They're Tops

Who Are the Most Powerful LGBT People in America?

It’s that time of year again: When Out magazine publishes its annual Power List—and then the critics pounce! This year there are some obvious omissions that seem to have people frothing. A quick read through the comments so far have people asking: No Rosie O’Donnell? No Michelangelo Signorile? No Adam Lambert? No Chris Colfer?

And where’s Dustin Lance Black? Not only did he produce staged readings of his play 8 with all-star casts, which raised millions for charity, he also wrote the screenplay for the biggest gay-themed studio film, J. Edgar.

Then there’s the problem with the “closeted” bunch on the list. Many feel that if you’re not publicly out, you have no place on a power list. By our count, there seem to be at least five. Starting with No. 1: As far as we can tell Tim Cook has still remained publicly mum on his gayness. And don’t get us started with Anderson Cooper (No. 6)… His inclusion (he’s been in the Top 10 since the start) always causes kvetching. And this year is no different. But, just in case you want to make your voice heard, the guys over at Out have included a poll with a spot for a write-in candidate. So now you can’t say that no one cares.