Who’s 2008’s Homophobe of the Year?

It’s been a rough year for Latter Day Saints Movement President Thomas S. Monson. Since replacing Gordon B. Hinckley in February, Monson has presided over a church under scrutiny. In March three Mormon missionaries in Colorado desecrated a Roman Catholic shrine, leading Catholic officials to retaliate by preventing Mormons from accessing parish genealogical records Mormon church leaders use in their practice of baptizing the dead. Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign highlighted the rifts between evangelicals and Mormons, with Republican primary opponent Mike Huckabee barely containing the sentiment that evangelist Bill Keller said directly: “A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for Satan.” An April raid on Texas’ Fundamentalist LDS Yearning for Zion Ranch reminded Americans of just how out of the mainstream LDS beliefs have been historically, though for many there’s no distinction between the Mormon Church and its polygamist offshoots.

It’d be easy to say that Monson’s decision to lean heavily on church members to help pass California’s Prop. 8 through time and money was nothing more than a cynical move to ingratiate LDS to the wider evangelical Christian community, but it would also be unfair. The Church of Latter Day Saints answered the call of San Francisco Catholic Archbishop George Niederauer to join the Prop. 8 fight whole-heatedly and out of a genuine belief in the immorality of gay marriage. An ongoing investigation is looking into whether the zealous of enthusiasm of the Mormon Church broke California election laws, but the efforts paid off and Prop 8. passed in November with 52 percent of voters in support of it.

“You’d be hard pressed to cite another time in recent American history when a religious institution so transparently involved itself in the laws of the land.”

Then, all heck broke loose. The gay community, with varying degrees of ferocity blamed the church, its leaders and, in some cases, anyone who believed in the Mormon faith with taking away their civil rights. In the political blame game, the Monson and his church was left holding the lion’s share of the blame and while the Church has gone to great lengths to paint themselves as part of a coalition of religious groups, this is one instance where blame is being laid at the feet of the responsible party.

You’d be hard pressed to cite another time in recent American history when a religious institution so transparently involved itself in the laws of the land. Despite the fulminations of the religious right, hot-button issues like abortion, gay rights and the separation of church and state have been tackled outside the ballot box by major religious institutions. Monson’s decision to use his church as an agent of intolerance should be alarming to all Americans, Mormons included.

As President Monson’s now learning, when politics and religion mix, it’s almost always the church that winds up the loser. While Prop. 8 successfully passed, it drained more than just the coffers of the Mormon Church, it drained much of the goodwill the church had accumulate since 2002, when Salt Lake successfully hosted the Winter Olympics. Today, Mormons are less likely to be viewed as hardy pioneers and more as oddball, backwater bigots. Mormons find themselves boycotted, challenged and ostracized, especially if they’re so foolish as to work closely with gay people and support Prop. 8. Monson’s efforts may have set the gay community back a few years, but it potentially set his own church back decades. It’s one thing to have private religious beliefs, it’s quite another to try to shove them down the throats of your fellow countrymen.

“The Mormon Church needs to decide if it wants its entire message to be dominated by the issue of same-sex marriage.”

It’s for these reasons Queerty names President Thomas S. Monson “Homophobe of the Year.” It’s a dubious distinction, but it’s doubtful that Monson will lose any sleep over us awarding him the dishonor. What should keep him awake is a realization that the Latter Day Saints can’t run national government the way they run Utah’s state government and expect to be embraced by the mainstream of America. Our nation’s deep sense of mistrust towards religion interfering in democracy is well-founded and ultimately, the Mormon Church needs to decide if it wants its entire message to be dominated by the issue of same-sex marriage. We’re guessing that for your average LDS family, there are more important issues and hopefully, next time their leadership asks them to support bigotry and homophobia, they’ll stand up to President Monson.

Runner’s Up:

Doesn’t it feel like a lifetime ago that Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern said this?

“Studies show that no society that has totally embraced homosexuality has lasted more than, you know, a few decades. So it’s the death knell of this country. I honestly think it’s the biggest threat our nation has, even more so than terrorism or Islam — which I think is a big threat, okay? Cause what’s happening now is they are going after, in schools, two-year olds…And this stuff is deadly, and it’s spreading, and it will destroy our young people, it will destroy this nation.”

Sine the surreptitiously recorded statements, Kern has been called out by Ellen, claimed she was the target of death threats (which Oklahoma State Police disproved), been arrested for carrying a concealed handgun and, oh yeah, she won reelection handily in her district, with nearly 60 percent of the vote.

It seems that Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov never passes up an opportunity to pass up insulting and demeaning gays and lesbians. Whether its denying permits for pride parades by saying:

“Last year, Moscow came under unprecedented pressure to sanction the gay parade, which can be described in no other way than as Satanic. We did not let the parade take place then, and we are not going to allow it in the future…Religious thinkers throughout the world have said that the West has reached a crisis of faith. Some European nations bless single-sex marriages and introduce sexual guides in schools. Such things are a deadly moral poison for children.”

Or justifying his actions as describing gays and lesbians as carriers of disease and a general public health threat, the conservative mayor uses Russia’s emerging LGBT community as a convenient scapegoat. Fortunately, LGBT Muscovites continue to march, assemble and protest the vile bigot running city hall.

That Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denies that there are gays and lesbians in his country doesn’t seem to keep him from hanging them in the streets of Tehran. Life in Iran for LGBT people is a living hell, with people like Hamzeh Chavi, 18, and Loghman Hamzehpour, 19, routinely arrested for homosexuality. Reports this year that 30 men were arrested and beaten for attending a gay party are stark reminders to the Western world that despite all the progress made, for much of the world’s gays and lesbians, secret lives are the only option available. Ahmadinejad’s quest to develop stronger ties between Iran and the Western world needs to be monitored carefully by equality activists. Ahmadinejad allows gays and lesbians to be arrested, tortured, beaten and killed, and then he smugly denies the problem even exists. No tailored suit can cover up the brutality of his regime.

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  • Rock

    At least Jesse Helms is dead….FINALLY!

  • Mark in Indiana

    The mormon leader is a mere parasite next to Ahmadinejad. I’d reverse the order.

  • Leland Frances

    Your move toward posting lengthier, deeper comments is a welcome change from the practice of simply throwing out a piece of red meat for blog dogs like me to snap at and fight over. Thank you.

    However, this one is flawed by a misunderstanding that has handicapped the professional gay movement since its inception, and only worsened with each succeeding year, born out of either experience only with middle-of-the-road religionism and/or a rejection of religion entirely that results in blindness to its dangers whether one is a believer him/herself.

    A desire to ultimately CONTROL society is inseparable in Mormons and several other extreme religions from their theism itself. They are no less certain of the infallibility of their views than the Taliban, thus my frequent reference to the “American Taliban.”

    Note this is an analogy not a statement of equivalence, just as calling someone a Nazi doesn’t mean that one expects he/she to want to gas Jews, or even be antiSemitic. Tolerance of ignorance of the difference is one of the biggest handicaps in discussion. One could say, “they killed us in the election” and no one would say, “Oh, the killer analogy again. How tired and disrespectful of those who have been literally killed.” Would saying “Talibanlike” or “Nazilike” make it easier for such mental midgets to grasp?

    It’s about inflexible, aggressive mind sets that still must be opposed with our every breath even if they do not resort to the identical tactics of the Taliban or Nazis or whomever in a society. We’ve seen a perfect example in Warrengate, though his honesty about his real self…and goals…keeps getting lost in the desperation of the Pollyanna pundits to smother our outrage with the “but he’s not as bad as fill-in-the-blank.”

    As Maya Angelou has observed, believe a man when he tells you he’s a dog. However nice they seem at the moment they all bite eventually. In his most honest moment, Rick Warren said that the only difference between him and James Dobson is tone. The only difference between official Mormon ideology and traditional fundamentalist ideology and official Catholic ideology from the Taliban is that, at least in this country, they rarely use three-dimensional weapons against us….though, of course, they inspire those who do.

    Amy Join the Impacted Bowels and many of her puerile posse say, “leave the Mormons alone” because she and they do not get this, an incapacitating disease exacerbated by her/their refusal to just step away from the fairytale books of their recent childhood and wake up and smell the fire the Antigay Industry has set to our civil liberties house.

    Yes, individual Mormons can and do change, but as a group they won’t because they don’t WANT to UNTIL greater pressures FORCE them to. Hence, the main sect began to denounce polygamy once they realized their survival depended on it. Similarly, their head voodoo doctor had a “revelation” years ago that they were to finally stop preaching that blacks were cursed by God. It will take a while for them to get a “revelation” about gays, too. And MUCH longer now thanks to Amy and her Children of the Corny tactics crusade having coopted and castrated “Stonewall 2.0.”

    The best example, however, that she should be sent back to political nursery school is the Marriott family, devout Mormons who realized that making a buck was more important to them than banning Mormon-forbidden alcohol and porn in their hotels. No greater hypocrisy existeth, as they say in St. Judy, Chapter 2, Verse 14, than finding little bottles of booze in your hotel room mini fridge and the Book of Mormon in the nightstand. But, OH NO, how dare anyone suggest we try to inflict ecomonic pain on Utah, the Emerald City of Mormon antigay fascism.

    Ultimately, however, I don’t get why you didn’t declare San Francisco Catholic Archbishop George Niederauer the year’s #1. Yes, the Mormons would have still be deeply involved in trying to pass H8TE, but HE approached THEM about forming an alliance just like Hitler formed a pact with Mussolini. And while Mormon-related money apparently made up the bulk of actual funding, among California voters, the preaching of antigay poison from Catholic pulpits played a much bigger role among more voters than their money. I don’t recall what percent of Californians are Catholic but confidant that the number dwarfs the 2% who are Mormon.

    Nevertheless, you missed by the proverbial mile the REAL #1 Homophobe of 2008: Barrack Obama whose “tone,” like his annointed opening religious act for the soon-to-be-most-watched inaugural in history, may be ever so much softer than Niederauer and Dobson, but he believes no less fervently in maintaining our second class citizenship, even in rhetorical terms, reducing us to “issues” while victims of bigotry because of race, religion, or gender are real to him.

    Oh, yes, he’ll once again do what he does best…and at the least cost for the most gain…drop the Gay word in his inaugural speech, and, once again, millions of little gay girls will have little girl orgasms and start speaking in tongues AGAIN about how Massa really luv us. But we will be no more equal in terms that matter while a general in the army that won the Battle of the Ballot, and others before it, will be embraced for billions to see as a shiny new medal of harmless piety is pinned on him by our new Great Black Father.

  • Mister C

    Ms Leland….Do yourself a favor in 2012

    VOTE WHITE! It will make your Black ass feel better! He is no ones father but to Sasha and Malia. Why don’t you fucking let him do his DAMN job!

    And he is not even President yet!

  • mark

    KEEP Boycotting UTAH!

    Monson will get a CIVICS LESSON from both Mormon and Non Mormon UT residents;

    Mind Your Own F*CKING BU$INE$$…1-001

    Cinemark theater’s stock price has dropped nearly 50%

    Hotel’s in Salt Lake City bookings are down 13%, as compared to 5% in Denver which has TWICE the number of Hotels.

    Utah has slashed their TOURISM spending, which had been bringing in 15 dollars for every dollar spent.

    BrainShare cancelled their convention at the Salt Palace which brings over 5000 tourists to SLC.

  • mark

    Give rick warren = miss congeniality

  • noah

    @Leland Frances:

    Get real, while I condemn Obama’s choice of Rick Warren, President-elect Obama is not a vicious, anti-gay fiend. What laws did he try to pass to hurt gays? What executions did he order or permit? You really think Obama has done anything equivalent to Ahmadinejad? Where are the bodies of the dead teenagers to back up your claims?

    Obama has made pledges to support the GLBT community with specific laws. Why not give the man a chance to take office before writing him off and condemning him to the Ninth Circle of Homophobic Hell?

    Please study the history of the Civil Rights Movement and the complex relationships the movement had with Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson. All four of those presidents took small or giant steps to end American apartheid against people of color. But none of them acted easily. Most were either led or pushed to make the right decisions.

  • dvlaries

    This sure doesn’t feel anymore like the same queerty that so aggressively seem to give a shit eight months ago about what himbo baseball player Madonna was likely screwing…!


  • TikiHead

    @ Leland Frances

    Tell us for of your extensive experience with little girls having orgasms.

  • Kevin

    How can anyone compete against Pope Rat? This must be an honorary award since the Pope earns the true homophobe award day in and day out, 365 days of the year. What else would you expect from a man who represents an institution that gave the Nazis a free pass.

  • TikiHead

    Japhy, since you did venture outside the USA for some of your choices, you might want to a couple names from the huge number of choices available in Africa. Archbishop Akinola of Nigeria is an excellent choice: very good friend of Rick Warren’s, he agitated for even more draconian laws against gays — and Pastor Warren crowed his praise about it. Much as it pains me to agree with Leland Frances, these homophobes want us gone from the earth.


    Warren, so simperingly moderate and gay-loving here, shows a different face in Africa, where he can loosen his size 48 belt and let his gay-hate out:

    Dr [Rick] Warren said that homosexuality is not a natural way of life and thus not a human right. “We shall not tolerate this aspect at all,” – Kampala Monitor

  • Ed

    Every time I read an article from the GLBT community slamming my church, it gets a little more difficult for me to support their rights.

    Gays need to keep in mind that not all Mormons supported Prop 8 and, as you claim the Mormons have “drained much of the goodwill the church had accumulated since 2002,” gays have eroded much of their support from within the LDS Church. I’m embarrassed about what my church did with Prop 8. I’m angry with how the GLBT have spoken about my church since then. Whereas I used to try to persuade people to support gay marriage, I keep my mouth shut and stay out of the discussion now.

    The unfortunate truth is that gays have never liked the LDS Church and dislike most churches, and most Americans do not support gay marriage. Let’s be honest, no goodwill was eroded; rather, people were honest with feelings they already had.

  • FunGuy

    Wow! Thanks for not letting the facts and your own totally misguided misconceptions get in the way of your agenda.

    “In March three Mormon missionaries in Colorado desecrated a Roman Catholic shrine…” Not true. First, whatever did happen occurred years ago, not in March. Second, it is unclear whether the missionaries did the desecration or they used poor judgment in taking sacrilegious pictures with the relics.

    “Catholic officials to retaliate by preventing Mormons from accessing parish genealogical records Mormon church leaders use in their practice of baptizing the dead.” Not true. You are trying to link two events that occurred in different dioceses. Anyone that knows the least bit about how the Catholic Church is organized would know you have no idea what you are talking about.

    “Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign highlighted the rifts between evangelicals and Mormons.” This is only news to you. The evangelicals have been calling the Mormons “non-Christians” for years. Why? Mormons are baptizing evangelicals into their Church and it is costing the evangelicals money.

    “For many there’s no distinction between the Mormon Church and its polygamist offshoots.” And this is one reason Mormons (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) don’t even try and talk to the GLBT community. The GLBT associates them with the Fundamentalists; calls them bigots, homophobes and blame them for the loss on Proposition 8. This is great for firing up the base and increasing your readership, but it gets you no where in dealing with those that see things differently. Every where there was a gay rights item on the ballot this election, it went down to defeat. This is an election cycle where Democrats where out in force and virtually ran the table. At this time same gender marriage is not seen as mainstream in the US and its not just the Mormons that see it this way.

    “You’d be hard pressed to cite another time in recent American history when a religious institution so transparently involved itself in the laws of the land.” Oh my gosh! Jerry Falwell and the Moral Majority (1979-1989). It’s size and impact was national and far reaching. This is how we got two terms of Ronald Reagan and gay rights were set back twenty years! How soon they forget.

    “What should keep him {Monson} awake is a realization that the Latter Day Saints can’t run national government the way they run Utah’s state government.” Obviously you don’t live in Utah! Mormons are only about 58% of the populous and only half of them are active. The largest newspaper is the Salt Lake Tribune not the Mormon owned Deseret News. If you look at where the Mormons are sending missionaries, you will see that they are not after the US, but world domination.

  • FNT

    I vote for RICK WAREEN & OBAMA! They are the biggest HOMOPHOBES of the year.

  • mark

    You could add a special class


  • mark


    LDS elders went out of their way to attack LGBT families and make them the one minority who’s Constitutional Rights are excluded by the equal protection clause. LDS wrote prop 8, got it placed on the CA ballot, funded 4 of every 5 dollars,canvassed neighborhoods, and attempted to extort $10,000.oo in letters to No on prop 8 donors,(A FELONY with 4 yr sentence and thousand in fines.)
    LDS OWNS prop 8, and they also OWN the backlash.
    btw….half my family are Mormons (none are devout Mormons.)

  • Jaroslaw

    FunGuy – Well said! Maybe the Queerty editorial board needs to run a few things by you before they print it! :)

    Or history didn’t exist prior to those under 30 being born apparently….

  • Charles J. Mueller


    “Every time I read an article from the GLBT community slamming my church, it gets a little more difficult for me to support their rights.”

    And every time we read an article from the Church slamming gays, it gets a little more difficult for us to support their rights.

    It’s a two-way street, dude.

    Get over feeling “bashed”, Ed. It’s a fact of life we gays have had to live with for ages. Why should the Church get to have all the fun…and while being exempted from taxes to do so.

    I mean, your Church gets to keep all that money you collect from it’s sucke….er, flock and then use it to strip the LGBT community of their civil-rights.

    Who’s the real “victim” here, the Church (you) or the LGBT community? Tell your fucking Church, whatever denomination it it is, to stop slamming gays and you won’t hear another peep from us.

    The ball’s in your court.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    @Leland Frances:

    I enjoyed your post, Leland. Much of what you state is true. And while I am bitterly disappointed by Obama, I will withhold my final determination about him until he has been sworn in and given a chance to exercise his powers either for or against the LGBT community.

    Personally, I don’t think Obama can do any more harm to us, than the disastrous team of McCain/Palin would have. They and the Republican party have demonstrated far more hostility toward the LGBT community than Obama or the Democrats. But, we shall see. As the old adage goes, “The proof is in the pudding”.

    I went to the link that TikiHead posted. I have seen several similar articles about Dr. Warren’s ass-kissing antics with Peter Akinola of Nigeria. The anti-gay words that this scumbag spoke there are now as well-known as the toned-down homophobia he spouts here in the U.S.

    In my not so politically correct time, we had a name for men like this. Prick!

    Dr [Rick] Warren said that homosexuality is not a natural way of life and thus not a human right. “We shall not tolerate this aspect at all,” Dr Warren said.

    Oh, really now? Izzatso?

    Dr. Rick could also say that people who are incapable of bearing children for physical and medical reasons is not a natural way of life an thus not a human right.

    He could say that being an Albino is not a natural way of life and thus not a human right.

    He could say that being a midget is also not a natural way of life and thus not a human right.

    In fact, Dr. Warren could apply his twisted logic to any minority group of people that he chooses to set his sites on and state emphatically that “We shall not tolerate this aspect at all.”

    Lacking any empirical knowledge of the true workings of nature, would this ignoramus also feel justified in the taking away the rights of the above named groups of people as we just witnessed in California and for which he recently highly praised Peter Akinola in Nigeria?

    Simply because this man has a “Doctor” preceding his name, does not make him more knowledgeable than biologists, scientists and psychologists, educated in their respective fields and who have devoted their lives to the study of the human condition for hundred of years and concluded that homosexuality is, in fact, a completely natural way of life that exists and is practiced across the entire broad spectrum of all animal life forms on the planet.

    Without empirical evidence with which to challenge the findings of these learned people, Dr. Warren believes, among other childish and idiotic notions, that he knows more about the human condition than anyone else, based of course, on a moldy, Draconian book of loony tunes and merry melodies, written by a bunch of lunatics from the dark ages who claim to know everything, but have no scientific facts to back-up any of their bullshit.

    But then, what can we expect of people who believe in sky-daddies, angels, heavenly choirs and miracles, who also believe the world was created some five or six thousand years ago and that the “creation” of Adam and Eve, wearing fig leaves that magically stay in place without support, was the first, actual, recorded marriage performed by God, in the garden of Eden, next to a tree bearing forbidden fruit and from whose branches hung a lecherous snake who attended this momentous occasion. while a heavenly choir, accompanied by a sextet of harps sang, “Here Comes the Bridge” in the background?


    Only choirs and harps are permitted in heaven. Pipe organs are simply much too heavy for the diaphenous floors of heaven to support.

  • Jaroslaw

    Thanks Charles M. By the way, I just noticed Ed said “…I find it hard to support their [Gay]rights…”

    What is he doing here anyway? I mean he can read what he wants of course, but to post in such a way….at first I thought you (CM) might have been too rough, but you weren’t rough enough on Ed!

    Ed, you’re a moron. If your faith or principles mean anything, you always speak up for what is right. You don’t let the bad apples on either side keep YOU from doing what you know to be true and correct. THINK ABOUT IT.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    The internet is the biggest homophobe because Gay Life has been ruined by Queers who sit in front of a screen for hours on end and lose their real world friends until there are NONE.

    Homophobe of the Year: The Internet!

  • mark


    Maybe you just aren’t be able to use the internet very well, I met my lover online 6 years ago.

  • Jaroslaw

    Mark – come on, you know what he meant! For an example, In my area, we are losing daily newspapers to three days a week due to the free info available on the internet.

    BTW which website did you meet your partner on? :)

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)

    But there is more a sense of ‘openess’ no? Free to choose? Evening the playing field….?

  • mark


    POZ room of gay.com

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)


    Dude be real, as much as I LOVE Queerty, they ain’t gonna right an essay that will win them a distinction! I’m not being rude…it’s news but bitesize and fast. And also ‘narrow’ in terms of resource time to research the exact details or what not…

    So in answer to your statement. It’s longer. Much f**king longer. Queerty have touched on nothing. Iran pres is well known which is wht he is there. This would have been a US fest of what they know.

    Don’t take this for the world news against homophobia…


  • sandy

    Pres. Ahmadinejad supports his government’s actions of arresting and killing any and all they can find. And you rate him 3rd?

  • sdandy

    Sorry Ed. Does it surprise you that people who identify with a community would be leery if not downright hostile toward other communities who the far majority (or at least the far loudest) aggressively if not viciously try to bully, erase, eliminate, and discriminate against them?

    My mother is not comfortable with my level of vehemence toward organized religions. I guess she made the mistake of raising me with an open enough mind to think for–and to defend–myself. I see it as an act of self preservation and defense. Why should I not attack someone (or organizations) that repeatedly attack me? Being nice and polite only goes so far. How many times can we get kicked down and stand back up with a polite smile? Our bodies and minds are finite (not like fables, parables, and fairy tales).

    If you want to defend your religion as a good and wholesome organization you can be more visible and loud (and encourage others) explaining your views. If the more moderate and progressive religions (the only religions that I respect) would somehow be more loud and belligerent and steer the national discussions in their direction I might not be as willing to quickly discount anyone who openly and quickly identify themselves as ‘religious’ as ignorant quacks. …isn’t it funny how the faster someone identifies themselves in a conversation as ‘religious’ the crazier they seem to be…

    Good luck

  • jamesnimmo

    Kern’s Krew Collection of Peeping Toms

    The Kern Krew is a sad collection of some very sick puppies who relish the pain of others in order to exorcise the demons that inhabit their own little bit of skull space.

    They’ve never matured to an adult level of acceptance of sexual or religious privacy. Kern’s Krew is a collection of Peeping Toms, looking for what arouses them, be it sacred or secular.

    Original Content at http://www.opednews.com/populum/diarypage.php?did=11357

  • TikiHead

    @John from England,

    Thanks for the input, but even if Queerty is writing a narrow list of homophobes, I think the Warren connection to African homophobes bears wider dissemination — just trying to do my part.

  • Charles J. Mueller


    These religious loonies are like ducks at a shooting gallery.

    As fast as you knock one down, another one pops up. :-(

  • Remo Marcusa

    What’s it mean when someone says “That’s mighty BLACK of you?”

    >> Never heard that.. but have heard people say..
    >> That’s mighty white of you..

    “That’s mighty Taliban of you” is a common Pashto phrase (but oddly,
    not used in Dari Persian, the other major Afghan language.)

    In Pashto that would be:

    Hamágha luy Talibani sta.

    It also seems to have been used until the 1950s in English royal
    circles to hail an evening of abandoned homosexual activity:

    “Their Majesties enjoyed a gay evening at the Apollo Theatre and were
    graciously pleased to allow the director, Mr. Oscar Wilde ( a
    notorious Irish sodomite), to entertain them.”

    Taking turns pawing Lord Alfred Douglas, no doubt – filthy beasts!
    What a pity Unki’s great-grandfather wasn’t there to parade the
    famous, alabaster family buttocks around – Unki might have been Lord
    Tallaght today and persona non grata at the Palace for having slipped
    a length or ten to the Royal Wives of Windsor – Di, Fergie, Ann, Zara,
    Sarah Chatto… all tasteful alabaster buttocks fanciers!

    Ah, life as it should have been… (Visions of mesel pocketing the
    wheesht money to keep Lord Unki de Talaght’s name out of the News of
    the World and the Waterford Weekly…)

  • Mark

    Invited by HRC, my partner and I went to see the debate in Hollywood in 2007. We were in the audience. Up front and personal for that historic GLBT event. That was when ALL the candidates were still running. To make a long story short I heard two very important things. ONE: Hillary Clinton told us to our faces that ‘our fight had not been going on long enough’. INTERPRETATION: She was not about to rally behind us and support us in our quest. She stated, for the record, that our issues had not been front and center in America for long enough JUST YET. It was clear and evident that she was NOT going to be our point man. Sorry, I heard it from her very own mouth. **SHE SPOKE THOSE WORDS HERSELF**

    Later on the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton never once uttered the words gay and lesbian in any general speeches.

    In sharp contrast, Barack Obama willingly and easily discussed GLBT issues from that point ONWARD. In speeches given to straight audiences, Obama continuously spoke about our issues. To the tune of tens of thousands of listeners. Indeed, I was at a Lambda Legal event in Chicago where Michelle Obama came and spoke to an audience made up of MOSTLY gay and lesbian supporters. I was there.

    The contrast was clear, evident and made sense. Barack Obama was willing to speak for us. There was no good evidence that Hillary was our person. NONE WHATSOEVER. Don’t tell me the opposite, because I was there and witnessed a minimum of two events in person that told me that Obama was the man and Hillary was NOT.

    Those irate bitches with their icepicks that now are screeching about how we should have picked Hillary are grasping at girl-straws. She did NOT tell us she was going to support us. She DID NOT. DID NOT. EVER. NEVER to my face. Never in my presence.

    So, let’s talk about the Inauguration. Warren’s address will be a 3 minute ‘plea to god’. Nothing more. He will not be given a cabinet position. He will not sleep in the WH. He will not have the number to the red phone. Warren is a mythologist extraordinaire and nothing more. He is a charlatan. And he’s very good at what he does – which is pull the wool over people’s eyes.

    Indeed, Warren has tens of thousands of people duped with his current brand of Christianity. He managed to dupe Obama and his staff. Warren is a master at the game of ‘I’ll dazzle them with g0d bullshit’. These charlatans do it all the time.

    YOUR task, dear readers, is to understand that. Your task is to extract yourself from the religion mindf*ck and step back to see this invocation for what it is. A THREE MINUTE STOP UNDER THE LIMELIGHT.

    Warren only hurts you if you choose to let him. Since I know that Warren is a charlatan he hurts me not one bit. I know his game. I understand he is a Hollow Man. He has no internal locus of control because he MUST fill it with hatred, his book of myths and his lust for Jesus.

    Get it? The man is a NOBODY because he has no soul. If you have one, you will forgive Obama for this first big political mistake and take away from this experience something bigger than Warren could ever muster: FAITH. Real faith that to win big you must always fight. Justice is never given on a silver platter. You must continue to fight for justice.

    And, the best thing to come away with is this: Warren represents the end of his dinosaur era. His era is almost over. Keep fighting so that you can see the look on his face when all of his soulless hate-filled words are spit back at him. It’s just around the corner.

  • Rock

    This whining and gnashing of teeth over Rick Warren is getting tiresome.

    Oh right, Obama stabbed us in the back, blah blah blah….poor us! What a bunch of drama queens you people are.

    Would you rather have John McCain and Sarah Palin in control for the next 4 years? Why didn’t you just vote for them?

  • mark


    What is getting TIRESOME is the remix of the Magic Negro, to the HOUSE version the “HAPPY HOMO.”

    Go G*D DAMN tap dance at the Inaugural.

  • Leland Frances

    I don’t know which you are, Mark: willfully ignorant or retarded beyond hope.

    Hillary DID talk about gay RIGHTS in speeches, e.g., at the annual Jefferson Jackson Dinner in Iowa in front of THOUSANDS of STRAIGHT people. True, not as often as your Massa er Messiah simply dropped the G-word and had little girls like you wetting your Day-of-the-Week panties. He NEVER NEVER NEVER talked about gay AND gay rights in the same breath [or, as you put it, “our issues”]except when asked questions in interviews or debates and Hillary [and Edwards and the other Dems] did, too. The pre-released transcript of his thank you remarks to Ted Kennedy when they were to announce TK’s endorsement of him had no reference to gays, but he, sly as a fox, slippery as a snake, inserted some ex temp after TK included gays in his remarks BEFORE O spoke. Likewise, NOWHERE in O’s official 80-some page “Blueprint for America,” that was distributed at his rallies, as well as available online, was there one sentence, one word about “our issues.”

    Hillary has attended HRC events IN ADDITION TO the Logo event. Your Massa just sends Mrs. Massa. Hillary marched in New York City’s gay pride parade EVEN WHEN SHE WAS STILL FIRST LADY, and then as Senator…photographed, videotaped, for all the world [and homophobic potential voters] to see! I could find NO instance of even Mrs. Massa doing that in Chicago or anywhere else. But those not willingly fooled enough do recall Massa himself refusing to be even photographed with SF Mayor Gavin Newsom even at fundraisers Newsom held for him when he was running for US Senate because he was clearly afraid to be branded by association with Newsom’s support for gay marriage.

    All candidates had homophobes who supported them but Hillary never asked one to headline a campaign event for her. Massa not only did that but REFUSED to disinvite Donnie “Gays are trying to kill our children” McClurkin from pimping votes for him when BEGGED to by gays both black and white.

    In short, what you and a few other fools are calling an overreaction to Warren’s invite misses the point that, as it were, this is not the first time Massa has fucked us over, disrepected us, told us essentially to go fuck ourselves. Even if he hadn’t, what part of the insanity, the indignity, the tolerance of intolerance do you not get from him having awarded the equivalent of the Oscar of Public Piety to a “Hollow Man [who] has no internal locus of control because he MUST fill it with hatred, his book of myths and his lust for Jesus”? One has to be a pretty hopeless Obama Troll to see one and not the other.

  • Remo Marcusa

    One of the many inherent inconsistencies within liberalism in general and theological revisionism in particular is the self-ascribed vanity, embraced universally amongst the “anointed ones”, that liberals “speak truth to power,” stand up for the poor and impoverished, befriend the outcasts, and work tirelessly on their behalf.

    This self-image is zealously guarded and maintained…it seems a psychological necessity–in the face of cold hard facts that belie it–namely that the “poor” are generally quite conservative…especially when it comes to religion. Few things irk the liberal soul more than this glaring truth. They deal with it in a variety of ways. The emphasis on “awareness” and “sensitivity training” among liberals is, I think, one outgrowth of this concern. The problem, they persuade themselves, is not that liberalism/revisionism is bankrupt and unworkable (and therefore unpopular), it is just that people are “uneducated”…they have yet to be enlightened…they still are too ignorant to “get it” but once they do we can take our proper roles as the people’s vanguard.

    The thrust of this particular vanity tends to run headlong into just the sort of paternalism, racial and otherwise, that they claim to despise and oppose…bearing in many ways a quite distinct similarity with the infamous “white man’s burden”…

    But what happens when those who “stoop low” to help the “uneducated” find that the “ignorant” masses reject the lessons of their betters? What happens when, say, the minority vote makes up a large percentage of the voting electorate that defeated Proposition 8 in California?

    Rage. Blinding, ugly, disgusting rage.

  • jessica

    I live in Idaho, which I predict will become the next Utah. So far, the majority of the population takes part in the mormon beliefs. Having gone through high school surrounded by them, I have become extremely intolerant, even hateful, towards the mormons. Their beliefs and the way they treat others is without any justification. Most of them wouldn’t talk to me after they found out my sexual orientation, and the others sneered and told me I would go to hell. I might have deserved this treatment if I had said anything disrespectful to them, but I hadn’t. Their judgment is based on ignorance alone.

    Freedom of religion may be a right protected by the constitution, but when that religion advocates the freedom to discriminate, it crosses the line between protected rights and taking advantage of them.

    I despise the mormons. Their religion is nothing more than a cult, and I cannot wait until the downfall of the LDS church.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    @Remo Marcusa:

    A perusal of your site revealed the following information.

    The Gondolas at Newport Beach

    “Romantic, relaxing, exclusive… Cruise through spectacular Newport Harbor in one of the World’s most beautiful gondolas. Create a memory with that special someone as you glide silently through quaint canals guided by a charming gondolier.

    This is romance at its finest.

    Tradition dictates that couples kiss under every bridge. Greeting others in Italian as they pass by is encouraged and enjoying life to its fullest is a requirement.

    The gondolas are stunning…

    The sunsets on the water breathtaking…

    The mood perfect…

    This is the stuff that dreams are made of.”

    Sounds absolutely charming. However, given that I only saw a picture of a man and a woman sitting in one of your stunning goldolas, I could not help but wonder if “Tradition” also motivates Gondola.com to encourage two men or two women occupying one of your gondolas to kiss under every bridge or would that be “prohibito”?

    “But what happens when those who “stoop low” to help the “uneducated” find that the “ignorant” masses reject the lessons of their betters? What happens when, say, the minority vote makes up a large percentage of the voting electorate that defeated Proposition 8 in California?

    Rage. Blinding, ugly, disgusting rage.”

    By all means. Do nominate Mortimer Snerd to run for our next president. I mean, the religious populace is already so dumbed-down by our illustrious Mr. Bush and the Prick-Rick crowd that he would, no doubt, win by a landslide.

    It’s rants like this, made by blind, ignorant people like you, portraying yourselves as the “victims” of this rage, that you folks created btw, that have no business being on a gay site like Queerty or any other gay site for that matter.

    What exactly is it that you are attempting to find on these sites that you cannot find on one of your “girly” sites?

    Pictures of pretty gay boys to masturbate to perhaps?

    It is NOT the rage of gays that is blinding ugly and disgusting. It is your hateful, denigrating words that are blinding, ugly and disgusting, Sir!

  • Charles J. Mueller

    @Remo Marcusa:

    Oh, btw…why don’t you stuff that oar handle up your ass and navigate your gondola to romance at it’s finest?

    Who knows? You might even find that it is the “stuff” that dreams are made of?

  • Dave Hersam

    Define homophobe? One who disagrees with you?

  • Dave Hersam

    Define homophobe. One who disagrees with you?

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