Who Will Remix Christian Bale Screaming For Our Delight?

christian_bale_in_american_psychoDid you hear Christian Bale’s tirade against a very foolish D.P. who walked into the frame while Bale was shooting a scene for the upcoming Terminator: Salvation movie? While we suppose we should feel bad for the guy, or initial response was, “Wow, the angrier Christian Bale gets, the more British his accent becomes!” Also, what we really want is to hear a remix that uses this tape.

We know we have some talented D.J.’s on the site. If you make a remix (suggested tune: “Single Ladies”) with Christian Bale screaming, we will totally post it and make you famous(er). We don’t ask for much here at Queerty. Won’t someone please make our dreams come true? Listen to the tirade after the jump.

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