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Who Cares Who Won Idol. Janet + Xtina Were There

So that annoying American Idol thing finally ended last night? And the boy (Lee Dewyze) won instead of the favorite (Crystal Bowersox)? OH WHO CARES WHEN A SHORT-HAIRED JANET JACKSON GOT UP ON STAGE!

No really, she and Christina Aguilera’s performances were the best parts of the show. (Okay, seeing Paula Abdul on the show again was pretty brilliant.) This is appointment television. Or at least appointment YouTubing.

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  • SugNight

    Ms. Jackson was clearly lipsynching for her life…

  • OnCloud9

    This program has gotten so maudlin, mediocre and morose, and a refuge for has-beens and people looking to jumpstart their careers. Who is next, Twisted Sister?

  • SouLKid

    JJ kilt’it!

  • Michael vdB

    As with past American Idols, the runner up usually has more success than the actual winner. Crystal will go far with that voice, but congrats to both for getting as far as they did. Awesome job!

    Janet Jackson and Xtina have always been powerful performers and always will be. They have each accomplished so much in their lifetimes. In Xtina’s case, taking time off to get married and have a kid doesn’t make you a “has been.” Everyone is entitled to a private life.

    Don’t hate on someone because you don’t like their music or how they choose to live their lives. (Sound familiar?)

  • fredo777

    I loved the finale + seeing all the old winners, too, with the exception of David Cook. I’m not sure why he wasn’t able to attend, but I was really disappointed that he wasn’t part of the past winners’ performance.

    Speaking of disappointments, Lee winning when Crystal outsang him by a mile during the final showdown. Utter bullshit.

    Janet + X-tina were definite highlights for me. I was thrilled to see both + really giddy to hear Janet do “Nasty”. As soon as I heard “Gimme a beat”, I was ready.

  • SugNight

    Seriously, I wasn’t hating on Miz J’s music, but she was totally lipsynching. You could hear the differnce in her her mic when she would yell out something to the audience. Just amazed that on a show supposedly all about singing, they would let a performer lipsynch.

    Xtina was fantastic – great performance!

  • scott ny'er

    I thought Janet was terrible. I could barely hear her voice.

  • Hilarious

    Doesn’t sound like lipsynching to me, but considering how a large majority of the performers like “Xtina” do it I’m not sure why you care.

    Do you really think it’s possible to sing and dance at the same time? Lipsynching is what almost everyone has been doing since the 80s.

    I also heard Janet’s voice waver a few times which wouldn’t happen if she was lipsynching, they’d make sure it was flawless.

  • The Artist

    Okay. No body EVER mess with JANET! Don’t nobody EVER say ANYTHING bad about her! The woman is beyond FAB! Get it!!!! Lipsynching! Don’t go there! She has always strongly represented the talent of the MPLS scene. PEACELUVNBWILD! And Janet, LUVU4EVER!

  • Charlie Jackpot

    Anyone who thinks that Janet wasn’t lipsynching to the majority of Nasty is a fool

  • The Artist

    @Charlie Jackpot: Didn’t I say NOT to say nothin bad about Janet! I’m trying to spread da luv here! Ya’ll could bad mouth our most brilliant President, but Janet is OFF LIMITS!

  • Ron

    Janet-Janet-Janet…at 44 still looking better than most of these 20 something divas in training. And to those who think Janet was lipsynching, puleeeeze! I am as familiar with Janets music live and studio than anyone and that was NOT lipsynching. Please don’t confuse her with Britney!

  • Sean

    Janet DEFINITELY Lip Synced almost her ENTIRE performance (and I’m a fan but she’s been doing that almost all the time for the past decade). Nothing sounded exactly like the recorded version. X-tina on the other hand was completely live and absolutely stunning; the song, vocals everything were neo-soul at it’s finest. She truly killed the GaGa comparison b/c no other living singer (now with Ms. Houston and Ms. Carey both at diminished power) could sing like that! Goosebumps!

  • Keith

    What contemporary performer that dances does not pre-record vocals? Including Xtina, Beyonce, Mariah and others? Janet sang live during the ballads.

    The point IS that she and Xtina were the BEST parts of that dull ass, TWO HOUR show. Who was the finalist with the horrid teeth? And could the winner be more white-bread boring?!?!?! Where was Adam Lambert when you need him, LOL…..

  • The Artist

    Okay, I’m feeling the luv 4 my sista from the aforementioned comments! The Lovely Lady Ms. J all the way baby! PEACELUVNBWILD!

  • blackjack44

    i was at the idol finale ten rows from the stage and let me tell you, Ms. Jackson was looking damn good!! Then entire performance all i could think about was her out of that outfit. Tv did it no justice!

  • brihova

    Poor Xtincta, not even performing on AI will save that flop of a CD!

  • fredo777

    @brihova: Xtincta?

    That is absolute rubbish.

  • joeyblwy

    Even in that Godawful dress Miss Jackson looked damned good.

    Much love to you girl!

  • Cindy

    I personally think they both did a wonderful job. However, Xtina is far more talented than Janet. After over 20 years in business, Janet still CANT sing properly. I saw a little bit of Whitney in Xtina somehow.

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