Why Is The “Totally Not Gay” Texas Governor Teaming Up With An Anti-Gay Hate Group?

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If you Google “Rick Perry Gay”, you’ll find all sorts of “persistent rumors” about the Texas Governor’s alleged gay dalliances with menfolk like his personal chef. Now that doesn’t mean he’s actually gay but now that Perry’s rumored to be considering a presidential bid, John Aravosis of AmericaBlog still thinks it raises some very curious questions.

You see, Perry has decided to celebrate the National Day of Prayer with hate group the American Family Association. So Aravosis wonders, why would the AFA risk aligning itself with a potentially gay presidential candidate. Of course, America has already had a gay president, but we don’t know if James Buchanan ever bothered hanging out with asshats who think gays caused The Holocaust.

Oh wait, the Holocaust hadn’t happened yet when Buchanan was president. Whoops.

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  • Alex

    That videos was gay.

  • Kev C

    Get out the tube of pig grease, we all going prayin.

    2 months later .. another national day of rapture.


    Maybe they only think he is praying all the time since they keep finding him on his knees.

  • TMikel

    Perry DOES look a bit light in his loafers to me. And what better lock on his closet door than this
    prayer day thing? If he IS gay, it will come out during the campaign. No one is ever careful enough
    or celibate enough that in this day and age, someone will find the dirt.

  • Matt_miami

    Is the author of this story trying to say there will be no democrats at this prayer rally?

    Obama is a christian, and he says he prays and he has done nothing for the gay communit But a Rep. Gov. of Texas, who could become the next president, who has some gay skeletons in the closet is treated not to run for office.

    If he does he will be outed and destroyed.
    This is the story today on of left wing ideology being more important than advancing the gay agenda. I say this because the only people that could out him would be someone from this community. Lets try and elect a gay friendly president regardless of his political party. I would rather have a gay republican president than an anti-gay democrat president like obama. Shame on you Queerty for attacking one of us because he is not liberal.

  • christopher di spirito

    Any man as obsessed with Louis XIV furniture, as is TX Gov. Rick Perry, must be queer.

    Perry will never be president. Anyone who chortles about secession can’t won’t be taken seriously on a national level. That sort of rhetoric only plays with the Hee Haws in the Lone Star state.

  • lemon-lime

    @Matt_miami: Wait, what? Obama is anti-gay?

    Seriously. You have to be trolling me.

  • TMikel

    Matt_Miami, and all others – can we all take a deep breath and think a bit about this. Perry is no friend to the gay community. Many people who call themselves Christian are more the followers of St. Paul than Christ, who is not recorded as ever saying anything against gays or lesbians. Moreover, how much power does the president have anymore? It seems to me that he is controlled by Congress, his advisors, his political party, and many others. That said, Mr. Obama has not come through for us as he promised and as we expected. However, when I think back to 1969, the year I came out as a 19 year old gay male, I have seen many changes on our country, not just more acceptance for the LGBT community, but for others. And let us remember, as they see their power diminishing, the voices of the far right get ever more shrill and their actions more desperate. They KNOW they are losing and that it a matter of time.

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