Why Adam Lambert Having The Number One Album In America Is Such A Big Deal

Whether or not you’re a fan of Adam Lambert’s new album, Trespassing (and we are), you should be thrilled the record debuted this week at Number One on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart. It’s the first time an openly gay artist has ever done that.

Given the increasing visibility and acceptance out stars are seeing nationwide, that might not seem like a big deal, but it is. Even just a few years ago, Lambert was disinvited from Good Morning America for—gasp!—kissing his male guitarist at the American Music Awards.

Please—Miley Cyrus does worse than that on Hannah Montana.

As Adam himself told us, the music industry isn’t easy on gay dudes, even in 2012: “In the time that [Ricky Martin] was really popular, it would’ve been really hard to be out. It probably would’ve shot his career in the foot,” Lambert told Queerty in March. “The music industry in general, is a tough market for a gay man. It’s really conservative. It’s hard.”

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  • DenverBarbie

    Trespassing has everything that makes for a perfect summer album; it’s danceable, fun, sexy, and catchy. He deserves the wild success- you go, baby!

  • cam

    A nice big fuck you to all the shrivled old men and women in the entertainment industry who keep demanding that young stars etc… stay in the closet.

    Congrats to Adam on the sales. Since he came out I have downloaded a few of his songs out of gay loyalty. Glad that he is doing so well being open and not just coming out after his career has gone away. I wish him continued success.

    And just to finish….one more bug fuck you to the bigots in the entertainment industry. lol

  • gggggb

    I feel like that’s why I don’t like corporate entertainment in general. It just seems so appalling to me that they’re all untalented—not that he’s particularly talented, but it’s also why I have a sort of contempt for commercial or professional success. It’s discriminatory in the wrong way—and it elevates things that are very boring in the insect eyes of the population in general! Absolutely appalling.

  • Alexa

    I couldn’t be happier. This is a huge milestone (and as Cam said, a big fuck you to the bigots and self loathing assholes in the music industry). I didn’t like Adam’s first album and had no plans to buy this one, but a Glambert friend played it for me and I love it. It is so much better than the first one.

  • bambrodon

    This is history in the making. The day an openly out gay artist hits number one on the charts! And Lambert’s album Trespassing is really good. I picked up the Deluxe version for the extra songs and glad I did. I actually like the Bonus tracks as much, if not more than the rest of the album. Bravo! Proud moment…

  • bambrodon

    @gggggb: This is exactly why Lambert topping the charts this week is so historical. He is the opposite of the things you site as appalling. He is breaking down barriers, is NOT boring, and is doing it his way as much as humanly possible given the circumstances. This should be a celebration as a foot forward to progressing civil rights and acceptance for all!

  • M

    Congrats, Adam!

  • Jason

    Bravo Adam! This is a great day for our community. I am so very proud of you. Trespassing is a brilliant piece of work. Congratulations!!!

  • Linda

    So very happy for Adam, Glamberts and the Gay community in the US! This is such a huge achievement both for
    the album itself and the fact that Adam being a proud, gay man (in other words, himself)having achieved #1 status is nothing less than monumental! Would love to see the US catch up to Europe. In addition, TRESPASSING kicks major ass! Absolutely fantastic album, so many hit songs on there. Congratulations Adam!!!!

  • jason

    Well, the sales figure (77,000) is actually quite poor for a number 1. Overall sales are low this week.

    Next week, the sales will plummet for Adam. It won’t have legs. This will prove that it’s just the base getting out in the first week to purchase it.

    Radio-wise, Clear Channel appears to be very resistant to playing male acts that are openly gay or bi. My belief is that Clear Channel may have an unofficial anti-gay male policy.

    Of course, if you’re a woman who says she’s bi – even if it’s fake – Clear Channel will play you. Major double standard.

  • realgay

    I love the album. Never Close Our Eyes, Cuckoo, Outlaws of Love and Better Than I Know Myself are my favorites. I think the album is an improvement on the first. His singing is more refined and the production is smooth. Please request NEVER CLOSE OUR EYES to radio stations near you.

  • finnistar

    @jason: I don’t really understand why a low sales week makes this any less of an achievement. He has done what no out artist has ever done before (before coming out anyway) – and it should be celebrated.

  • jason


    Mark my words, it doesn’t mean anything.

    It’s simply a quirk of low sales. Women in America are very homphobic towards men and won’t support an openly gay male act.

  • Riker

    @finnistar: You must be new here. Welcome, and please don’t feed the trolls. Every single article to jason is further evidence of what he calls the “bisexual double standard” and how women are threatened by gay men etc. Occasionally he rants about how HIV is not the cause of AIDS, and a handful of other moronic talking points.


    Well I’m so proud of Adam and the record this is. No matter what the sales number is, he still set a record. If the radio stations played his music it would get a lot more sales.

  • finnistar

    @Riker: lol, sorry! I don’t usually read the comments here. I guess I should have known better.

  • L

    Congrats Adam.

    I wish there was more progress on radio but it’s the big corporations that pretty much decide what plays. And DJ’s just get to be jerks about lots of people and I know fans have heard them say on air things like it’s weird that Adam’s singing about another guy.

    Radio has such a big audience. The top played songs can get an audience of 90+ million a week and it would be so great if they gave lgbt artist more spins.

  • raepat

    Congrats to ADAM and our LGBT community. This is a HUGE deal. He is No1 in Canada too. Just by being himself he is breaking barriers as well as giving our LGBT youth a role model. Can’t ask for more than that! Oh yes..the album #Trespassing is AMAZING!!!! so no need to buy it just to support one of own..buy it because you will LOVE it!!

  • Basch

    I’m not surprised that it’s doing well. A large portion of the gay community eats this kind of music up, as does a large portion of the female population. The only thing missing is straight guys, and even a portion of them like some good dance music if they’re not too much of a pussy to acknowledge listening to music sung by a gay dude.

  • jan berryhill

    I have loved Adam’s voice from the first time he opened his mouth. He is a fantastic singer…Why can’t he be recognized for being that? Why does he have to be defined as a gay singer…I don’t feel bad that he is gay I just love his voice regardless… I also bought 4 copies of “Trespassing”…I have listened to them at least 100 times, maybe more…

  • rick

    I think the radio stations don’t play his music because it sucks, not out of any gay bias.

  • maybe

    @rick his new album is a fantastic pop album, so much better than a lot of the stuff they DO play on US radio, but using your logic you are basically stating that every openly gay man in the industry makes crap music. they don’t play the scissor sisters or sam sparro or rufus wainright or simon curtis or darren hayes or gerorge michael or any of the other openly gay men either.

    but if we support an artist who does have somewhat of a mainstream platform in the US we tell the radio station PDs that they don’t need to be afraid of gay men and in turn tell closeted members of the industry that they no longer need to hide.

    what would really be great is if the scissor sisters could get to #1 when they drop their album too. two BB #1’s in a couple of weeks is a great statement! unfortunately, i think they might face stiffer competition and don’t have crazy glamberts watching their back. (haven’t heard the new album yet either, so it might not even be any good)

  • Alex Sarmiento

    Adam Lambert was the last great American Idol contestant. After his success, I hoped that we would see more contestants of his ilk come on the show. But after what happened tonight, with the fifth consecutive White Guy With a Guitar winning (GROAN), I don’t think that we will see anyone like him on the show, or even anyone with the charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent to take down the WGWG brigade.

  • J

    @rick: Unfortunately I think it IS because he’s gay–some DJ’s mask their biases on air with “cute” remarks. You do know homosexuality is contagious NOT! And I thought racial bias was the worst/strongest. Not anymore.

    If it was just about his music, that’s one thing, personal preference. It’s more than that. Lots of singers suck, but their music is still played on the radio. Not this man.

    People tend to be more “accepting” of gay and bi female singers. I think it also has to do with the perception that gay males are less masculine (some are, but so are some hetero males). The less “manly” persona seems to be an “unforgivable” trait, a trait which is the target of many verbal attacks expressed on the internet; attacks filled with much anger. Very similar to the vile expressions made towards Blacks, especially before racial integration in this country during the civil rights movement.

    The elephant in the room is HATE, a powerful emotion. It reminds me of cancer of the body. It starts out small and works its way in, gaining ground, and gradually but surely consuming. It expends much of the body’s energy, and not in a good way. And it can adversely affect your health eventually in the form of various diseases. For instance, observe your blood pressure when you talk about or think about someone you hate, don’t care for, or that irritates you. It likely increases to a higher level than is healthy, and over a period of time (especially years), that’s not good.

    It’s ironic that those who are filled with hate are also consumed by it. Keep things in perspective, life is very short. And Adam and other artists are just trying to make it out there, as we all are in our own lives and careers. I wish them all well.

  • gypsy queen

    @Riker: Women are threatened by gay male artists???? Eh? tell that to the 10,000s of women hungering after what Adam can’t give them.
    He is an ALPHA male.

  • gypsy queen

    Adam’s number one chart is like the inter-racial kiss between Uhura and Kirk in Star Trek. Caused a stir and look how far everyone has come since then.

  • maybe

    “how women are threatened by gay men etc.”

    i don’t there is a place where that could sound more crazy than in a thread about Adam Lambert.

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    Some points of clarity, and a fan plug at the end:


    jason, it’s Cumulus not Clear Channel that has a history of alleged anti-gay platforms and not spinning Lambert. :)

    This is the official radio site you want to reference if you’re tracking adds and spins:


    Clear Channel NY the number 1 market added him right away. And sometimes the partner agreement between the label and the stations has an embargo to make them wait for a more significant impact, like promoting an Idol appearance, so they stage the adds on the playlist. But true, even then, not all Clear Channel stations add him or spin because of local program directors snark.

    Lambert’s single Never Close Our Eyes actual radio impact date is scheduled for this week. The chart updates Mon and Tues.

    I’m one that agrees with you about the double standard with women, but you’re wrong about women disproportionately being homophobic towards Lambert and is disabused by the fact that most of his demo IS women. The OTHER accusation about women “wanting him” that people make is wrong, too. His female fans (including tons of young lesbians) are fiercely protective of him, it’s as simple as that. Even if they love flailing about what they perceive to be fierceness, sexy and and what not. In the end, they’re over the moon happy for him to have found his partner Sauli, and consider that to be the best thing that’s happened to him.

    Lastly, if you remove Adele from No.1, MANY debuts are lower than 78K over the past year. Bruno Mars debuted at 55K. With 5 Queen performances, this No1, and changing management for promo to Katy Perry’s company, he will sell. You can expect a large drop next week, it’s not unusual. Adele is a beast and atypical. It’s an all genre chart so country is beastly too, ie. Carrie Underwood. But even she dropped 56% when Lambert knocked her out of position. He could have gotten blocked by Carrie and Adele because of the TV Billboard awards Sunday featuring them – the day the report closed. John Mayer has a big following still (who knew) and his new album drops this week and predicted to be 200K units but he’s been charting for about 10 years now. Adam’s week: http://www.hitsdailydouble.com/sales/salescht.cgi

    Anyway, tweet stalking shows alot of new younger fans, BEIBER fans promoting him (lol) and even random famous people like Ann Burrell, the reported lesbian gay chef are congratulating him.

    Shameless plug:

    Trespassing is not all dance music, half is uptempo but 7 songs are not – ballads. And they do show him “particularly talented”.

    Doubters go to: his 2004 uTube Brigadoon Come To Me Bend To Me light opera LIVE recorded casually by the show promoters The Best Arts, not formally in a studio, with a perfect 22 second breathhold/support, transitions, legato etc. And yes, I know I’m gonna catch flack for this last paragraph but it’s true, even if you don’t hear his true voice in pop, with the slightly less than 3 octave range. [listen harder, it’s not studio produced] lol

    FOR #3 @ gggggb :)
    Adam Lambert light opera Come To Me Bend To Me:


  • William

    Fantastic Adam, truly fantastic.

    Keep in mind, this is without a hit single/radio airplay.

  • Bryan

    While I don’t hate or dislike him, I’m usually just -_- with him, but that’s an amazing record, good for him *applause*

  • Lol at u

    @basch the above comment wasn’t directed at you. Don’t know why your name showed up, but you’re welcomed to watch the very entertaining link all the same.

  • Ron

    Speaking as one who pre-ordered and got the disc today
    (well, it is 6,000 Km from here to the US) I must say
    it is a good album. ( and there are 3 bonus tracks! )

  • DenverBarbie

    @cam: “A nice big fuck you to all the shrivled old men and women in the entertainment industry who keep demanding that young stars etc… stay in the closet.”

    Right? C’mere, One Direction! The water is feeling just fine.

    @jason: Jason, Adam Lambert’s career has survived because of women. He even lamented, and Queerty covered it, not having a greater appeal to gay male fans. You may have your crazy, just trying to help you fix the holes in it!

  • RomanHans

    Great, great, great news. So glad Adam finally captured his talent, magnetism and power on record. Here’s to a long career!

  • nineinchnail

    Its 2012 and the great US of A still has issues with gay singers topping the charts. Congrats to Adam.


    Bravo Adam! I’ll buy your album

  • artsycreation

    Of course this is a BIG deal. Just goes to show that coming out doesn’t mean death to your career. So those that say they can’t come out in Hollywood because of that excuse can’t use it anymore.

  • Fanatix

    I’m a huge fan. He deserves world recognition. Have you seen his performsnce wiith Queen? Check youtube. One of the best performances ever, I think.
    Oh by the way, I’m a woman, straight, and in love with Adam.
    Homophobics suck.

  • NinaNais

    @ Fanatix

    I was pretty damned impressed by his performances with Queen. I thought they brought otu the best in him and really showcased him in a way the songs on his first Album didn’t (which, along with AI, was the reason I never paid any attention to him before.) THEN I started to watch more youtube videos, including some of the extremely risque Glam Nation tour videos, and I believe some of those performances, e.g. of Whole Lotta Love and Aftermath, match or even top what he did with Queen. Believe me, I had developed a respect for him, but after seeing videos of Whole Lotta Love in Louisville and Milwaukee, it turned into fricking awe.

    Plus, which other male gay celebrity is doing what he’s doing now – going to events with his boyfriend, walking down the street or on the red carpet holding hands??? Talking openly on the radio, TV and web interviews about being in love and the songs inspired by his boyfriend? Never have we seen this before. Is this the sign of changing times or AL being ahead of his time??

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