously and it was an honor to be apart of the summit. I can’t believe how far Concrete Loop is taking me. Feeling very blessed.

Quick, now somebody complain how the black blogs got access to the president and Jarrett (a super duper senior aide), while the gays only got somebody’s assistant.