Why Is The “Totally Not Gay” Texas Governor Teaming Up With An Anti-Gay Hate Group?

The Response Promo from The Response USA on Vimeo.

If you Google “Rick Perry Gay”, you’ll find all sorts of “persistent rumors” about the Texas Governor’s alleged gay dalliances with menfolk like his personal chef. Now that doesn’t mean he’s actually gay but now that Perry’s rumored to be considering a presidential bid, John Aravosis of AmericaBlog still thinks it raises some very curious questions.

You see, Perry has decided to celebrate the National Day of Prayer with hate group the American Family Association. So Aravosis wonders, why would the AFA risk aligning itself with a potentially gay presidential candidate. Of course, America has already had a gay president, but we don’t know if James Buchanan ever bothered hanging out with asshats who think gays caused The Holocaust.

Oh wait, the Holocaust hadn’t happened yet when Buchanan was president. Whoops.