Why is San Francisco Pride Dissing Its Favorite Gay DJ

DJ St. John has played San Francisco Pride for the last 15 years, but Clear Channel’s radio sponsorship of the event may prevent him from spinning the ones and twos again. To blame? The same media conglomerate who airs anti-gay conservative commentators Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, which is blocking St. John from playing Pride because he recently switched overseers.

Clear Channel, which is sponsoring pride, got left behind by St. John when he jumped to CBS, says one report.

However an SF Pride volunteer has said that each stage has a producer who decides whether or not to accept Clear Channel’s sponsorship and that “there are many other possible reasons a given DJ might not be on any given stage‚Äôs line up… there is no blanket ban from SF Pride on having CBS or other non-Clear Channel DJs.”

How many queers does it take to turn on a turnttable?

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    Clear Channel + Anything Gay = WTF?????

    Clear Channel has filled the airwaves with toxic anti Gay vitrol for decades, why the fcuk would SF Pride accept their tainted dollars??? Sponsorship dollars may be tight, but talk about selling your soul to Satan……………

  • TonyD

    Denver’s Gay Pride was sponsored by Coors Beer, the anti-gay beer. They’ve sponsored anti-homosexual agendas in the United States, in particular Colorado, since the 60s, but gays had no problem giving them their money. Might as well donate to the Mormon Church while they’re at it…

  • nancy

    I am sure that a volunteer would not know the ins and outs of the communication going on behind closed doors. Clear channel will do whatever it takes to make its self look like they are accepting, and open to all.

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