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Why Does Michael Urie Refuse to Out Himself?


Yup, it’s Michael Urie’s business if he’s gay or not. But the Ugly Betty actor dodging the question about his own sexuality only acknowledges what the viewing public already knows: Marc St. James is both gay on screen and off. Maybe he’s coy about his man-loving not because he’s afraid he’ll lose out on roles, but because he doesn’t want the celeb press prying into his private life? It’s a reasonable argument, given most tabs are still willing to play hands off with closeted celebs — but once you come out (Lance Bass, Marc Jacobs, Neil Patrick Harris) the gloves come off.

Says Urie: “Well, that’s my M.O. I’m interested in keeping — you know, actors have to be able to do lots of different things, and while I’d say there’s an ongoing theme [to the parts I play], I’m also not interested in having any real publicity about who I am and what my private life is and things like that. I’m an actor and I don’t want to be a [fill-in-the-] blank actor. … By using publicity to say something like [“I’m gay”], it could become a person’s M.O, and I’m not interested in that. I really think this article should be about The Temperamentals [the play he’s starring in]. I understand where you’re coming from and why you think this is important and that this is a play about being true to yourself. But artists and activists … [I]t’s been a long time since anyone [reporters] asked it. I don’t think it’s really newsworthy if the gay guy from Ugly Betty is gay or not.”

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