Why Is White Collar‘s Matthew Bomer’s Sexuality Such a Secret?


The USA Network has a certain prescription for its shows: Psych, Monk, Royal Pains, and Burn Notice all are drama-comedies with romance mixed in. They’re com-rom-drams? Rom-dramedies? And for the most part, they all have a gay-ish element: On Psych, the completely hetero friendship between Gus and Sean is mixed in with bromance jokes; Burn Notice‘s Jeffrey Donovan is like a cable network James Bond (and we all know how gay that makes him). And new this season is White Collar, a show that follows the same USA composite: Cute lead character involved in solving problems (crimes, as most of USA’s shows do). And White Collar also has the gay-ish element: The leading man, Matthew Bomer’s Neal Caffrey, is cute and savvy and sexually confident. But we didn’t know just how much White Collar went gay. Just two episodes into the series, and we learn its headlining actor is a ‘mo.


Earlier this week, the gossip blogger known for making that “faggot” remark claimed Bomer is openly gay, and in a relationship with Simon Halls (pictured, on right), the chief executive of public relations firm PMK/HBH, one of the largest and most powerful PR firms in all the land. (You might have heard their name back when PMK’s then-CEO Pat Kingsley, Tom Cruise’s one-time publicist, made a sport out of shooting down gay rumors.) The item was picked up by the blog Boy Culture and the kids on gossip forum Data Lounge.

Bomer, whose past credits include standard soap opera stints and a regular gig on Tru Calling, is not being outed by his own camp; the website AfterElton asked Bomer’s publicist about the situation, and she replied, “No comment,” and “We don’t comment on any of our client’s personal lives.” (That’s a lie. PMK regularly shoots down rumors about client Jennifer Aniston’s pregnancy, as just one example.)


But then there’s the evidence. Namely, photos of Bomer and another gent (not Halls) in major make-out mode. (That’s him in the red.)

For his part, Halls is openly gay. He and PMK co-chief Stephen Huvane, who is also gay (and a looker), exercise a level of power that, it would not be an exaggeration to say, can literally make or break someone’s Hollywood career. They represent clients like Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Neil Patrick Harris. Stephen’s brother, Kevin Huvane, is also in the business: He’s the manager agent of folks like — yup! — Jennifer Aniston. There are plentiful stories about Halls and Huvane treating Hollywood as their own fiefdom; more often than not, they are true.

So while it’s pretty exciting to see a couple of gay men wielding so much influence in an industry where being gay is still a scarlet letter for actors, it’s also a little frightening to see what happens when they try to use that power to shut down reports that impact them personally. Halls’s camp wasn’t successful in getting the gay celeb blogger to remove the item, but Boy Culture did take down the photos by “kind request.” The blog Greg In Hollywood removed the photos, because “the photo is several years old and since the actor is out and in a committed relationship, I’ve decided to take it down. The request was made very politely by Bomer through friends.”


But the Internet never deletes anything. The photos of Bomer kissing another fella are regularly available to anyone with a few minutes and interest to find it. And it’s ridiculous to think that getting them yanked from a couple gay blogs will delete it from anyone’s memory.

We can understand the position Bomer is in: He’s been openly gay for much of his career, at least inside the industry, but now he’s headlining a nearly-guaranteed-to-be-blockbuster series on USA, in a role that requires (female) viewers to lust after him. We won’t jump to conclusions, but if history is any indicator, USA’s executives (and those at parent NBC Universal) won’t be too thrilled with Bomer’s sexuality making headlines.

To which we say: Too late.

Or maybe Halls is just unhappy seeing the Internet flooded with pics of his current beau getting randy with another man?

UPDATE: Sean Akers, Web designer to the gay stars (read: Zachary Quinto), who says he is a friend of Bomer, writes Queerty: “Matt Bomer is an out actor. He is dating Simon Halls. They have kids. And these pics are 9 years old. It is drudging up his past to reveal something that isn’t a secret. Posting these pics only serves to hurt Matt’s family. He is not hiding, but this kind of post is exactly why so many gay actors do hide. In a world where this shouldn’t matter, it still does. As his friend, I am thinking of his kids and his relationship. I am thinking about how people in a community that should respect Matt for being open about his sexuality are being turned against him. He didn’t ask you people to take down the pics. Simon Halls and PMK had nothing to do with it. It was me who asked. As Matt’s friend. Matt is the kindest person I know. He is genuine and he works very hard on his career and on his relationships. His family is his priority. And the post and the pics sadden me.”

It’s a nice sentiment, but here’s the rub: As a high-profile television actor, Bomer sells his personal life as much as his acting skills. This is the arrangement celebrities agree to when they join the Hollywood elite. Ask George Clooney, Jennifer Aniston, and even Jon Gosselin. Or Rosie, Ellen, and Neil. Substantial paydays and the perks of celebrity are joined by prying eyes who want to know about your intimate lives. And especially because Bomer is an out actor, as Akers notes, he should understand his private life carries an asterisk. Our coverage is not the reason actors stay in the closet; they stay in the closet to avoid being labeled gay by the mainstream entertainment press. Us? We want to celebrate famous gay folks (who aren’t assholes)! We report on the romances and break-ups of TR Knight and Adam Lambert and Rosie O’Donnell. Welcome to the fold, Bomer. We’re happy to add you to the list of out and proud gay men with mainstream acting gigs. Surely you’ll be accepting a GLAAD award this time next year then?

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  • RN

    That picture is Stephen Huvane, not Halls.

    And Kevin is an agent, not a manager.

    [Ed: Correct on both counts. We pasted in the wrong photo; it’s been corrected.]

  • romeo

    Haven’t seen the show, but doesn’t seem like there’s much point in him sweating it one way or the other. It’s out there, if anyone cares to know. But I think most women these days assume the cutest guys on the screen are gay anyway, they just put it out of their minds. LOL

  • YellowRanger

    Should the gay blogosphere ignore them? No.

    Should it harp on this over and over until he’s forced out of the closet? Fuck no.

    Report on it, then move along.

  • G

    This is a post-NPH world… it’s not like people haven’t seen confident, womanizing characters played by gay men before. Also, Bomer’s on USA, which is not a major network. Not that big a deal.

  • chicklette

    As a totally straight woman, I have no problem watching a gay man acting with a woman. Frankly, I’d watch Bromer kiss anyone, anywhere, anytime. He’s lovely and the pic of him kissing the boy above is all kinds of sweet.

  • Republican

    The thing I’ve always had trouble understanding is why these stars and their publicists go to such great lengths in this day and age to hide their homosexuality. I know that there is a great deal of concern by those with the big money in Hollywood that the straight female fans will leave in droves if the latest hottie is outed as gay, but is there actually any recent evidence to support this position? We’re not in the 1950s.

  • Hominy Grits

    CAA gay mafia rep all the biggest female stars (Oprah, Kidman, Aniston)
    Stephen Huvane, – gay and out and married to man.
    Kevin Huvane – gay and out (formerly married to woman) has kids.
    Brian Lourde- gay and baby daddy of Carrie Fisher’s daughter.

    Matt Bomer- yes he is openly gay.

  • Rob Moore

    If Bomer is gay, then I might have to reconsider my lack of belief in a god. In the pilot, he looked particularly good in his scenes with Diahann Carroll. He is beautiful.

  • jason

    Sometimes gay people can be our own worst enemy. Hall and any other person in the PR industry needs to understand that we in the gay community won’t tolerate secrecy or shame when it comes to Hollywood actors.

    We have the power of the internet to let the world know.

  • scott ny'er

    he’s very pretty.

  • Hal

    He is damn cute.

  • Daniel

    People watch USA Network? Now that would be news. :P

  • Stenar

    Since when has knowing a guy is gay stopped women from lusting after him!??

  • Sean Akers

    I am the person who asked Greg in Hollywood and Matt at BoyCulture to remove the pics. I don’t work for Simon Halls or Matt Bomer. I am a just a friend of his and care about what is happening to him.

    These pics are 9 years old. That relationship is long over. The fact is: Matt and Simon are in a relationship. Matt is openly gay. And they are raising kids.

    What you think is shame is NOT. It is about my friend’s privacy. There is no use in outing someone who is already out.

    I asked that the pictures come down because you don’t need to prove anything. I never considered asking Perez to remove his post… because he was decent enough to not use these old, personal pics to prove something that ISN’T A SECRET.

    The only thing that these pics do is hurt Matt personally. Go ahead and tell the readers that he is gay. He doesn’t care about that. He is open about that.

    Matt is a far better representative for the gay community than you could ever know. He lives honestly and openly and works very hard for his family and his career.

    I am asking that you take down the kissing pics. And apologize. Rewrite this article into the truth. Or contact me to get the facts right.

  • jason

    We in the gay community will NOT tolerate any more secrecy or shame being imposed upon us by Hollywood PR pus-heads and agents who are hell-bent on hiding the sexual orientation of the stars they represent. Let this be a clear message to all such personnel: we in the gay community will NOT tolerate the secrecy and the shame anymore.

    If the PR pus-heads and agents think they can do this, they’re hugely mistaken.

  • JoJo

    Hey, Sean Akers, if he is out then why won’t his reps respond to queries? Being out in your every day life isn’t the same thing as being out to the public

  • Jacqueline Walker

    To Sean Akers,

    I think what you’ve done is wonderful. Congrats to Matt and his family.

  • seanakers

    What each person does with their personal life is just that… it is personal. No one, Matt Bomer included, is required to report about their love life, their family, etc. And their reps want to provide them the respect that they deserve.

    Matt is a great guy. I respect him for being an example of a someone who is trying to live as normally as possible for a person in Hollywood.

  • Jacqueline

    Sean, as a person with many gay/lesbian/bisexual friends, I agree with you.

  • Lane

    I agree with his friend; the pictures should be taken down. Gay or straight no one wants to see intimate pictures of former flames plastered on the Internet.

  • NanMan

    Whether he plays for our team or not, I’ve been captivated by his presence on Chuck, Traveler, and Tru. If he does leave the dugout, he’ll have my vote for the All Star Team of any year, despite recent improvements in the strength and depth of the team. If he doesn’t, his fans will still be cheering for him.

    The pictures are cute; they remind us that we all have a past which is usually dragged out for the reel of embarrassment at wedding receptions(Prop 8 notwithstanding). At this point, only an episode of Tru Calling could make them “un-appear” on the Internet.

  • tzikeh

    It’s called “acting” for a reason. Women who lust after actors, and then are shocked/sad/outraged when they find out the actor is gay are just pathetic. What, they were going to somehow magically meet this guy, and he’d instantly fall in love with them, and they’d get down? Fantasies are just that, and it shouldn’t (doesn’t!) matter what the actor is or isn’t in his real life.

    Sheesh. Join the rest of us clear-thinking women in the 21st century. If Bomer does it for you, great. If finding out that he’s gay ruins it for you, you need to take a look at what the hell is the matter with you, since you’re conflating your fantasies with the real world.

    Me, I’ll be over here, fantasizing about Tim DeKay. What? He’s married? OH NO! WHATEVER SHALL I DO? MY LIFE IS RUINED!

  • panny

    I’m surprised Matt is openly gay, they just eliminated the only gay character from his new show.
    Why did they get rid of the beautiful lesbian FBI agent character on white collar? And replaced her with a lame hetero agent that will flirt with Neal Caffrey?
    That’s so stupid.

  • meh0907

    Look Jason #9,#15 if you expect anyone to be tolerant with you, as a gay person, how dare you be intolerant in ANY way? How dare you make it YOUR responsibility to out anyone and everyone in Hollywood? That is not your choice to make! There are too many small-minded people in this world sill and guess what? You just put yourself in that same small-minded category. YOU sir, and your ‘militant’ out all gays viewpoint are the ‘gays worst enemy’. You obviously have a problem fella.

  • aly

    who cares if he’s gay or not. Straight girls, like me, will still fantasize about him!

  • NoDoubleStandards

    Why is it taboo to talk about his kissy face with another star while other stars get their lives plastered all over the media? It is a double standard based on gay = bad. His life should be gossiped about just like everyone else.

    OTOH, he really is hot. I would marry him. Yes, I am shallow.

  • Javier

    Why are some of you assuming he is gay. He could be BISEXUAL or heteroflexible.

  • Papi

    Javier, you must be really dense. Matt is a homosexual. Did you not look at the pics and read his friend’s comment about him being in a committed relationship with another man? You are in serious denial. The man is not bisexual, his ass is GAY!

    I’m sure the folks over at USA are a little bit worried about this because they blew a whole lot of money to promote White Collar. They’re partially banking on Matt’s sexual appeal to women. For some dumb ass reason, the majority of straight women lose their attraction to a hot guy once they find out he’s gay. I don’t really get it but they act personally wounded like they were in a relationship with the guy.

  • Scot

    Openly gay? – Don’t know, don’t care. What he definitely is is openly gorgeous. I’ve thought that about him for quite some time now. Tru Calling, Chuck, even Texas Chainsaw Massacre(UGH!)were made that much better because he was in them.
    I do, however, wonder if he’s a bit quiet about his personal life out of respect for his father. His IMDB profile says his dad was a pro-football player with the Dallas Cowboys. THAT ol’boy network could make dad’s life miserable. (we all know how progressive pro ball players and texans are.)
    As for Matt, he could be my wide reciever any day! Good lord, did I say that out loud? :o)

  • Katie

    Papi, I wouldn’t really say the majority of women loose their attraction, since NPH still has a pretty big amount of straight female fans out there. The majority of people I’ve seen reacted well to the story, with the occasions fangirl troll, or bible thumper, but other then that, I doubt his show is in trouble.

  • jason


    There is no moral equivalence between my intolerance for secrecy and the intolerance for gay people of the small-minded. No moral equivalence at all.

    I’m simply saying “let’s be open and fair about who we are”. Also, “let’s not hide in the shadows as we have been for too long”. Also, “don’t let Hollywood’s PR scum push us back into the shadows in case we offend some people”.

  • jason

    If Matthew is in a homosexual relationship, that’s great. Is he gay or bisexual? Could be either. I have no problem with either category. Those who say he can’t be bisexual need to understand that, unless you delve into every single fantasy that crosses Matt’s mind, you cannot possibly rule it out.

    I know guys who have been in relationships with only men for the duration of their lives, yet they call themselves bisexual. It’s quite possible for a bisexually oriented man to have relationships with men only.

  • Joseph

    Sean, on the one hand I’m grateful that Matt has such a great friend who will stand up and defend him like this. We should all have such friends.

    However, on the other hand, what bothers me here is that you say Matt is not ashamed of being gay and that he leads his life proudly out within the industry. But to have his publicist turn around and issue a “no comment” regarding a justifiable question as to whether he is indeed openly gay sends an unfortunately negative message to the public, that being gay IS something that should be kept hidden and to be ashamed of.

    I think Matt is a wonderful actor and have immediately become a fan of White Collar, but this message he’s sending isn’t a good one–it reinforces to the homophobes that being gay is bad and sends a poor message to young people struggling with their sexuality. I think society, the gay community and the industry itself would respect him more–as it has Neil Patrick Harris–if he were to just tell the truth.

  • jason

    Doesn’t Matthew have kids? My understanding is that he’s also dated women. Either way, that would make him a bisexual in the whole of his orientation. If he’s having a relationship with a man now, that doesn’t change the fact of his bisexual orientation. He’s a bisexually oriented man who is currently in a homosexual relationship.

    Maybe we shouldn’t rush to use the gay stamp on Matt. We gays can be almost as bad as homophobes when it comes to using the word “gay” in a perjorative sense. We mean well – we just want the world to know that we are out and proud – but it comes across as presumptive and judgemental at times.

  • Daniel

    He’s a celebrity. It is a double-standard if people don’t pry into his personal life. Pick up any magazine like People magazine and all you see is details prying into celebrity lives. If Matt can’t stand the heat, he can step out of the kitchen. He doesn’t have to be an actor; it is purely voluntary and having his PR machine try to cover his ass to make him more bankable to the hetero majority is commendable for a PR firm but futile if he truly wants to be a celebrity. The other people in the world – especially truly out and proud gay, bi, and straight people – have no obligation to partipate in hiding or obscuring reality so he can make a buck and give his PR firm their cut. Let him retreat to another profession if he doesn’t want the glaring spotlight. There are plenty of other actors – gay, bi and straight – who will step in to fill the void.

  • Tylertime

    He’s gay! He cruised me years ago when he was on GUIDING LIGHT and living in NYC.

    If he is so out and proud then this shouldn’t be that embarassing for him. It’s not like Dustin Lance Black who has was photographed with a cock of his ass for the entire world to see.

  • Mike

    Sean is making me smile ear to ear with his asshatishness here.

    If Matt is so proud of his sexuality and the fact that he is a gay man, then tell me – after YEARS in the public eye and knowing full well in his “proudness” that one day he’d be asked about his private life, why does this out and proud gay man have his people saying “no comment”. A out and proud gay man would have had his people say – “Those are old photos from a prior relationship. Matthew is currently in a LTR with a man he cares about very much.”

    Matthew is not proud. Matthew is not openly out. Matthew is a coward.

  • Bullsh!t

    Sean, who is afraid to put his sexuality on his own MySpace page. It’s clear to the world why you are so comfortable with Matthew living in the closet.

  • Joseph

    Another thought. Think about him appearing in People magazine or on the Jimmy Kimmel show (he’s scheduled to appear this week) where he talks casually about the family he’s raising with his male partner. That would be such a powerful and important message to send to the world.

  • scott ny'er

    He probably is like NPH was. Out to everyone but not to the media. This is pretty big. If this series takes off, he’s set. So, I”m sure they don’t want to alienate anyone.

  • jeff r

    Dear Sean,
    Let Mr. Bomer follow Luke MacFarlane’s example: acknowledge that he’s gay of his his own terms and then refuse to discuss his private life because it should be private. Perhaps doing so will be an example for other closeted actors, singers and celebrities to stop leading publicly closeted lives and help overcome the perception plaguing our community that being gay is something to be ashamed of. He can be another example for all of the kids who are constantly being told that being gay is bad. I understand that homophobia in Hollywood may be rampant and might possibly hurt his career but press comes with the territory and it’s ridiculous in this day and age that being openly gay is still such a taboo in Hollywood. His private life is private. His reps’ response to Afterelton is pathetic! Perhaps he should chat with Cheyenne Jackson, Gavin Creel, Jonathan Groff, et al and of course Luke. After you asked the bloggers to take down the pics you should have suggested to your friend that his reps issue a succinct statement acknowledging that he’s gay but he doesn’t discuss his private life. End of story. Enough of the BS. Jeff R

  • Javier

    “. Matt is a homosexual. Did you not look at the pics and read his friend’s comment about him being in a committed relationship with another man? You are in serious denial.”

    Are you so dense as to realize that being in a committed relationship with another man does not preclude a dude from being bisexual? IN fact, I have several bisexual male references I have dated who can attest to this matter.

  • jeff r

    One final comment. “There is no use in outing someone who is already out?” Come on! To whom? All of his fans are aware that he’s gay?!? Right! In a perfect world outing would be reprehensible. Unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world and until we do all of the members of our community have a responsibility to contribute to the fight to make it a better place for everyone – including the kids that he is helping to raise. Once again I cite the example of Luke MacFarlane. I am not interested in who he’s dating, what type of guy he likes, etc., and if he doesn’t want to share that info because it’s an invasion of his privacy, fine. He’s a good actor, gorgeous, working on a good show, etc. Bravo! But in case you haven’t noticed, we’re still treated like second class citizens and a simple acknowledgement that he’s gay does go a long way to dispelling the impression that being gay is somehow bad. Jeff

  • JoJo

    “Doesn’t Matthew have kids?”

    Uh, HELLO, get your facts straight. Simon Halls has kids (through a surrogate). As a couple they are raising these kids together.

  • warren

    Being gay and having a life, its odd how this story is such big news.

  • jason

    Maybe Matthew just doesn’t want to make too much of a song and dance about it. Some gay guys are private individuals just as some straights are. They don’t hide who they are but they don’t go advertising it.

  • Chisne

    I think what hurts him the most is the effeminacy. Matthew’s face in the second photo screams “queeny”.

  • NoDoubleStandards

    As I said, if we treat him like every other star, and this would settle the issue. The problem, of course, is that by asking gossip mongers not to report this they are asking for special treatment. Why do we need to see photos of Pam Anderson or Paris Hilton doing it? Or to know which star is breaking up with whom? Isn’t that their personal lives too? Hell, they were chasing Princess Di when she died. The answer is obviously yes. So, to me this is not about him being gay or bi or out or in the closet. It is about treating him like everyone else in the “biz.”

    It is only when we treat him differently than other stars that we are saying gay = bad. We may all have our personal views about when people should come out, and blah, blah blah. But he’s an actor. Having your personal life exposed comes with the territory. It is unfair generally, but I see no reason to carve out a gay exception.

    Personally, I don’t think this will harm his career. He is very good on the show. I thought watching him (and this again is me being shallow) “wow, he’s hot, and I hope he’s gay,” but I can’t say I knew he was gay. I also think the morays are changing. NPH and TR Knight amongst others have started to pave the way. Certainly, if you look at an Adam Lambert who is not just gay but GAY with his female following that says to me that it is not as much a career killer. This dude is young enough where he will probably be on the vanguard of gays who integrate into mass media.

    Ultimately, it is not about that when you watch a show. I don’t watch a movie with a straight actor playing gay with thoughts like ‘Oh Yeah, he must be gay.” I admit I wish they were because some of them are hot. I don’t think many women stop watching shows because someone in real life is gay. I think that’s what we are told, but frankly it has never been tested. I will bet if it is tested it will be proven false with the right actor. He’s cute enough and has enough talent and time to prove it.

  • Bullsh!t

    “Private individual”

    Dating one of the most powerful gay men in Hollywood and raising his kids. “Private individual”

  • Gold Digger

    Wow, Matthew is dating this?


    Maybe Matthew’s just afraid he’ll be seen as a gold digger? How did he get the part in White Collar?

  • Ken

    “My understanding is that he’s also dated women. Either way, that would make him a bisexual in the whole of his orientation.”

    Some closeted gays date women and that does NOT make them bisexual. Ask Neil Patrick Harris if you don’t believe me.

  • Papi

    I agree with Ken. I’m not denying the legitimacy of bisexuality, but Matt’s story is too reminiscent of NPH. We in the theater world in New York City knew NPH was heavily closeted to the public. Those women Matt dated in his past were his beards. I highly doubt he’ll be sexually and romantically involved with another woman again.

    I still think the USA Network is a bit worried because Matt’s PR team is turning this into an ugly secret, which comes across as negative. They may be doing him more harm than good.

  • Quinn

    Maybe I’m the only one here, but… I don’t think the guy in those incriminating photos looks ANYTHING like Bomer. Am I missing something?

  • Eric

    Jeff R…

    I just wanted to let you know that you’re an absolute nutcase. May your own pictures one day be plastered on the net so you can enjoy the pleasure of random people mocking for you no apparent reason aside from their own insecurities.

    And you guys wonder why gay actors choose to remain closeted? After they’re mistreated by their own ‘supposed’ community on account of just being who they are? Who the hell would want to deal with all this, while having to navigate their careers through an already anti-gay biased Hollywood.

    Honestly if straight guys were treating Matt the way you guys have treated him we’d call it homophobia. But of course… I guess it’s ok, considering it’s only a bunch of bitter gay dudes bashing one of their ‘own’, and making a mockery of his life.

    I support what SeanAkers is doing and agree 100% with his post. He’s an example of a true friend.

  • NoDoubleStandards


    The crazy part is to think someone should receive special treatment from gossip columnists for liking dick rather than pussy. If this was about him dating some random woman, I doubt you would be arguing “this is private.” I also agree with Papi that he should just own it and move on. The more he makes it a big deal the bigger it will become. The easy route these days is to say “yes, but my private life of whom I am dating is private.” The only “controversial’ part is the threats and pushing people around to keep an open secret a secret. It is a waste of time. And it ends up making him the gay dude rather than the actor who happens to be gay but like NPH- no one cares because they like his character on the show.

  • jeffrey reichenbacher

    Dear Eric,

    What is your basis for defining me as “an absolute nutcase.” Have we met? Do you know me? I live my life as a proudly out gay man. If pictures of me are posted online, whether or not I consent to the same, I assume full responsability for their content – it’s my life and I’m living it as an out and proud gay man. As such, I try to follow the old adage “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.” I was not defending the initial posting of the pics nor Perez Hilton’s posting. I was not suggesting that Mr. Bomer and other closeted actors should have their privacy invaded and be outed. I personally think that it would help diffuse the impression held by certain segments of the public and media that being gay is somehow a bad thing but they do have a right to decide the issue on their own. I was merely commenting on the reality of the current situation. A picture of him kissing a guy had been posted on the internet. If you had the intelligence to discern the point of my message, you would realize that I was suggesting that Mr. Bomer follow the example of Luke Macfarlane and acknowledge that he’s gay and then refuse to further discuss his private life because it’s private. Period. The pictures were already posted. It’s already out there. Why did his reps refuse an interview request with “Afterelton?” If, to paraphrase the words of his good friend Sean Akers, everyone already knows that he’s out, what’s the big deal? Is being in a gay something that one whould be ashamed of? Something to hide? If Mr. Akers is such a good friend, why did he provide additional information on Mr. Bomer’s private life? It is Mr. Bomer’s private life, after all. Why didn’t Mr. Bomer contact the sites directly to request that they delete the pictures? Why use a surrogate? If Mr. Bomer didn’t directly ask his friend to request the deletion of the pics, the question of whether or not his friend overstepped the bounds of propriety rears its ugly head.
    You can disagree with my point of view and opinions and I respect your right to do so. Labelling someone an “absolute nutcase” and calling other people “bitter queens” is immature at best.



  • Matthew Rettenmund

    I took the images down because it seemed from what I was reading Matt Bomer was gay and was personally (via a friend) asking for some embarrassing pictures to come down. My blog is my own, edited by me, done on my whim, so I don’t feel compelled to have everything on it and a person was saying, “Hey, this is embarrassing.” No skin off my nose; it’s not like Sarah Palin was mad I was making her look bad, to which I’d have said, “Yay, I’ll make you look even worse.”

    I am bothered by Bomer’s publicist saying no comment. Publicists DO comment on their clients’ personal lives all the time, and do set up very personality-oriented items constantly. Dating is one area they’re careful to orchestrate properly, and of course sexuality. If Bomer intends to clear the air at some point and just matter-of-factly acknowledge he’s gay (but, for example, refuse to talk about his partner, kids, whatever), that would be great. If he’s intending to be kinda-sorta out but never acknowledge it, that doesn’t really count.

    To Eric, above: I don’t understand what you mean when you claim what people are “doing to” Matt is like homophobia…? People are simply posting pictures and saying, “Guess he’s gay.” If that strikes you as harsh and wicked…why?

    My belief on outing is that it’s not outing, it’s reporting the truth. There should be no special kid-gloves handling of the topic of sexuality. Straight stars’ sex lives are written about in minute detail. If you think that’s wrong, fine, but spend as much time crying about the horrible invasions visited upon straight stars as you do about gay stars.

    As for Mr. Akers, he strikes me as a good friend concerned about his friend. But as I posted in an update on my own blog, he’s got to realize that if it’s strictly an embarrassment issue (as he says), EVERYONE (especially stars) has to deal with embarrassing facts and photos out there, and it’s a losing battle asking every source in the world to only publish things that are flattering.

    Finally, I don’t see anything wrong with Queerty leaving the photos up if they want to. There might be a copyright issue, but I don’t see how—Bomer didn’t shoot them himself so they belong to whomever did. If they were posted on a social networking site or otherwise distributed in any way other than somebody stealing and copying them, they’re fair game.

  • PRGuyLA

    It’s strange to me that many of you are equating privacy with shame. Perhaps, like a million people out there, he feels like who he has a relationship with is no one’s damn business. (And he’d be correct.) Just because someone is an actor doesn’t mean he/she owes the general public a damn thing about their private life. If you are gay and wish to scream that fact out throughout the world, go for it. However, that doesn’t mean everyone else has to. He’s not out there on the red carpet with a “beard” like many gay/lesbian people do. He’s simply living his life privately, while doing his job (acting). If that upsets you, don’t watch his show. It’s rather ridiculous and adolescent this sense of entitlement by the general public to demand knowledge about a celebrity’s personal life. They owe you NOTHING but a darn good performance — which MB has always done to the best of his ability. So, I say, back the hell off and get a life of your own. Appreciate the work, and keep your nose out of someone else’s life.

  • NoDoubleStandards


    Great statement. Thanks.

  • Ruddigore

    While Sean Ackers heart may have been in the right place, his head was not. By continually asking blogs to take down the kissing photos they become far more important than they need to be. Now people are going to be seeking out the photos to see what is so incriminating. If he’d left well enough alone, everyone would be focusing on the photo of Matt with his shirt off.

  • Erin

    omg everyone’s so judgmental. i don’t subscibe to the POV that being a celebrity means you are denied the right to a private life. Harrison Ford defended his privacy for decades and nobody jumped down his throat over it. if people would do their research they’d find that he’s seemingly out in his private life, raising kids with his significant other. doesn’t get more out than that.

    i don’t see why he’s obligated to give a press conference about it, since as most of you yourselves say, he isn’t that big of a name yet. it would be presumptuous of him to advertise his sexuality at this point in his career. just… get a life everybody.

  • NoDoubleStandards

    Either this site has a lot of sock puppets or their is a high level of stupidity concentrated here. People know who Harrison Ford dates including how he divorced his ex-wife as I remember to shack up with Carlista Flockhart. If you are going to make an argument sock puppet, at least make one that does not make it so obvious.

  • Joseph

    “Some gay guys are private individuals just as some straights are. They don’t hide who they are but they don’t go advertising it.”

    This is one of the most absurd things I’ve ever read. Straight people DON’T have to hide who they are, and, in fact, go around advertising the fact all the time. Gay people shouldn’t, either. There’s nothing wrong or shameful about it.

    This is why the publicist’s “no comment” pisses me off. It’s a half-measure that says he’s gay but we’re not going to talk about it, with the underlying message that it’s wrong to talk about a person being gay.

    This ISN’T about sexuality, it’s about the very nature of a person’s being, like eye-color or left-handedness. Two people in love and raising a family together, this is something that should be hidden and treated as shameful?

  • Marcus

    Wow, I’m aghast at some of the comments on this page.

    Some of you are insane.

  • jimmy

    Matthew may be learning from Rupert Everett’s experience. Rupert has so much as admitted that his career has suffered (typecasting) due to his decision to be publicly open. Any actor has the right to control his or her public image, regardless of their sexuality. To foist an agenda on an actor trying to make it in the business is unreasonable.

    At any rate, I’m glad he is on our team.

  • CW

    He is an actor – NOT REAL LIFE.

    I don’t need him to be outed for his acting role.
    I am sure many a female actor has had to pretend to love an ugly star, and many a male actor has to love a pissy female lead. And gay/straight has had to do the reverse thing. SO what.

    So – gay – straight – who cares – it is called ACTING. ENTERTAINMENT. Fantasy, not reality.

    What is the obsession to ruin anything entertaining by rubbing our noses in reality.

    If I want reality I can look out my window, look to my coworkers, go to the grocery store, or watch the news (except for fox news, of course).

  • Joseph

    Rupert’s career wasn’t hurt because he was out, but because he’s a bitter, unpleasant person who burned bridges and made some extremely poor script choices (Inspector Gadget, The Next Best Thing, Unconditional Love, etc.).

    And, CW, how exactly is knowing that an actor is gay “ruining” your entertainment? Does knowing Neil Patrick Harris is gay ruin your enjoyment of How I Met Your Mother? Does knowing Scott Evans is gay ruin your enjoyment of One Life to Live? Does knowing Ian McKellan is gay ruin your enjoyment of X-Men?

    It doesn’t. Look, straight celebrities rub their heterosexuality in our faces all the time. And I’m not just talking about Brad and Angelina or Jennifer and John. When Meryl Streep goes to a premiere with her sculpter husband or her children, she’s outing herself to the world as a heterosexual. And she has the freedom and right to do so. Matt has the freedom and right to do so, as well, and to insist otherwise is silly.

  • Lady Ga-Gasp

    Anyone who thinks that Hollywood is still not deeply leery, in a business-based anxiety about bankability, of gay leading men — is smoking crack. And anyone who thinks it is up to anyone, except the struggling actors themselves, to decide when the right time is to ‘take one for the team’ by taking a bullet, is smoking someone else’s crack. Go get your own.

  • JoJo

    Lady Ga-Gasp, you are the one who is smoking crack. Bloggers have every right to write about who is gay. It’s called freedom of the press. If you don’t want people to talk about your personal life, don’t go into showbiz. Don’t take leading roles on tv shows. Being in the spotlight is a privilege, not a right.

  • JoJo

    “May your own pictures one day be plastered on the net so you can enjoy the pleasure of random people mocking for you no apparent reason aside from their own insecurities.”

    Most people are smart enough to not take “compromising” photos. Some people actually are discreet, believe it or not.

    “I don’t need him to be outed for his acting role.”

    He’s already been outed. Whoever leaked those photos outed him. People are just hoping he’ll be honest about it.

  • Jacqueline

    I have a question. Why does he have to say anything? I am straight but I don’t tell people. I am Black and that’s one thing I can’t hide if I tried. If we all know-he’s either gay or bisexual, not trying to argue-why does he have to say anything?

    The pictures were posted by someone who seemed hell bent on either outing him and possibly embarrassing him. I heard he was bisexual four years ago, then I read that he was gay. I am surprised by all of the arguing on this thread. Now, I don’t think his career will suffer but I do think that people collectively are way too concerned about the personal lives of celebrities.

    I think everyone, including a celebrity, is entitled to privacy. Many actors, gay and straight, keep their lives private. Ellen DeGeneres wasn’t hounded like this before she came out. I don’t even think NPH was hounded like this.

    I would really like to know why his sexual orientation is so much of an issue? Has anyone ever thought that he is respecting his family and by family, I mean his mother and father? We don’t know his personal situation, his family structure or how that affects him.

    Until he says something, I think we need to chill out. If he never does, it is his right. And if he says NO COMMENT for the rest of his life, that’s his business. In the end, his sexuality doesn’t affect any of us.

  • Maria

    I think we have some people from IMDB are coming to this site making comments. I recognize one in particular.

    Commenter No. 71-This woman started a thread wanting to know if Bomer was gay over at IMDB and people responded by telling her it’s none of her business, she defending her curiosity. Now she’s making comments that it’s nobody business if he’s gay. Talk about hypocrite. Jacqueline, you have serious issues. Your obsession with Bomer is scary.

  • Tylertime

    Jacquline, with all due respect please shut up. If you are a black woman i’m surprised that you don’t understant the importance of having role models representing your minority group. what if barack obama was a bit lighter and refused to admit that he was black. wouldn’t that tick you off making you think that he is ashamed of who he is? how does his shame then get passed on to young black people? by bomer not talking about it and keeping quiet he is bascially saying there is something wrong with being gay. maybe if there were more public role models out there for gay youth 1/3 of teen suicides wouldn’t be LGBT kids.

  • Scoop

    Saying a celebrity is gay if you know in fact that they are gay isn’t outing, it’s reportage. They’re public figures, and it’s not libel. Their straight counterparts are the subjects of such reportage all the time.

  • Parker

    It always boggles me that public figures sell themselves for fame and fortune and when they achieve a measure of it, suddenly develop an expectation of privacy. You want privacy? Go back to pumping gas.

    You have not “lost” your right to privacy, you sold it.

    Anyone who thinks that you can be a star and totally private in the entertainment world, especially when you’re on your way up, is seriously smoking crack. It’s funny how Bomer had no problems showing off his female dates in the past.

  • Chris

    I’m quite shocked at the amount of controversy and hateful responses a story like this creates. Just imagine if your are in Matt Bomer’s shoes right now, how would you feel and what would you do? We are all so caught up in our individual perceptions, theories, and personal fantasies, I don’t think anyone has thought about what Matt is going through in his life. With regard to my life, I’m a closeted teenager that lives in a suburban, conservative environment and I’m always scared someone is going to find out about the true me or reveal my “secret”. But I know, someday, maybe in the near future or years from now, I’ll eventually be able to overcome society’s bigotry and hate and come out. i know this isn’t the same scenario for Matt, but consider the similarities. He is out to his friends but uncomfortable announcing to the world his sexual orientation. He doesn’t know what the public will think of him and is uncertain if his fans will accept him. But in due time, there will be something in his life that will spark a decision to come out (hopefully something that will happen in my life as well). And we all just have to wait for that moment he decides to announce it and it may never come. For now, it’s all just speculation and I’m just throwing my theory out there too.

    Matt is already a role model for me, he doesn’t need to announce to the world his sexual preference to become one. Nothing has changed my perception of him. I supported Matt in Traveler and Chuck is currently my favorite show, although Matt was killed off on the season finale. And now with his lead role on While Collar, we all know Matt is just an extremely talented actor. Why can’t we all just leave it at that? Some of the comments on this board, IMDB, and recent Youtube videos of him are just mindless and I feel disheartened that this is what society really thinks. There’s more to life than just being perceived as gay or straight. I’ve personally experienced that you just need to be yourself and coming out isn’t the most important thing in life.

    Of course, Matt would never personally read these comments. But if one of his friends happen to come across this (maybe Sean Akers), please tell Matt that there is a fan out there that looks up to him and supports him whatever he does. Just listen to your heart, Matt, that’s all you can do.

  • Gaby

    I say good for him if he’s gay! It’s his own damn business and no one else’s and he is not required to announce it to the entire world. At least he’s not bearding and denying his true self like most closted actors in Hollywood.

    Btw, can someone tell me where I can find the bigger version of that shirtless pic of Matthew? *drool*

  • AlwaysGay

    I fully support Matt. Now I’m going to watch his show. I’ve seen the commercials for awhile now and thought he was very handsome however I don’t watch sitcoms, they don’t interest me. I’ll make an exception for Matt.

  • Kat

    I don’t think there are any double standards going on here. I think it is perfectly natural for him not to want to advertise his homosexuality. After all, it is not a problem for straight people to advertise their orientation. Usually, they don’t get prejudice or bias directed against them. However, homosexuals still face today intolerance and prejudice.

    There is no double standard for Bomer wanting his life to be private. If he doesn’t want to scream it out to the whole world, just get OVER it.

    Sure, bloggers are going over his personal life. It’s not as if they don’t do this for every other celebrity. But he doesn’t deserve this criticism and conflict. It’s difficult being a homosexual in this world. I mean, there are people like NPH, but as someone pointed out, a large percentage of teen suicides are a result of GLBT bullying. There’s no need for hateful comments. So. He likes guys. So what? Let’s move on, and solve society’s REAL problems.

    And for all the straight girls out there, it’s not as if he’d date you anyway, gay or not. Just get over it, and salivate over his good looks on TV.

  • JoJo

    Alwaysgay, the show isn’t really a sitcom, it’s more of a crime show with some funny moments. I think you would like it.

    I” would really like to know why his sexual orientation is so much of an issue? Has anyone ever thought that he is respecting his family and by family, I mean his mother and father?”

    Well, by all accounts, he is out to family and friends, though not necessarily out to the public. I’m sure mom and dad already know he is gay. And why do you associate hiding one’s sexual orientation with respect, anyway?

    “I am straight but I don’t tell people”

    That’s because you don’t need to. Straight people assume everyone else is straight, Einstein.

  • Kat

    I absolutely agree with JoJo.

  • Lex

    I’m really disgusted by the thought that gay actors HAVE to come out to appease other gay men who “won’t stand for closeted actors”. What kind of bullshit is that?

    It’s their business, not yours. We’re supposed to be fighting for our rights. That includes the right to privacy.

    If he doesn’t want to shout out to the entire fucking world that he likes dick then that’s his business.

    Not everyone wants to skip up and down the street in a rainbow parade shouting “I’M GAY” at anyone who will listen. Does that mean we’re ashamed? No. Does it mean we’re afraid? No. It means we don’t let our sexuality rule our lives.

    It’s really sad that some people have boiled their entire being down into being gay and nothing more.

  • Landon Bryce

    Matthew Bomer owes his lifestyle to people who had more to risk than he did being brave and coming out. He is not being outed– he has taken advantage of the sacrifices made by others and enjoyed life as an openly gay man. Now he wants to “in” himself. That leaves him open to legitimate criticism: now that he can contribute something rather than just taking from the cause of gay liberation, he gets coy.

    Some of us will sympathize with a kid who wrongly feels he’s on the brink of stardom; some of us will despise a coward who wants the fun of a rich boyfriend but not the responsibility of being part of the gay community.

  • Blake

    The only people who should be forced out of the closet are the republicans, religious figures, etc. who oppose equal rights, while sleeping with rent boys, etc. in their private time.

    If we lived in a perfect world then I am sure Matthew Bomer and all the other publically closeted actors, sportsman, musicians, etc. would come out. But obviously we don’t.

    It would be cool to have more gay role models, but we can’t expect them to risk their futures.

    It is down to the “average” people to change the minds of bigots with the occasional help of celebrities like Neil Patrick Harris, Gavin Creel, etc.

    Just think of it like this. His representatives saying “no comment” is so the deluded homophobic fans will believe he is straight and he’ll continue his success, while the rest of us will know the truth.

  • Lex

    @ 83: We already freaking know he’s gay. The proof is above.

    Why does anyone need to admit it on his behalf? Why should he have to say it at all?

    Celebrities are not role models. If you look to an actor to be your role model you’re nothing more than a fool.

    Teachers should be role models, politicians who are actually helping should be role models, humanitarians, peace makers, activists, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.

    Grow up and find someone meaningful to make a role model. Don’t use “role model” as an excuse to hide behind what you’re really after: Someone pretty to jack off to. News flash you can tug on your dick regardless of his sexuality so have at it.

  • NoDoubleStandards

    What bothers me here is that all the sock puppets have these well constructed knee jerk postings that clearly have nothing to do with the specifics of the situation.

    If you are going to create sock puppets at least make them more believable by not being so focused on creating black-n-white “how can I create a controversy” statements that makes no sense to anyone who is not a completely insane person.

  • quangtran

    I don’t for a second think Bomers he owes any community anything. No-one is completely defined by their sexuality, so he can choose to contribute to whatever community he sees fit. Everyone, gay-straight-actor-or-not has the right to privacy, so if wants to keep to personal life personal then good for him. I don’t expect every like I like to be role models (and I’m even a huge fan of the guy). Sure, as an actor he’s personal life is now an open book, but it deosn’t mean he has to read it out loud.

  • NoDoubleStandards

    I am convinced at this point that some of you are mentally handicapped.

  • alan brickman

    I’ll watch this show because it looks really good…and that’s all that matters..right??..

  • Sam

    @Queerty: We want to celebrate famous gay folks (who aren’t assholes)!

    Then why do you cover TR Knight? He’s possibly the biggest dick in television (and not in the good way).

  • NoDoubleStandards

    Time to stop visiting this site.

  • Rob

    All this drama over who’s gay and who’s not is just freakin stupid and a tad bit old at this point.

    Isn’t the point of being an “actor” inclusive of the ability to play a variety of roles, both gay and straight? If we accept those “straight” actors who play gay on TV and major Hollywood movies why can’t we think the reverse and accept an out gay (and very cute) actor like Matt Bomer playing a straight character on a sure-fire TV hit? (Thanks USA).

    I don’t agree that most went think that good-looking guys on TV are gay; not anymore. The whole metrosexual thing has certainly blurred the lines between heterosexuality and homosexuality. Just think of how far we’ve come so that the image of a guy kissing a guy or a girl kissing a girl doesn’t invoke that “Ewe” response as much as it used to.

    Hollywood is finally growing up!

  • ricky

    the bf really likes this new show. it seems usa has another winner.

  • Ken A.

    The question of his sexuality is not in question nor does it matter to me. I too am gay, however what does this have to do with his new gig. Since there are kids involved, I think these pics–obviously they were taken at a private party and who ever leaked them out is not a very good friend–should be taken down, and stop worrying over whether he is out or not, gay actors/actresses do not owe anyone anything.
    You hurt the parent you hurt the kids, if as Mr. Ackers says Mr. Bomer is hurt by this then why continue to hurt him, take the pics down. Think of his kids, his family.
    He hasn’t asked these pics to be taken down himself probably just means he doesn’t want to make an issue of the matter and believes it will die down.

    I suggest people just leave him alone and just enjoy his new show and not worry whether he’s gay or str8, kissed guys or girls.

    I discovered the show by accident, I was looking to watch Psyche and this show was in its place. Its decent enough, I’ll have to wait and see if I get that, I can’t wait til next weeks episode, excitment or not.

  • Nizara

    why don’t we discuss a more important issue?

    do you think Matt Bomer would have been a better Clark Kent/Superman than Brandon Routh?

    Bomer was in the final running for Bryan ‘ I luv twinks ‘ Singer’s
    reboot of the Superman WB franchise.

    The role went to Chris Reeve look-alike Brandon Routh (rhymes with mouth).

  • Eddie Beale

    Matthew is and always has been an openly gay actor.
    He is not trying to “in himself,” not trying to hide, not trying to do anything other than live his life and ply his trade.
    Do we really need another publicity seeking actor announcing “I’m Gay” on the cover of People? Everyone from young girls to Grandpas browse this newfangled “wordlwide web.” They already know he’s gay.
    The picture is old (though certainly not embarassing) and not indicative of Matt’s current life. That was the issue. Not his being gay. I’m not saying leave him alone. He’s an actor and knew the price of celebrity if he was lucky enough to achieve it. I’m saying don’t pick a fight when there’s nothing to pick. Matthew is one of the good, brave ones.

  • Lucky Luke

    I think he woul be better. Brancodn is beautiful but looks like a ken doll.

  • Kevin

    The dude in the photo is Matt’s ex boyfriend Mike White and If I’m correct their friend at the time Ed Kuester took the pic.

  • John

    Why are some people acting like these pics are akin to Dustin’s Lance Black’s pics? How exactly are they embarassing?

    He doesn’t look hideously drunk or drugged. There is nothing “porny” about the shots – no nudity, no erections etc.

  • Alan

    Those are pretty tame pictures. Nothing to be embarrassed about if you ask me.

    He’s a really hot actor, especially in the clothes he wears on the show. It’s a neat show, by the way.

  • JoJo

    “Do we really need another publicity seeking actor announcing “I’m Gay” on the cover of People?”

    Why do self-loathers think it’s wrong to announce that you’re gay? Do you have a problem with Jessica Simpson appearing on the cover of People to talk about her relationship with Tomy Romo? You sound like those homophobes who think out gays are “flaunting it” but have no problem with straight men and women who broadcast their relationships

  • JoJo

    “Not everyone wants to skip up and down the street in a rainbow parade shouting “I’M GAY” at anyone who will listen. Does that mean we’re ashamed? No. Does it mean we’re afraid? No. It means we don’t let our sexuality rule our lives.”

    I’m guessing that you are A)mentally challenged and B)straight. Gay people know that most gays don’t “skip up and down the street in a rainbow parade.” You sound like a clueless and homophobic straight MORON. Why don’t you bitch about straight guys who brag about about all the women they’ve nailed instead of attacking out gay people for being honest about who they are?

  • JoJo

    “No-one is completely defined by their sexuality”

    Um, tell that to the straight guys who spend every waking hour talking about pussy.

  • quangtran

    “Um, tell that to the straight guys who spend every waking hour talking about pussy.”

    I highly doubt some douchey straight guys like that define straight people in general, nor is it an excuse for guys to act the same.

  • Tylertime

    To the college kid living in the midwest who isn’t out I understand where you are coming from and hope that one day you will be able to live openly and happily.

    As for Bomer he is a 32 year old man living in LA and having lived in NYC working in the entertainment industry. I am 40 and have been working in entertainment for 18 years and have been out all that time. i earn a good living and don’t have too many complaints. if bomer is “out” then he can’t be selectively out.

  • Craig Ranapia

    “I’m guessing that you are A)mentally challenged and B)straight.”

    JoJo: I’m guessing you a) don’t have much interaction with other human beings and b) really need to discover the joys of caffeine-free, low-sugar beverages.

    And where I work, any straight guys who “spend every waking hour talking about pussy” would have to give it a rest long enough to sign up for welfare. My out dyke boss really has zero tolerance for trash mouth in front of clients.

  • JoJo

    Memo to “Craig Ranapia” – I have plenty of interaction with other human beings. You’re the one who doesn’t. Straight guys never stop talking about pussy but they don’t get accused of “flaunting their sexuality” like gay guys who merely say “I’m gay.” Lance Bass doesn’t brag about the guys he’s fucked but the self-hating, closet-justifying assholes who post here rag on him anyway. Compare him to guys like Charlie Sheen who never stop bragging about the women they’ve nailed.

  • Joseph

    “Why are some people acting like these pics are akin to Dustin’s Lance Black’s pics? How exactly are they embarassing?”

    Aha, this is precisely the point. These pics AREN’T embarrassing; even though they are pics of Bomer and an ex 9 years ago, there’s nothing remotely embarassing or shameful about them–it’s two guys kissing.

    But Bomer’s publicist seems to think they are shameful and embarrasing, otherwise, instead of saying “no comment,” why didn’t the publicist just say that these are old pics of Bomer, that he is gay and in a new relationship. And just leave it at that. As it is now, we get the impression that Bomer’s life–the very core of his being, that he loves another man–is not correct or worthy of comment. That, to me, is sad.

  • Don Normann

    I think that anyone that posted anything about this story needs to read this entire thread. And then stop scratching their heads and asking why, whenever GLAAD publishes the latest stats on the low numbers of gay-themed shows and characters that now exist on mainstream television shows. If I were a producer with an eye towards creating a show that would be guaranteed to make money and garner big ratings, WHY on Earth would I want to court THIS kind of controversy???

  • LOL!

    “We report on the romances and break-ups of TR Knight and Adam Lambert and Rosie O’Donnell.”

    My, don’t we have lofty thoughts of ourselves? You’re gossip-mongers in an increasingly gossip-obsessed world, plain and simple. Don’t pretend to be anything remotely journalistic; it’s risible. We don’t have a “right” to these people’s private lives simply because we CHOOSE to be entertained by their performances and feel an ever-increasing and obsessive need to know every iota of their lives off camera. They have the same need for privacy as any other human being. If you were as interesting in your own work, the stalkarazzi might be following your every bowel movement. I would suspect your attitude about that which the public is entitled would quickly change. Furthermore, he has no obligation to be an out-and-proud-in-the-public-eye figurehead either. Would we hope he would use his high-profile to shine a positive light on gay men and women? Certainly. But if he doesn’t, one could hardly fault him. What was his last regular acting gig? Tru Calling? That was a number of years ago and despite what you may think, open actors don’t fare well in Hollywood. T. R. Knight and Neil Patrick Harris (while both “open secrets”) effectively did not come out to the American public until they were firmly ensconced in their current roles. Let’s see how well they do once their respective shows have wrapped. So, you can see why someone like this actor would be concerned about keeping his secrets – however “open” – on the down low until such time as he has earned a certain degree of tenure.

  • Landon Bryce

    LOL is very funny indeed. Actually, the public do have a right to know about public figures– that’s why they do not legally have the same right to privacy that most of us have. I did not CHOOSE to know this guy– he decided to thrust his face all over my TV and computer.

    You do make a good point about open actors doing poorly. But you need to remember that most of the people who hear this particular news at all will be gay men. I’m more likely to watch the show now, and I bet most of the rest of us, are too. We can even write USA and tell them how great it is that they cast an openly gay actor in the show. Some of us could even afford to throw some ad money toward the show.

  • Joshua

    Is it really any of our business.

  • Me

    Landon, he didn’t “thrust” himself upon us. While I know of the show’s existence, I have yet to watch a single episode. Why? Because I’ve chosen not too. It simply didn’t interest me – the same goes for his personal life.

  • Ken A.

    Saw him doing interviews for the show. He really is kind of humble, sweet even. Uses the word “blessed” alot. The show is filmed in NYC, and he seemed excited to be there. In one interview he was wearing glasses.

    To me, the fact he’s not making an issue over the kissing pic, tells me a}thats his way of publically coming out without drama
    b} using it to his advantage hoping it directs people to the show
    or c) he just doesnt care one way or another and hopes people just move on with their lives.

  • arha

    wow. i had no idea he was even gay!! but really who cares. gay or straight he’s one hot guy. and why are all of the hot guys out there either gay or taken!!!!

  • JoJo

    “Is it really any of our business.”

    Funny, I doubt you’d be saying that if there were pics of Britney Spears kissing a guy. The self-haters here think heterosexuality is something that should be shared with the public, but homosexuality should be treated like a dirty secret

  • Todd

    He has his PR team saying “no comment” because IT’S NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS.

    As Sean said, Matt is not trying to hide anything. He’s living his life for all the world to see. That doesn’t mean that he has to do a “YES, I”M GAY” cover. I’ll never understand why the gay community feels the need for him to make some sort of statement about it.

    Get the fuck over yourselves, you pretentious assholes.

    And Sean, please tell Matt that we support & respect him.

  • Ken A.

    Is this still going on?
    He doesn’t live for us, he lives for himself, his family, his kids and his partner. Just as we all live for ours. We must respect his rights and our rights to live, play and be free to be.

    On a side note, Same Sex Marriage is coming up in NY please show your support for those gay couples who want to get hitched. Be cool.

  • Aradia

    As a straight woman, I could care less if Matt Bomer is gay! He’s hot and hell I’d love to have a chance with him. I always said the hot and respectable guys are either gay or taken. How about we just focus on his acting not his sex life. His acting on White Collar is amazing, and I will continue to tune in every friday!

  • Ami Shemesh

    What a great attitude Aradia has. Congratulations on your progressiveness. I saw just the thing for you at http://bit.ly/1uAaOg at-shirt saying “every girl needs a gay” Tell your friends and spread the word. I think you’re hot.

  • Demelza

    While kissing another man does not necessarily make a man gay (Ville Valo from the Finnish goth band H.I.M. is regularly seen kissing other men yet he is straight), I am not surprised about Matt Bomer. He is just too delicious to be straight. Unfortunately, all the really gorgeous men are always gay. Straight guys just can’t measure up in the looks department. This is disappointing to those of us who are straight women but what can you do? I enjoy the show anyway and Matt is the tastiest piece of eye candy to come to TV since Kyle Schmid (in the lamentably canceled Blood Ties series). Go Matt!

  • Jacob

    All im going to say is that the pictures speak for themselves.

    If he went about denying that he’s gay and denying that that is not him in the pictures, then i would understand why the gay community would be angry but he hasnt denied anything.

    Reality is that most actors like to act and keep their private lives separate. In order to be successful sometimes one needs to keep their private life separate from their work life. Unless youre Paris Hilton who craves attention left, right and centre lol!

    If Matt wants to be a role model for kids like myself— im only 21 myself, then that is his choice. I only discovered Matt Bomer last week because a friend from the US said that i have eyes like his hence the nickname “headlights” or “cat eyes!” Dead annoying to be honest but oh well lol! Ive been watching “White Collar” online today because its not out in the UK yet. Really cool show! :P

    We have no right to out people who are not comfortable with coming out especially to the public. I sure would hate it if someone outed me when i wasnt ready. Im currently in law school and in my final year but i also want to go to drama school. Im currently doing a paper about gay rights and same-sex marriage in the US because i decided to learn about American Legal Studies and planning on doing the New York bar in my home city London because i want to live in the US one day. I was living in Manhattan, New York for an entire year last year and loved it. Cant wait to go back :o)(Ok went a bit off topic there hahaha) Anyway, point is that acting is one of my passions and i certainly would keep my private life separate from my work life. Those who say that this gives off a negative thing, are so wrong because he hasnt denied he’s gay.

    Like i said—the picture speak for themselves and its not rocket science! Chicks who cant accept he’s gay are in denial lol!

    Jacob :o)
    Sorry i do go on a bit of a tangent sometimes lol! :P

  • Jacob

    All im going to say is that the pictures speak for themselves.

    If he went about denying that he’s gay and denying that that is not him in the pictures, then i would understand why the gay community would be angry but he hasnt denied anything.

    Reality is that most actors like to act and keep their private lives separate. In order to be successful sometimes one needs to keep their private life separate from their work life. Unless youre Paris Hilton who craves attention left, right and centre lol!

    If Matt wants to be a role model for kids like myself— im only 21 myself, then that is his choice. I only discovered Matt Bomer last week because a friend from the US said that i have eyes like his hence my nickname “headlights” or “cat eyes!” Dead annoying to be honest but oh well! Ive been watching “White Collar” online today because its not out in the UK yet. Really cool show! :P

    We have no right to out people who are not comfortable with coming out especially to the public. I sure would hate it if someone outed me when i wasnt ready. Im currently in law school and in my final year but i also want to go to drama school. Im currently doing a paper about gay rights and same-sex marriage in the US because i decided to learn about American Legal Studies and planning on doing the New York bar in my home city London because i want to live in the US one day. I was living in Manhattan, New York for an entire year last year and loved it. Cant wait to go back :o)(Ok went a bit off topic there hahaha) Anyway, point is that acting is one of my passions and i certainly would keep my private life separate from my work life. Those who say that this gives off a negative thing, are so wrong because he hasnt denied he’s gay.

    Like i said—the picture speak for themselves and its not rocket science! Chicks who cant accept he’s gay are in denial lol!

    Jacob :o)
    Sorry i do go on a bit of a tangent sometimes lol! :P

    Anyway if Matt Bomer reads this, add me on FB because youre one fine looking guy lol! :P Oh well, one can only try hahahaha! Never say never ;)



  • Ken A.

    @Jacob from the UK.

    This is one of the most reasonable rational posts I’ve read on here, besides my own LOL. Good luck with your acting career and isn’t he being a role model, by not going all Tom Cruise on everyone and no matter what people are saying about him, he’s still doing what he loves. He may not read posts such as this but I’m sure there are people in his circle who do and tell him.
    Maybe he just wants to be an actor and sharing personal private lives could interfere with how people perceive the artist as in an actor who is gay and not a gay actor.
    Even if he were just a pizza delivery guy or King of Siam. I agree with you no one should be outed or forced to declare it to the world.
    I have a friend who has blue eyes but I always called him snake eyes. LOL

  • Jacob

    @ Ken A.

    Thanks :o) Im an opportunity seeker. 21 and almost finished with law school but acting has always been my passion and drama schools in London have a minimum age requirement of 21 usually. So i wanted to use my time wisely and have something to fall back on.

    I agree. People should see him as an actor who happens to be gay and not just a gay actor. Im gay myself but i dont let my sexuality define who i am as an individual. Being gay is just a part of me and i guess that goes for anyone out there regardless of their sexual orientation.

    He’s still a role model i guess in the sense that he’s a pretty darn good actor from what i have seen lol!

    Ive been called “cat eyes” but never “snake eyes” lol! My eyes are really grey and stand out because i have dark hair but they tend to change to a bluey colour in different light settings. Its weird haha!

    Jacob :o)

  • Ken A.


    Oh my grey eyed friend is called demon eyes. I have hazel to hazel greenish eyes and get called cat eyes.

    So when you graduate from law school and go to drama/arts/acting school and graduate you’ll be set to play a lawyer on TV LOL.

    Neal Patrick Harris, Lance Bass, Rupert Everett, and a few others are perfect role models. They came out publically and Neal Patrick Harris still plays the womanizing Barny on How I met Your Mother, Lance Bass has his eye out for some blond boy and publically flirts, Ellen and Portia are out. All good role models.
    As for MB being a good actor, you’re right. He draws you into his character and is it not true that every character an actor or actress plays is a part of that individual whether that individual actor aspires to be or is inspired by something. MB is an old fashioned type actor, in my opinion, his characters make the scene not the scene making the character, I guess its like those action movies where the scene is the main character and the actor is just the scene. Like the Mission Impossible franchise, GI Joe franchise etc.

  • Critifur

    Someone please go and update Matthew Bomer’s Wikipedia page!

  • Marcus

    Someone did update it, then someone else came back and deleted it.

    I wouldn’t bother, LOL

  • Ken A.

    @ Critifur

    Why is that so important? Wikipedia is a tabloid?

  • Diana A.

    News Flash! Women still lust after good looking men, doesn’t matter if they are gay or not.

  • Ken A.

    I always knew women lusted, but I thought they only admitted it to other women because they like to eminate and air of superiority, are you revealing secrets?

  • david White

    I like the show white collar. Hell I didn’t know he was gay. Im strait and I think this guy is good looking and I see that he has talent. BUT him being open does effect what kind of roles he will get. I mean he has LEADING Man in FEATURE FILMS painted all over him and yet he’s not. Too bad too I would have rather seen him in superman returns. My question is are there any SUPERSTAR ACTORS that are openly gay? In America (Ian McKellen).

  • Ken A.

    There is a risk of being typecast but that may have changed. Sean Patrick Harris is gay in life but on his show he plays a womanizer. TR Knight gay in life still had a girlfriend on the show. Then again Eric McCormack played a gay character on Will and Grace and he’s heterosexual, married with children. Sean Hays who is gay in life, seems to have an increasing repertoire of roles. If Robert Pattison came out, would it affect him in anyway? I don’t think so, I think his screaming girlie fans would still line up to see him at all hours.

    I think TR Knight said it best

    “I hope the fact that I’m gay isn’t the most interesting part of me.”

  • The Narcissist

    No. 131 · Diana A.
    News Flash! Women still lust after good looking men, doesn’t matter if they are gay or not.

    Posted: Nov 18, 2009 at 2:32 pm


    Well said No. 131.

  • Ken A.

    I couldn’t agree more.

  • MAGS

    I love the show White Collar, Matt Bomer is a gorgous wonderful actor, as a female fan I would never meet him anyway, so who cares if he is gay, being a nice guy & a talented actor will still draw me to the show, they are a good company of actors and each bring a lot of savvy to their respective roles, it is by far one of the best shows to come out this season.

  • Ken A.

    I just care about the show. I’m not Perez Hilton, dont’ care about people’s private lives. Well of course I care that they’re alive and kicking and not doing weird things to themselves or anyone else, but other than that, live and let live.

    Getting into people’s private lives is like a web, you may have good intentions but the web is sticky, next thing you know you’re getting entangled in things you don’t want to know, secrets that should be kept secret, and sometimes the person whose life you got so entagled with, ends up keeping you on a short leash so as you don’t reveal anything about him or her. Not for me thank you very much.

  • NOexcuses

    Matty Matty, come out come out, wherever you are… same with your bud Zachary Quinto. And, let’s add Anderson Cooper, Ricky Martin, Jody Foster, Queen Latifah, Wentoworth Miller… Ah, so convenient to reap the fruits of coyness in Hollywood…

  • Jacob

    I thought Jodie Foster was out lol!

  • James

    Matt is a great actor, great person, currently making all the right moves for success…I wish him the best.

  • goosebumps

    y dont u all come out as straight. u know this gay isht is bullisht anyway. a cry for attention or escape from abuse and neglect, whatever… its 2009 – case you didnt know, no one gives a fk anymore. ur not special. sorry.

  • Anna

    Why keep putting gay men as lead chars in no n gay roles…it’s not like one cant tell and it ruins the credibility of the movie/series. Pls…cute doesnt always cut it.

  • romeo

    @ Anna #143: You’ve been watching gay actors, that you thought were straight, playing straight roles for as long as you’ve been watching movies and TV. Honey, it’s a big, fucking joke. But the truth is, straight guys can’t act anywhere near as well as we do. Trust me on this. The American public has been completely duped. And, Anna, the American public is easy to dupe.

  • JB

    Who cares if he’s gay or if there are photos out there of him kissing another guy? Good for him. Anyone who gets upset, or thinks this is such an important controversy(pro or con), including him, should just look to the future. Because all this attention is just going to make him more successful in the long run. Love the show. Wish it was me in the photo ;-)

  • JB

    Quite frankly, it would have more of an impact on society’s acceptance of gays if his CHARACTER

  • JB

    were openly gay on White Collar.

  • Just Me

    To me, it doesn’t matter how you classify yourself. I lost a wonderful gay friend that I worked with and I cried so many tears when I found out that he had passed away. My friend knew that I was straight, married, a native-born Texan and that I love people from all walks of life. He knew that I didn’t judge him or gossip about him behind his back and that we were true friends.

    I personally think that Matt Bomer, Elton John, George Michael, Queen Latifah, Ellen Degeneres, Neil Patrick Harris, Jodi Foster, Harvey Levin and so many other folks who work in the acting, television or music fields are really talented at what they do and I can’t make myself base whom I like on things like individuals’ sexual preferences. And you have to admit that Matt is really gorgeous… such beautiful blue eyes and curly, dark hair. That has always been a very striking combination, imho. I have to admit I don’t care much for Perez Hilton, but he’s the only LBGT I can single out off the top of my head. During my teen years, my classical piano teacher was gay, nice, funny, handsome, exceptionally talented and I thought he absolutely just
    “hung the moon.” Even though I was raised by a homophobic mother and father, it didn’t take my older brother or me very long to realize how idiotic that our parents’ way of thinking was. I believe that life is what you make of it and so did my brother until he passed away eighteen years ago.

    If you want people to know you are straight or LBGT, then fine. And if not, that’s okay, too. I respect everyones’ right to love, cherish and be with whomever they want. Life is too short for people to not understand this. I just wish that everyone in the world could see that all people have the right to be happy, loved and live their lives accordingly, without a lot of fuss. We need so much more love and understanding to make this world a happier place. People need to check their anger, ignorance and hatred at the door.

    Best wishes, much happiness and wonderful Holidays to all! :)

    Lol @ Aradia, #120 and Diana A, #135! I agree with you 100%!

  • sarah12345

    I’m a straight woman married 24 years to a wonderful man…I couldn’t care less if he is gay or anything else. Aside from being a talented actor, he is a beautiful man to watch and I plan to watch White Collar.

  • lauren

    gay or straight, hes still hot. i know gay people, its not a big deal. it doesnt change a person. i mean, im not gonna lie, im disappointed, there goes my chance. lol. but seriously, hes open about being gay, but hes not going to preech it and run around shouting it from the rooftops. the people from this website are assholes. like, why do they have to go and make it a bigger deal then it is. im still a fan of him. but i guess its true, the best ones are gay :/

  • Mattie

    Has anyone thought maybe Sean ask the pictures be taken down isn’t because they are incredibly embarrassing or that they have him kissing a guy but because of the guy in it. I don’t know anything about matt’s history. All I know is that I went through all my online pictures and those of my friends to have pics of me and an ex taken off because of his outrageous ass like qualities.

    Also, acting is a job. It doesn’t mean that his life is anyones business. I agree that it is public and people have the right to talk about it. That doesn’t mean he has to be involved. There are plenty of straight actor who will answer no comment when asked about personal lives. Penelope Cruz just went on Letterman and refused to answer whether or not she was engaged because it’s her life and she doesn’t have to. She isn’t asking people not to talk about it and neither is Matt. They just aren’t themselves.

  • Char

    Hey, I have no problem lusting after a gay man. ^_^

  • Jan Altus

    I’ve lusted after MB since I first saw him in the pilot of White Collar but it never crossed my mind that he might be gay, I’ve just enjoyed the show.

    But I am shocked by the photos … his hands are so tiny!

  • Ken A.

    The show is good, his portrayal of Neil Caffrey excellent. I’m surprised this is still going on. Its sooo old.

  • pat johns

    Congratulations! Your vicious, petty, jealous attempt to destroy Matthew Bomer’s career is duly noted.The man is a talented actor who won the leading role in a show destined to become a hit. Instead of being happy for him as a successful gay actor, you prefer to do him harm by using his sexuality to ruin his appeal with the straight public who watch his show simply because its good. Can’t you just leave the poor guy alone. He has worked hard to get where he is today.

  • Ken A.

    @Pat Johns

    I don’t think this silly little board could harm a hair on his head. As to petty, you got that right. I thought this would all die down by now, but alas people still bring it up, in fact because he was in People mag recently, they have another blog, redundant of course. The jealousy monster rears its ugly green head.

    He can live in New York, live in LA, but he was born and raised in Texas, he’s quiet now, but if he gets pushed too far, I’m sure he’ll be heard from and its not going to be too pretty. Even the most mellow guy has his limits.

  • PRInsider

    I blame USA network and their publicists that are underestimating their audience’s intelligence. Matt’s living with his partner Simon Halls who is a high powered Hollywood publicist, about 13 years older than Matt and they are both raising children together. And yet he IS being promoted as a heterosexual in his personal life (so the audience can supposedly better relate to him…?) We’re not that stupid. Also, Simon’s long-term client is the USA network on which White Collar airs..! The whole thing wreaks of insider connections and dishonesty to me. It just doesn’t feel right. If that much spin is required, maybe Matt just isn’t the right person for the role. Get that show and that unethical network off the air. Me and my friends will no longer be tuning in.

  • pat johns

    Most of you posting on this site are not capable of thinking beyond your own personal agenda. This show is fiction, not reality.
    The entire premise of White Collar depicts the story of a man who is willing to go to any lengths to find and protect the woman he loves.
    Try to keep in mind that Bob Denver (Gilligan), et. al. were not really stranded on an island, and Mark Harmon is not a federal agent in real life.
    You can rest assured that Matt Bomer is not pining away for a broad named Kate, but the character he plays is. He is an actor and this is his role. Once again, fiction…. If you are trying to say that a gay actor is not capable of playing a straight part, then you are insulting all gay actors!
    The network, producers, and writers of White Collar took a big chance is hiring a gay actor. There are hundreds of people whose livlihoods (from the other actors down to the stage hands) depend on his ability to play this role. If you think for one minute that USA is going to allow him or his representatives to make any statements that could potentially harm their investment, you are very wrong.
    Perhaps they chose the right man for this part, since so many of you seem to thinks it is reality.
    My apologies to those of you like Ken, who is trying to keep this ridiculous argument in true prospective.

  • Ken.A

    USA networks doesn’t care. Why do you think they keep pushing their moto, Character’s Welcome. In other words no matter what you do, who you are, you are welcome. In their little character’s welcome website they do have gay and lesbian couples.

    He wasn’t Jeff Eastin’s first choice for the role, he had to be called back three times before they made the choice, and it was the right choice.

    @Pat Johns
    Oh I wish these people would just grow up and move on.
    As to actors who are gay in life playing str8 in roles, I can name a few, T.R. Knight, Rock Hudson, Neil Patrick Harris etc but count the str8 actors who play gays roles. There are many.

  • vicanak

    @ PRInsider

    Totally agree. Simon definitely put in a good word or two for Matt to get the part with his exec buddies at USA Networks. Would have never been Jeff Eastin’s final decision to make alone. Ethics and Hollywood just don’t mesh and Matt’s certainly willing to compromise his integrity (professional and personal life) for a show that most likely won’t be renewed for a third season. Very sad…

  • Dr. Faustus

    Well, another one who sold his soul to the devil to be rich and famous. Integrity? Bah, so passe…

  • Ken.A


    Thats how much you know. White Collar is totally Jeff Eastin’s baby, USA bought the show, Eastin and his crew have full creative power over the show, the EXec’s at USA are not butting in. They only do the marketing. And Neil Caffrey/Matt Bomer is not being marketed as a ladies man, but a charming, con artist who manipulates his way to the end result of his love Kate.

    Again I repeat. It took Matt Bomer to do three audtions before they decided on him. It wasn’t like he went to their casting call with a note from Simon saying it is in your best interest to hire my boyfriend Matt or else. Soo all this catty petty bs reminds me of a bunch of old ladies arguing over the morals of young whipper snappers over Tea.

  • CTaylor

    New to the discussion but a publicist myself for nearly 12 years. It’s sad to see how some of you are falling for the PR BS that Matt’s camp is putting together.

    @PRInsider – Couldn’t agree more.

    Matt’s PR team is aggressively promoting him as a hetero – People magazine placement case in point. Getting clients on that list requires a lot of pitching and insider string pulling. Also, Matt’s ‘official fan site’ doesn’t mention a thing about his homosexuality other than him being a favorite among the ladies. In fact, it promptly (within a couple of hours) omits any legit posts that refer to his homosexuality or his partner Simon Halls/aka the TRUTH… Go figure whose closely monitoring that site… What’s going on is an abuse of our PR profession. There are many ways PR could have ethically managed Matt’s homosexuality – namely by keeping him OUT of the papers. Many celebs that wish to keep their private lives PRIVATE are actively kept out of specific magazines/types of articles by their publicists (e.g. clients like Anderson Cooper/Jodie Foster etc). They actively avoid situations where they have to blatantly manipulate the truth and give a false impression – mainly because they have a conscious and have been well advised by their Publicists of the potential dire consequences of lying. It’s clear that Matt and his team want to have their cake and eat it too. Matt was happy to be dishonest to his viewers — but then he was outed by the Mike White pics. The strategy is no doubt going to continue to backfire big time as his fans discover the truth and feel cheated. Matt Bomer and Simon Halls give the PR profession a bad name. And, most people who’ve worked with Simon in the past would agree.

  • Saki


    “The strategy is no doubt going to continue to backfire big time as his fans discover the truth and feel cheated.”

    Actually, you know what? There are a lot of fan girls who are happy that he is gay. At least no other woman could get him. And I even don’t think he is cheating his fans. He didn’t accept the gay rumor, but he didn’t deny either, right? How many gay stars in the closet deny about their sexuality? And how many of them have a girlfriend as a beard?

    English is not my firs language, I’m not sure if I made it clearly. What I’m trying to say is that, if he really is trying to pretend to be a straight guy, he won’t just say nothing about it.

    I watched some talk shows he attended, and I’m willing to believe that he is that kind of actors who never talk about their personal lives and want thier fans to focus on the acting. He just don’t want to talk about it. That’s not a big deal.

  • Rob Moore

    @Ken.A: I like you. That is exactly what his is. A bunch of biddies arguing around a game of mahjong.

  • xxQanti

    I just saw an interview of him on Details. Here are two of the questions.

    “Q: Does it bother you that so much of what’s been written about you is speculation that you’re gay?
    A: I don’t care about that at all. I’m completely happy and fulfilled in my personal life.

    Q: But you don’t want to talk about it.
    A: I have a network and a show riding on my shoulders. I would say a big difference between my character and me is that I can be too trusting. And I’ve realized in this business, that’s not necessarily the smartest thing to be. I definitely have a thing or two to learn from the con artists.”

  • Bubblicious

    Tiny hands. Tiny you know what. LOL.

  • Bubblicious

    who watches this crap?

  • Ken.A

    I’m glad someone finally asked and he commented.

    @Rob Moore
    Thank you.

    I have a quesiton: Why is it when a str8 actor plays a gay character he or she is a hero to the gay community but when a gay character plays str8 he or she is a villian?

  • Comeoutwhereveryouare

    His reply to “Details” is cowardly.

  • MeDontGetIt

    Ok, so I read the “Details” question. But obviously the reporter is in the know, so how can he say “speculation”? Why not confront honestly with a legitimate question: “Are you gay and do you live with a high-powered PR man with a child?” This sort of question is asked everyday of straight celebrities, so, why should it be different with a gay one?

  • Hammar

    More beautiful lesbians on the Networks Please Please! They’re cool, they’re witty, they’re sharp, they’re mean bitches, they’re real, they’re delightful, they’re Wanted! And more of those sweet homosexual Matthew types I would also highly appreciate. And I don’t mind a straight guy like Ivan Sergei either. Nor a babe like Thea Gill. Is she lesbian? She’s such a gorgeous real real woman. She might very well be lesbian. Or straight. What do I care about her sexuality anyway. I like her immensely.

  • alan brickman

    Sean Ackers sounds stupid and naive…a public figure is a public figure…why should gays get special treatment??….

  • alan brickman

    He screwed to get that part..that is for sure….

  • alan brickman

    slept his way to the middle…..

  • Lukas P.

    @alan brickman: Who among us at the upper echelon of our chosen profession has NOT slept her/his way to the top?

    Did I get A ‘s in anatomy, statistics, pharmacology by being a genius? No, I tied all three profs up with duct tape and
    took advantage of them with various implements found in the Supply Room. Next thing I knew, I graduated Summa Cum Laude and had a fistful of recommendation letters and my choice of jobs. A Vacheron-Constantin wristwatch was included in the deal.
    Enough said.

    Okay, now how do I indicate sarcasm in a post? Um, maybe I need to rethink this?

  • Sexy Rexy

    Some guys just scream gay. I knew this guy was gay as soon as I saw him, and my gaydar is made by Yugo. I think if he comes out, he’ll be fine. It’s a huge step, but others have done it. And we do need more gays and lesbians in the public eye.

    The show isn’t that great IMO, but I detect lots of sexual tension between Bomer’s and co-star Tom DeLay’s character.

  • Sexy Rexy

    I’m sorry, Tim DeKay, not Tom DeLay.

  • erick

    As a straight 26 year old male I don’t see what the fuss is about. Bomer is a good actor and his personal life with another dude is his business. In half the countries in Europe gay men and women can legally marry…it’s the US that is way behind the times.

  • LostinSpace

    Who’s Matt Bomer?

  • wrassetifarian

    I just can’t find the time to care about this shit. Is that bad?

  • Jen

    I have such a crush on Matt Bomer – after seeing him on Chuck and now, White Collar. I didn’t know he was gay, but USA Network can remain assured that me and any other female viewers will still lust after his hot ass and melt in those blue eyes. I’m fairly certain our chances with him are the same whether he is gay or straight (as in zero).

    On a similar note, I recently seen the “Characters Unite” ad campaign that USA is running, where each of their actors say something that makes them a little unique to the others. Bomer said “I’m from a red state”. I would have loved to see him proudly declare “I’m gay” but maybe he’s not ready. (I just hope it wasn’t the network’s decision.)

  • MKnight

    I like many of my friends didn’t bother tuning into the new season. The USA network must be desperate to hire a closeted and dishonest actor like Matt Bomer and then feel comfortable lying to all its viewers. How does Matt Bomer sleep at night knowing that he’s purposely misleading so many people- kinda sick. He’s a con artist in real life. We’re not watching anymore because nobody likes to be lied to. Be proud of your life decisions – there’s no need to lie/compromise your entire integrity for money or fame. Honesty is the best policy.

  • MissTransSylvaniaTV

    Mattie Bomer baby, come out, come out! You’ll get less wrinkles!

  • Maden

    What the fuck are you talking about? His sexual preference is his personal business. He doesn’t owe you anything, if he decides to keep his private life PRIVATE he has every right to do that. He doesn’t deny it, he just doesn’t talk about it. I’m a straight woman and I have no problem watching him on White Collar. If you are hung up on who he likes in real life, you are missing out on a very good show. Get over your self.
    On another note those pictures are hot :D

  • Sara

    @ Maden

    Agree with MKnight.

    The issue isn’t that he’s gay, wants to keep his private life ‘private’ or owes anyone anything. The main concern is he’s doing more than just ‘not talking about’ his private life. By dodging the sexuality question in Details and getting his PR team (clearly working overtime to keep reference to his homosexuality quiet) and to present himself as a ladies man in the media, he’s actively misleading viewers into thinking he’s straight. The People Magazine article gives the impression he’s straight not gay. Had he not been publically outed by the queerty pics, I’m sure he would have pushed even harder to present himself as straight actor to further his career. Either way, Matt is being dishonest and this unethical behavior is alienating to many and should not be supported by USA network. As a straight woman, I stopped watching the show too.

  • Ken.A

    This keeps going on and on.

    Oh give me a break.

  • Crystal

    I LOVE “White Collar” and could care less if he’s gay. None of my damn business. He’s hot!

  • Crystal

    @Crystal: And I’m straight so get off your high horse Sara. Prissy pants. It’s nobodies business what he does.

  • Darkblue106!

    OMG, just give it a rest already..

    Quite frankly, his sexyass got me interested in watching TV again. Well, White Collar and Lie To Me.

    I DON’T GIVE A SHIT, if is openly gay or not. He’s definitely openly gorgeous and the ultimate star of my fantasies. And THAT my friend is what truly matters.

    1. MB is beautiful, amazing, captivating, polite and a talented actor.
    2. White Collar is on of the the best damn shows on TV.
    3. MB raising children with bf/partner, is none of our fucking business.
    4. Gay men are HOT. *sighs* i would love to have a sexy gay friend, who i can lust after… (shallow i know).

    P.S .. I may not have my facts straight about the raising children comment. And i don’t care.


  • mike

    stopped watching.

  • cjb

    To Mknight, How do YOU sleep at night calling Matt a “con artist”? As in response to you stating, “How does Matt Bomer sleep at night knowing that he’s purposely misleading so many people- kinda sick. He’s a con artist in real life”.

    To Sara, How did you become “judge and jury” regarding the decisions he makes? As in response to you stating, “Either way, Matt is being dishonest and this unethical behavior is alienating to many and should not be supported by USA network”.

    To you both, as well as, the several others, unfortunately. I hope no one scrutinizes, so harshly, the personal decesions you make regarding your own lives. That would be a shame and not to mention, wrong.

    It seems you are all so easily disillusioned by actors and TV networks. A network’s job is to air and market TV shows and an actor’s job is to entertain us and sometimes, inspire us to go after our own dreams. If in an interview, they choose not to answer a question the way you like, that’s okay, really. If that’s too hard to handle, it may be a good idea to stop watching TV all together. You’re only setting yourself up for disappointment. I know I’m being sarcastic, but I think it’s warranted.

    Matt is living his dream in an industry that raises people up to live up to impossible standards, automatically setting them up for scrutiny. Whether he is gay or not is truly irrelevant. If he chooses to not comment on it, once again, it is of no consequence to us. You are acting like you are all personal friends with him and he committed the ultimate betrayal. Live your own lives.

    Remember, he owes us no explanations nor apologizes for his decisions. He’s AN ACTOR, not an activist nor a self proclaimed role model. All we should hope is that his show continues to be a success and that he continues to entertain his fans with his talent, and lastly, of course, that he finds his bliss as we all should.

  • ScottM

    U can eat crackers in my bed anytime!!!

  • Darkblue106!

    Bahahahahahah! @ScottM

  • robert john taylor

    To whom it may concern,I am writing to said if matthew bomer is gay or straight.It is his business, his private.I am not going to knock, start talking trash about him because guys do get hurt by woman,guys get alonely sometimes.But I love matthew bomer as a brother,friend,actor.And God looks at us all the same.So matthew I wish u all the best,goodluck,thanks for ur acting,ur movies, ur pictures u look very happy,bless by god.with love,robert john taylor as ur fan in vannuys

  • robert john taylor

    TO Matthew I love actors,actresses because I never wrote or met lucille ball on I love lucy,love,miss her because she looks like my real mother sandra.I loss my mom was I was 9 yrs old,breast cancer.That’s why I love,appreciate u as a actor,I go to universal studios alot,because it reminds me of u,ur acting.

  • damendo

    Look, I completely understand Matt B. He grew up in a relatively small town in Texas, just as I did. It is still not “ok” to be out in small-town Texas. You guys just need to let him be who he is and understand his personal life is his personal life! He is a wonderful actor and he is fantastic on the eye! Take care Matt, Love ya!

  • Amber

    I love Matt Bomer!!!! And Neal Caffery n if Matt wants to b gay let him b gay. I still love him the same. So stop trying to make look bad all u magizine ppl. He’s AWESOMENESS!!!!! =D

  • Marina

    I love this this show. And i love him. But why is it all the great dressed and looking, sweet, and well mannered guy are always gay. Not that i have a problem with gay guys. Gay guys are hot! But why are the good ones always gay? oh what a shame.

  • Truth B. Told

    @Marina who wrote: “Gay guys are hot! But why are the good ones always gay? oh what a shame.”

    Sorry honey, it’s a difficult job but can we help it that we were picked to be God’s chosen people.

  • Rob Moore

    Are we still on this topic? Man, talk about a story with legs!

  • Cheryl A.

    OMG, have you heard? Brad Pitt is hetero, living with a beautiful woman and raising kids with her!! ….My point being, ‘who the hell cares?’ Why is it so much more a story when the subject of people’s gossip is gay? To all of you who have such a problem with anything that is different than you – I will continue to pray for you that you may someday see others as God sees them – as His children. It doesn’t matter if someone else is gay, straight, black, white, Jewish or Baptist! Who are you to judge? I say congrats to Matt Bomer on what sounds like a happy family life! And seriously people, did you really think you otherwise would have had a shot with him? When I was young, hanging out with friends, checking out a cute guy – we had a funny little saying when we came across a good looking guy who didn’t have someone on his arm – ‘he’s probably gay, married, hung up on his mother, bald or short – oh well, move on!’

  • Bill Jacobs

    “As a high-profile television actor, Bomer sells his personal life as much as his acting skills.” Really?! Where exactly is that written? Where is THAT the law? It’s NOT. It’s just the reasoning that you and the likes of TMZ put out there to try and justify your actions … your existence. And where do you draw the line? With producers and directors? With writers? Editors? Hey, why not push that line all the way to teachers and doctors? And I should know if my mailman is gay, too! But wait, I guess there isn’t much money to be made in dishing that kinda dirt, huh? Nope, just more lives to play with — willy nilly — at your own choosing.

  • kara c.

    I dont see how Matt being gay would affect women lustingg after him, he is a very handsome man. I am certainly not going to stop lusting after him. As far as agents and publicity compnaies telling people that this actor is gay or this one is a lesbian, who cares. It is none of our business in the first place. Does that make them any less of an actor because tehey are gay? NO. Their personal life is their business, not ours. If it gets out that this person is gay, great, if not back off. I will continue to watch white collar, no matter what. Matt is still sexy to me.

  • Caitlin

    Awwwww he is damn hot! i dont care if hes gay though i still LOVE HIM ! lmao

  • Joyce

    It doesn’t matter if he’s gay. I still think he’s hot, lol. Look at Neil Patrick Harris. He stars in “How I Met Your Mother” and he’s openly gay. Alot of my friends still think he’s hot…because he is, haha.

  • Randy Goldberg

    @panny: Actually, she was written out because the actress had other commitments. As you have no doubt seen by now, she’s back in the finale, and has been signed for the summer half of the season.

  • jessant

    Let me get this straight. His friend asked very kindly for you to remove the pictures that are hurtful to Matt. And you refused. What kind of assholes are you? I’m giving this site a pass and telling others to stay away too. You should have a little more empathy towards your fellow human beings. But I guess that’s asking too much. Two thumbs down. The comments are making me sick too. Why the hell does he need to talk about this private life to anyone? I guess if your gay you need to announce it to everyone you meet. Sickening.

  • sisu

    Matt Bomer is absolutely yummy!
    As a straight chick, I don’t care if he’s gay or not. That’s his personal choice, and it doesn’t affect how hot I think he is. I’ll continue to watch White Collar.

  • TJ


    “We in the gay community will NOT tolerate any more secrecy or shame being imposed upon us by Hollywood PR pus-heads and agents who are hell-bent on hiding the sexual orientation of the stars they represent. Let this be a clear message to all such personnel: we in the gay community will NOT tolerate the secrecy and the shame anymore.”

    That just shows you how nice the “Gay” Community is. You know, it’s people like you that instead of making homosexual men want to out themselves, make them want to cringe and hide instead. And, in the case that you believe by forcing someone on high level of fame to out themselves actually helps your community going then you’re sorrily mistaken. By forcing people out like, just invading someone’s privacy like that, it’s not human. And you’re not helping your cause anyway, you’r giving them, the people you’re forcing out, the image of someone ashamed of their sexuality and therefore projecting an overall image to the public that they should be ashamed of their sexuality of the homosexual nature. People like you should be ashamed of yourself, it’s ridiculous, you’re not doing your community any favour by bashing a fellow human on the internet. It just outs how inhuman you are.

  • Ken.A

    Someone is speaking for the whole entire gay community? Oh, Please give me a break. I for one do not spend my life worrying over Bomer’s sexual life. I just enjoy the show that he is in–White Collar–and looking forward to the summer when it airs again.

    Whether or not he skywrites he is gay or not is no affront to the gay community. In fact, I get the impression he’s just one of those happy go lucky guys that is content with his life and where its going and doesn’t give a crap about lables.

  • N.A.

    I’m sorry, but his sexuality is his business. A celebrity doesn’t need to make a huge announcement to a magazine to be openly gay among his friends/family. For all we know, he’s an openly gay many who doesn’t want his personal life out there for everyone’s speculation. Or maybe he is gay and in the closet, or maybe he’s straight. Frankly it’s his business, and the business of whoever he chooses to share that information with. Matt owes us good work, that is all (and of course the fact that he’s so fun to look at is a plus). Let him lead his life the way he wants, let him share what he wants, keep private what he feels necessary.

    I’ve been reading through the articles on this website, and it’s pretty disappointing how that so many on here seem so close-minded, and so judgmental. This article most of all. Do not attack individuals simply because they don’t act the way you would like them to.


    queerty…….not so much.

  • N.A.


    Just to clarify, I’m not homophobic at all. I celebrate the liberty to live life as someone feels is appropriate for them. Whether Matt is straight, gay, bisexual, transgendered, whatever it doesn’t matter to me, because he seems like an incredibly talented, intelligent, FUN, giving and kind individual, who gives his all for all of his roles. That’s enough, he should be allowed to live his life by HIS OWN STANDARDS, he shouldn’t have to live them by the standards of anyone else.

  • N.A.

    @Jen: I’ve heard that he’s openly gay among the people around him (friends and family) but that he just doesn’t want to make a big announcement to a magazine or whatever. And I understand and respect that. He’s said in multiple interviews, that he’d like to keep his personal life PRIVATE, and focus on great roles. He’s also mentioned that he has tons of respect for actors who have been able to keep their personal lives private, even if they have a lot of fame. So, while I can’t speak for him, based on what I’ve heard, it’s not that he’s afraid to come out, it’s that he doesn’t want to broadcast his personal life.

  • N.A.


    Wow! Thank you for your comments, I agree completely.

  • olen

    that this much time was spent on this subject severely compromises Queerty’s relevance as advancing agendas. Yawn. Who wrote this gossip drivel? You should be fired, or at least go work for TMZ.

  • Robert

    #18 Sean Akers:

    NO ONE is REQUIRED to be a Hollywood star. These pics are not offensive but affectionate. Can’t put the genie back in the bottle.

  • Steve

    The Sean Ackers message makes no sense whatsoever!

    If Bomer is out and not hiding, then there should be nothing wrong the pics. Only if Bomer is hiding is there any problem with the pics.

    What he wants is for every truly out and proud gay man in the country to conspire to help him pretend to be straight. Um, sorry, we don’t owe him a damn thing. Those children he has? Yeah, he’s able to have them because other gay men didn’t hide in a closet like he is. He’s a free-rider on the community. A user. Fuck him.

  • Steve

    @ N.A. (No. 214)

    If Bomer wants to allow the public to assume that he is straight in order to advance his career, that’s fine with me.

    But I what this gay man won’t tolerate is his allowing the public to assume he’s straight while taking advantage of every civil right won for his sorry ass by gay men who were cowards. He can dump the boyfriend, give up the kids, and either be celibate or troll for sex on wharves–because that’s where he’d be as a gay man if everybody was a much of a self-absorbed coward as he is.

    But, no, he wants to exploit every civil rights we’ve won but take on NONE of the responsibilities to the community. He wants to be a leech. And that I will NOT tolerate.

  • Steve

    Correction: …won for his sorry ass by gay men who weren’t cowards.

  • Ken.A

    He never said he was str8 either. Its all assumption and you know what they say when you assume. “Tolerate” lol a little big on yourself aren’t ya.

    This is sooo old everyone should move on. It doesn’t matter, stop being drama queens and just enjoy his acting or don’t its up to you but give it a break. R U OUT TO EVERYONE?

  • Kev.K

    dude’s had a bad nose job.

  • Tori

    He is one handsome dude, but I find that most gay guys fall into that category.

    I´m not going to stop loving that face because he´s gay, and he will still be my tv show eye candy.

    I just wish I was that lucky guy. ;D

  • noukina

    I wish I hadn’t known this…

  • sean

    Have to admit he is a major hottie! Whether gay or straight, Matts sexual preference does not change the fact that the show is good and hope to see it on the air for years to come.

  • jimstoic

    I wish his character were gay on the show. He’s very attractive, but the show is dull.

  • Mary

    Seems all the cute guys are gay this days.

  • Lelaina

    This post makes me sick. If he actually is gay, it doesn´t concern you guys. Being a “journalist” doesn´t mean that you are qualified to approve an actor´s life, or sex condition.

    He´s an actor and he´s good at what he does. Excelent, not good.
    So, honestly, I don´t give a shit about his sexuality as long as he is happy, and playing that amazing character.

    I really hope he wins all the acadamy awards because he deserves it. For his ACTING, not his SEXUAL CONDITION, which we girls (Btw, I´m a girl, hello) don´t care.

  • Marcus


    ‘Sexual Condition’? Are you serious?

    Excuse my candor, but SOD OFF–it was a gossip story. And Queerty is wrong, Matt Bomer’s sexuality is hardly a secret.

  • Jesse Helms

    @Republican. Homosexuality is still viewed as pervert by most in America.

  • Black Hispanic

    He’s a very good looking man with a nice body. Do this site every advertise ugly fat gay men? All the men on here are gorgeous, mostly white, and under 30.

  • Sarah

    HE IS NOT ALLOWED TO BE GAYY!!!!!! im not against it but my reason for living…GONE!!!! WHY!?!?!?!?!?!?!? WHY!?!?!?!?!!

  • jankilovesgreen

    im not sure why people make a big deal about homosexuality. theres nothing wrong with it. matt bomer’s amazingly hot and he atchually gets rid of a lot of the sterotypes. im glad he’s openly gay, he does not care what people think which makes it all in all better.

  • AMBI

    BOMER’ DAMN CUTE……………..

  • JoJo

    “im glad he’s openly gay, he does not care what people think which makes it all in all better.”

    Uh, hello! If he doesn’t care what people think then why does he hide the fact that he is in a relationship with a man and that they are raising kids together? If you ask him point blank if he is gay he refuses to answer. That’s not being honest.

  • jenny

    I personaly LOVE MATT!!!!!!!
    wether hes gay or not!! That doesn’t make him any less handsome!!!!
    He’s AMAZINGLY HOTT!!!!!!! and a great actor so i say you all stop worring about his sexuality, leave him alone, and let him enjoy his life!!!

  • saga

    Im a chinese,white collar is not so popular in china as lie to me or sex and the city,but i love it .matt is so hot ,his beautiful eyes,charming face and manner made everybody love him if they have ever seen the drama.NO matter how he is in the real life,we just enjoy the character he played.let it go,its his own business.
    I thougt him a gay man at the first sight because of his way to walk.REALLY CUTE!he is the typical man of America in my imagination.love him!!

  • crazyforever

    So, what if he is gay? He is still so hot!!! I will still be lusting after him. Isn’t Neil Pattrick Harris still as awesome as he was before anyone knew he was gay!? Love them both!! :D

  • Mel

    I am going to offer and insight and I it will give and alternate point of view.

    I know the argument of protecting his family has been scoffed at but it IS a valid fear. Before everyone talks about other celebs kids and what not, let me just state IT IS NOT THE SAME. How would I know? My dad is gay. I was called names, told people could not play with me bc I was the fags daughter and twice I was beaten up to the point where I had to live with my mom to escape the cruelty of others. This all happened to a lowly cooks child. People are cruel plain and simple. If he chooses to not make if family more of a target then I can’t fault him.

    Oh and I love my father. Now as an adult would gladly fight anyone to defend him and his life. On the flip side it is a hard thing to understand when you are 7 and others force violence on you.

  • LH

    A couple of points I’d like to make (as a woman who watches the show…admittedly in part because Bomer is so hot):

    (1) I don’t care what sexuality he is. He is playing a character on a show and even if he was straight as an arrow, the likelihood of him “hooking up” with me is zero (probably even less than zero) so his being gay doesn’t change my chances one way or the other. In my “fantasies” (which is all any viewer can have about an actor/actress on a show) he can be whatever I want and that has nothing to do with real life (most everything on television has nothing to do with real life, anyhow).

    (2) Why should it matter? If his publicist wants to say “No Comment” when asked personal questions like “Who is Bomer having sex with?” then that is his right. Yes, he’s a famous actor and that seems to give everyone the right to ask about the most personal details of his life and post it all over the internet but, really, he has every right to say “No Comment” when asked personal questions. I don’t care what sexuality you are, if someone asks you if you are gay/straight/transgendered/bi/whatever you have the right to say it’s none of their business – because it’s none of their business!!!

    Is Bomer hot? Yes!
    Is Bomer gay? Yes!
    Is Bomer less hot because he’s gay? Hell no!!!

    I don’t think it should matter so if he wants to keep it to himself or shout it from the rooftops that’s his business and everyone (gay and straight) should leave it be!

  • Marcus


    “If his publicist wants to say “No Comment” when asked personal questions like “Who is Bomer having sex with?”

    Uh, sorry, bb, Bomer’s publicist was never asked that question.

    They asked if he was gay, not whom he’s fucking. Big difference.

    He’s under no obligation to answer anything, but saying “no comment” tell us a lot.

  • Bookie

    I already post these pics in my facebook page I have near 1,500 friends. I’m gay friendly and a lot of friend are gay they love Bomer.

  • not the same anymore

    Why does he have to be gay? He is so lovely….I enjoy watching him and now it is not the same….just dont let Josh Duhamel and Fergie fall apart and he be gay too…please.

  • not the same anymore

    Why does he have to be gay? He is so lovely….I enjoy watching him and now it is not the same….just dont let Josh Duhamel and Fergie fall apart and he be gay too…please. :)

  • Jazzie

    LOL!!!! This is absolutely CRAZY, but true…in my case any way. I LOVED him so much before I knew he was gay and saw those photos. Did I think I stood a chance with him, no! He’s so adorable, I couldnt think of any woman good enough to be his woman on the show, and now to find out he doesn’t even like women is hard to take.

    I had been keeping all of the White Collars I could save, but as soon as I saw those pics, I deleted all of the shows and removed the show from my shows to be recorded.

    Crazy? Well, also do not like the lack of story “Jones” gets, such a good actor, should be a regular cast member…makes it easier to drop!

  • Benjamin

    Oddly enough, Bomer is wearing red in the make out session, and the latest episode of White Collar is named “In the Red.”

    Just sayin’.

  • Lere

    I’m a woman, I like the show and I think he is very handsome and a very good actor too. I’ll not stop watching the show and surely will not start to think he is ugly only because he is gay. A man can be talented, handsome and still make women lust after him even if he is gay.

  • Shawn

    He’s very handsome!

  • LT

    @Rob Moore:

    I am a straight woman, and I fell in love with White Collar because it is a great show, but mainly because Matt Bomer is gorgeous and I love his acting. Now that I know he is gay is changes my perspective a little. It’s not like I ever thought I would be with him, but somewhere deep down you think in an alternate universe maybe. LOL All the while knowing it will never happen. Now that I know he is gay is destroys the fantasy. LOL. I still love the show and will watch, but it doesn’t give off the same feel to me knowing he is gay. I think that is the reason why they tried to keep it under wraps. Because of the show’s female fan base. I mean he is a hottie. His partner is very blessed!

  • LT

    Oh yes. I will still watch and I still think he is hot. Just disappointed is all. A girl can dream can’t I? LOL

  • LaceyVelvet

    Oh please! bla bla bla. If it’s true and Matt is gay, or if it’s not true and he’s straight, WTH difference does it make? Is this solving world peace? No! Is it finding homes for the homeless? Protecting abused children? Closing the national deficit? Curing cancer? No no no no! So many other things in the world with which to concern ourselves and people are preoccupied with another person’s sexual orientation. He’s a fantastic actor (which is his job), and moreover he’s a decent human being, a trait which seems to be sadly lacking in the general public. Let’s leave the man alone and move along. And by the way, IS there a hotter man on television? I THINK NOT!

  • MyMilo

    Okay you guys, you’re all on here saying Matt bomer this and Matt bomer that. If he’s gay, so the he’ll what? That’s his life! That and you’re all posting things on here with absolutely no idea what he wants to say if you meet him and you ask him personally, then ok you know and can spread more rumors! I don’t think that one should talk about someone else’s life like they’re an object to be worshipped. Matt is the only one with the right to talk about his life, and if his publicist or whatever doesn’t want to talk about it, well then why is it such a big deal you get people all the time saying, “I don’t wanna talk about it.” That’s all there is to it!!!!! Stop talking about him, and realize he may be reading this crap about him! His life is his life and why should we care about anything that he hasn’t said himself! So what if there’s proof? A lot of people out there are gay or lesbian!!!! Some of my friends are lesbian, and that’s their life choice, this is ours. Why don’t we all go get a life now?

  • Uncle Cedric

    Mymilo writes: “A lot of people out there are gay or lesbian!!!! Some of my friends are lesbian, and that’s their life choice, this is ours. Why don’t we all go get a life now?”

    I wonder if Mymilo has ever learned of the concept “non sequitur”?

    So Mymilo considers, somewhat absurdly, that being lesbian is a life [style] choice! Presumably, therefore, Mymilo thinks being a gay man is a life-style choice too!

    One wonders why people like Mymilo come onto websites like Queerty.com (where chatting about who is and who is not in the closet is “de rigueur”).

  • Jay

    I love Matt in White Collar. The way he plays Neal is just magnificent. He sure is eyecandy to all us hetero gals and homo guys.

    It’s a damn shame I keep falling for the gay guys, though. I have to agree with a previous poster – many But even that doesn’ stop me from swooning at their good looks. *sigh*

    Now, to get a bit cliché on you all, but, HOW COME ALL THE GOOD MEN ARE GAY OR TAKEN?!?!

  • Jay


    You are so right! When I first heard he was gay I was so bummed, but I still think he’s f***ing hot, and I will tune into White Collar every chance I get.
    Us gals can dream.

  • Uncle Cedric

    Jay writes: “You are so right! When I first heard he was gay I was so bummed … ”

    In English, bum is synonymous with buttock and to be bummed means to indulge in anal intercourse [buttfucked in the USA, I believe].

    So I’d say, lucky you Jay!

  • Rob Moore

    @Uncle Cedric: I am actually amazed this article is still generating comments nearly one year after it was published on Queerty.

    In the unlikely event you are not being sardonic, I will point out that in American English, bum is not usually used to mean buttocks. It is American slang, and “to bum” means to disappoint. If an American says “bummer”, it means disappointing or depressing. If an American says “I was bummed” it means I was disappointed. I cannot tell you why there is that difference, but the word became common in the U.S. in the 1960s during the days of hippies. In America English, “fag” means people like us, but in U.K. English it most commonly refers to a cigarette. A famous incident from World War II in which differences in slang caused problems was a meeting between American and British military planners almost came apart over the opposite meanings of “table the proposal.” To one side, the phrase meant discuss it, but to the other side it meant set it aside or reject it.

  • Jack

    Gay people are mentally ill. Society disdains them, but hollywood empowers them.
    Thanks for nothin’ Hollywood

  • Uncle Cedric

    @ Rob Moore. As you’ve said before, this story has legs (and Matthew Bomer is always someone worth chewing the fat over).

    Yes, I was being somewhat sardonic! I was shocked when I first read Dashiel Hammett; where the detective would slap his secretary on the fanny. In the UK, fanny refers to the vagina, not the buttocks (or bum). I still grimace when I hear someone in the USA say: “I’ll just see if it’s in my fanny bag”. I was surprised to learn people in the USA finish a meal and then pay the check will a bill (in the UK we pay the bill with a cheque).

    I recently got the chance to see Traveler, which was nice eye candy and last month I saw him in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006), which was networked on UK television, and I was impressed.

    I see he played “Eric” in Flightplan but I can’t remember him in the film. Which character was that and why was he not memorable, I wonder?

  • Rob Moore

    @Jack: Clearly, you prove that straight people are just as mentally ill since you have such a phobia of us sissy gay people.

  • Rob Moore

    @Uncle Cedric: I attended my cousin’s wedding in Romsey, Hampshire last year. In conversations with my uncle, he asked me questions about racial politics in the United States. Many of the words he used quite casually in his questions made me cringe inside. He is almost 80 so I hid my reaction. To him, the words he used did not carry the same connotations as they do in the U.S. In fact, some of the words he used were almost quaint since I had not heard them used conversationally since the 1960s when my American grandparents used them. I am not trying to excuse their use, but someone who grew up in the 1930s and 40s is not likely to change his habits at the age of 80. I did try to update his perceptions of Americans of African descent. When asked, I said that black Americans are not causing the rest of America problems unlike ignorant, white conservatives. Speaking of differences in language, the word conservative has taken on a wholly different meaning in the U.S. these days than it has in the U.K.

    In the U.S., conservative carries connotations of deliberatly chosen ignorance, intense racism, Taleban-like Christianity, fascism, and utter disregard of inconvenient facts. In the U.K., most members of the Conservative Party are not usually rabid fascists. I think you have to look at the BNP for that.

  • Ken

    I have to laugh, this is still going on and on and on. Someone here mentioned he played on Flighplan, his role was so small, he was a male flight attendant with a bad haircut, I only saw a bit of the movie because I thought it was just sooo boring.

    I first saw him on Tru Calling, a show I watched because I liked Eliza Dishku on Buffy and Angel. It was a good show but was cancelled. In this show he played a photographer named Luc and was killed by a bullet.

    He also appeared on another of my favorite shows Chuck as Bryce Larken and was killed in the end or they make us think he was killed in the end, because he was also killed in the begining of season one and they revived him. Now White Collar.

    Before that I understand he played on a soap, never was much into soaps.

    I enjoyed Traveler, that too got cancelled. But his resume is very sparse compared to other actors his age for some reason or another either because he’s very fussy or didn’t fit the parts or being accepted to play Superman/Clark Kent then being told no it was going to Brandon Routh because the director who hired him or producer abandoned or left or was told to leave the production and the new guy went another way which may have depressed him for awhile and he hid or whatever. And ironically, Brandon Routh–who replaced him as Superman– replaced him on Chuck. LOL.

    His acting is very good, always blended in with the shows he played in, but audience attention spans being what they are, ended with the shows being canclled. White Collar is going onto season three. Huray!

    As to his sexuality, since I don’t care about it one way or the other, and can’t understand why this is an issue, no one ever makes issues of straight actors who play gay chactors, so why is it such contraversy if someone who is suspected yet not confirmed, gay playing a straight charactor…well he’s not either in the show, he’s flirty but nothing ever really comes of it.

    That hunk “Dude, you’re getting a Dell”, guy is gay or not though he was in a very gay themed off broadway play and bartends at a bar in Manhattan somewhere. I think he kind a would add to White Collar.

  • Uncle Cedric

    @ Rob Moore. You say: “In the U.S., conservative carries connotations of deliberatly chosen ignorance, intense racism, Taleban-like Christianity, fascism, and utter disregard of inconvenient facts. In the U.K., most members of the Conservative Party are not usually rabid fascists. I think you have to look at the BNP for that.”

    Based on my own experience I’m afraid I’d have to disagree. My father and his fellow cronies are typical grassroot members of the local Conservative Association and all the male members of my family would occasionally get dragged down to drinks and snooker at the local Conservative Club. Whilst there I’ve witnessed pretty much all of the attributes you’ve listed, along with anti-Semitism, homophobia and rampant mysogyny (such a weird characteristic for heterosexual men to hold, I find). Granted, the Taleban-like Christianity (such as I’ve witnessed in Texas and Florida) would never go down well with our Conservatives (overt religiosity isn’t quite British, old chap).

    The conversation with your uncle reminds me of the dangers of being intransigent with language, particularly regarding race/ethnicity. Back in 1993 a Scottish journalist I knew was encamped outside – and reporting on – the Waco Siege when he heard a US colleague refer to one of the Davidians as being an “English African-American”. It transpired the guy was black and British but the journalist felt she couldn’t use those terms because she thought “black” was prejorative.

  • Rob Moore

    @Uncle Cedric: Another of my overly romanticised notions of England dies. Being born English but raised in the American South, I developed a tendency to think of England in sometimes unrealistic terms. My mother introduced me to old English fims just as I entered adolescence. This conversation you and I have started is quite fascinating, but I suspect some of the others who monitor this thread might get bored.

    If you wish to continue our correspondence, I can be contacted at [email protected]. As the addess might indicate, I also really enjoy rugby, which I have followed for many years on cable via a subscription to a special channel.

  • Luca

    “As a high-profile television actor, Bomer sells his personal life as much as his acting skills. This is the arrangement celebrities agree to when they join the Hollywood elite.”

    And with two sentences you lost a reader for life.

    Being a celebrity is NOT the same as being an actor. Even a high profile (at least in your mind) one. Folks like Paris Hilton, who are known only for partying, making appearances, looking good, are celebrities. They are fame whores who yes sell their lives, cause they lack anything else to sell.

    Actors do not sell their lives, but they do have their lives sold. Or in many cases lies about their lives. Media created relationships that don’t exist, outting folks that are straight cause gay rumors sell more tabloids, etc.

    That you can’t tell the difference is distasteful.

    Then again, I shouldn’t be shocked with the references about a ‘gay agenda’ or the fact that you don’t seem to care about much about anyone other than sexuality.

  • Lara

    From reading a lot of these comments, I totally agree with many people. For us straight girls, it is disappointing that Matt is gay, but that is not going to stop me from thinking of him just the same. He is still soooo hot and I am going to watch every episode of White Collar!!

  • Who

    @Sean Akers: Is this really something worth talking about. Who cares if someone is gay or straight? If it bothers you go somewhere else. Look away or dont watch his show. Personally he’s an awesome actor i love his show and I bet the farm he’s a great guy to meet in person. Leave him be. Gay or straight I’d hang with him anyday of the week. More so than all you perfect people out there. Get so damn tired of people thinking they are better than someone else. Life short, so live it the way you want and everyone else can … fill in the blanks…

  • who

    I think guys like him get bored of women because clearly they can have any one so they go for men.. can’t have every man. which is so gayy :(

  • Lets Just call me "The Peace-Keeper"

    What do people get out of Making others feel bad? It Just Means That You are the Lowest there is. That You are Insecure. That you Like Putting others down so you will feel Better. I Dont care that Matt Bomer’s Gay, He is One of my favorate Actors and always will be. So Shut Up Nubs!

  • pat johns

    why can’t you leave this poor man alone. Is it jealousy, or do you simply have nothing going in your own lives. I don’t care if he dates Kermit the Frog, and why should you? It is one of the best shows on TV, and he is talented and great looking. Accept his good fortune, and go out and make your own.

  • adkam

    Matthew Bomer is absolutely GORGEOUS and him being gay does nothing to diminish that. I would watch any movie, any show that he’s in. So dreamy……I don’t know why he’s not on the main screen making date- movies like Patrick Dempsey, for example. He’d be so perfect in those roles. He’s just flat out HOT for any audience.

  • adkam

    I didn’t say that last post right. When I said him being gay doesn’t diminish how beautiful he is, I just meant that I don’t care about his personal life. He’s spectacular to look at and appreciate in any role. I say the man who has snagged him is SUPER lucky.

  • Luca

    @adkam: maybe Matthew isn’t doing those roles because he doesn’t want to. Not every actor dreams of being the ‘leading man’. In fact they can feel it is too easy and rote and they want ‘better’ roles. Like White Collar, Chuck etc.

  • tommy

    i casually turn into fox like hours ago and i catch white collar i found the actor so beautiful and i google him. shock. he’s gay! like me. i dont think i’ll see his show but totally wait for the movie NOW with olivia and timberlake.

    ohhh guess what when i saw texas masacre… don´t know what else… the only think i liked a bout that movie was him… curious enough the same actor!!!

    let him be hapy if he doesnt want to to tell everyone he know best for him

  • AmyCat =^.^=


    I agree: as a (mostly) straight female, the actual sexual orientation of a hot actor doesn’t matter a damn. It’s not like he’d have any interest in me one way or another, and I’m not gonna stalk the poor boy; I’m old enough to be his MOM. Whether he’s gay, or straight and monogamously married, or whatever, any interest I have as a fan is pure FANTASY on my part.

    Besides, he and Tim DeKay are HOT together. :-)

    I know a LOT of “White Collar” fans (most women) online, and NONE of ’em would like him, or the show, any less if he came out tomorrow and marched in the next Gay Pride Parade in drag. (Hell, we’d probably cheer!) He’s a good actor playing a great character in a fun show. OTOH, if I were a celebrity of WHATEVER sexual orientation, I’d hate to have my private life pried into by tabloids, paparazzi, and slimy gossip-mongers like Perez Hilton. The question shouldn’t be “Why is Matt Bomer’s sexuality such a secret?” as much as “Why should ANY celebrity’s privacy be so violated?” I wouldn’t want some hollywood blogger to be posting pics of me smooching my sweetie; why should he have to justify his relationship(s) or see his sex life being dissected by strangers?

  • LadyL

    Well here it is June (Pride month!) of 2011, fully one year and a half since the original post, and this discussion still rages on…

    Of course it does.

    What I don’t get is why so many people here have been asking “why it matters” about MB and how he is handling (or not) public awareness of his sexual orientation. I can forgive this obtuseness in str8s but not in fellow queers. The very obvious reason this issue strikes such a nerve is because we are not yet at a place in this society where being gay is a complete non-issue. As advanced as American culture is about LGBTQ concerns, thare are still too many places in the U.S. where being gay can get you kicked out of or denied a job, ostracized by your peers and family, or beaten to death. Too many gay kids are still being bullied to the point of suicide. Too many politicians (many of them pathetic closet cases enabled by a squeamish mainstream press) treat the dignity of LGBT people as something of inconsequence and their right to live full lives as something negotiable.

    For as long as all that continues to be the case, we’ll care very much how “blessed” gays like MB and his partner, Hollywood power broker SH, deal with The Question–and it’s no good telling us we shouldn’t.

    As many here have said, in a just world it shouldn’t matter whether or not Mr. Bomer wants to acknowledge the truth about his orientation. But for too many of us, the world is NOT a just place.

    So yes. It matters. Still.

  • Ken

    On the Today Show, when he was cohost with Hoda he did talk about his three kids and his support system. Hoda was drooling over him and he looked uncomfortable but he was quite the proud father. So he’s not hiding he’s just not broadcasting. I think there is a more important things to think, discuss than this.

  • kezka

    @Lane: ABSOLUTELY.

  • CJMR

    I had no idea he was gay until the last episode when he and the other man wore tuxes. Matt did not have a tee shirt on under his shirt and while that may seem insane to everyone else, that’s when I figured out he was gay. Shame, he is incredibly gorgeous.

  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)


    Eh? I don’t think it was his choice! More like the show is obsessed with showing his chest lol!


    Gays who call closeted gays cowards are assholes. And gays who out other gays are the worst kind. I hate this site, and all the people who judge Matt and other stars in the closet for protecting themselves.

  • Demetria

    NO! I love Matt Bomer:) he’s SO hot!

  • mensss

    matthew is like the totall hottie..i watched i didnt know he was gay but i said to myself damn this guy is not fine he is beautiful…those eyes

  • Kardo

    Gay, straight, who cares? It has nothing to do with his work as an actor. Why MUST he be out? It’s all fantasy anyway. Give the guy some privacy and enjoy being entertained.

  • Martha

    I am a huge fan of White Collar. Matthew Bomer does an amazing job as do Tim DeKay, Willie Garson, Tiffani Thiessen (I can’t name them all).

    I have a double sided sentiment about actors/actresses who choose not to make their sexual orientation public. Just to be clear, I am not an actor and I do not, even remotely, know what it means to be a celebrity, I am just giving my opinion and I have no intention of offending anyone.

    On one hand, I’ve always wondered why people get so obsessed over having to know their favourite actors’ sexual orientation, it’s not like you’re gonna get in their pants, so who cares if Mr. Bomer is gay or straight or if another actor/actress is gay or straight, it doesn’t make much difference, we should just appreciate their talent as actors or artists.

    On the other hand, however, I think that their coming out could only do good to the gay community, it would make us more visible, it would help people drift away from stereotype of gay men being just hyper camp guys or beer drinking, vest wearing butches on motorbikes.

    Furthermore there’s a problem at the bottom of this, “hiding” your sexual orientation just because it could ruin a career (of whatever sort) it’s understandable, but unacceptable. We have to fight this society and not run along with it for our own sake.

    I remember watching Ellen when I was fairly young, I remember the episode in which she came out, the famous the “Puppy Episode” with the fabulous Laura Dern. After that Ellen couldn’t get a job in years, I mean this is not the society I want to live in.

    Mrs. Degeneres is so so talented and thinking that she had to struggle for years to get back just because she’s gay it makes me furious and sad. So although it is understandable that some actors prefer to stay “in the closet”, it truly is unacceptable.

    As someone once said in a Showtime TV show “Sexuality is fluid whether you’re gay, straight or bisexual, you just go with the flow”.

    So just get over it already!

  • Mazie

    I understand that it shouldn’t matter if this actor is gay or straight, and frankly, I don’t think as many people find it interesting as those who want to make a big deal out of these pictures think it is. We simply don’t care. ~shrug~ Sorry. You’re just not that interesting – you wanted mainstream, you got it, no one cares.

    To go along with that though, I don’t understand why just because Bomer is in a committed relationship that is suppose to translate to the media as somehow slighting him if they drudge up old pictures of him making out with another guy. I’m sure Jennifer Aniston has had old pics of her drug out for all to see, so why is this supposed to be different?? It’s not somehow magically ‘worse’ just because these are two men kissing instead of a man and a woman so, quite frankly, deal with it. I get that his friend is saying he’s a nice guy – I’m sure every star has a few good friends that think they are decent people too, but that certainly doesn’t stop the media from digging up anything they can on those people, and if they find pics of the star sucking face with someone else, no matter how old the pics are, they are gonna publish them! Should it somehow be different for him because he’s gay? No, it shouldn’t. If you don’t want double standards, don’t try to create them.

  • Shawna W

    Who cares if he’s gay. If a person is a good actor what does it matter if he is gay or not. Matt is hot but no one can choose if u like girls or guys except you!

  • David

    This is pretty disappointing, all these ridiculous comments on the man’s sexuality, is it really any of your business what his orientation is? And even if it is your business why does it matter so much to you all? I hate that I found this while searching up other jobs he has had. He’s a great actor and it is pretty much all I care about. And are you speaking for the WHOLE gay community when you say you won’t tolerate the “shame”? I personally don’t see any shame in their actions, they’re just protecting their livelihood and their loved ones. Either way gay or not it doesn’t make me feel differently about what I am watching, to do so would make me a close minded fool, which seems most of you are. One day your eyes may open, hope it won’t be too late for you to actually enjoy life a little more.

  • Little Kiwi

    i dunno. i think it’s more disappointing that it’s 2011 and we still have grown-ass adults making excuses for being Closeted.

    People have been coming out for decades, in times and places far more unforgiving than today. I find it ridiculous that gay people continue to use the tired excuse of “it’s my personal life” – it was a bullshit evasive excuse when I said it at 16, and it’s a bullshit evasive excuse when others say it today. So….what? straight people can’t have personal lives? straight people aren’t vague about their heterosexuality. straight people are openly straight and still manage to maintain “personal” or “private” lives.

    until more of us act like responsible adults and Come Out this closet-culture will only continue, pathetically making people feel as if Hiding is a noble option. it aint. we adults have a responsibility to open the doors for the next generations.

    the closed-minded fools are the ones who continue to think selfishly about themselves rather than what they can do to help others. Help Out, Come Out.

  • EuropeWatchU:)

    Love Matt..and White Collar:) he,s making a memorable character and all the others are great to…so keep on going!!!!

  • Madelyn

    I think it’s pretty disappointing that we have “grown-ass adults” somehow deciding that it’s any of their business whether or not a person who is clearly out to their family, friends, and social circle decides to talk about their sexuality to the national media.

  • Sharys

    I only got to say who care what his sexual orientations are, whether his gay, bisexual nor straight that his personal life we not here to judge others if we were trust me there wouldn’t be no show, series, soap operas anything only anime or cartoons.. who are you to talk about other peoples life you want to talk about life talk about yours.. i would never change my mind on what i think of Matt bomer.. If any one cares about his personal life go and get one…

  • Sleepyhead

    No. 32 · Sleepyhead
    Matt bomer is not gay! You guys r being fool by his PR management team!
    First off don’t u guys find the ‘gay kiss’ photo came out a bit too convinient ? One minute before he has a new tv show coming on, next minutes the photos ‘leaked’, that’s because they need to create topic to promote his show! Whats a better topic than’hey! Look at that really hot guy, i ant believe he’s gay!! The timing is incredibly beneficial, u guys.
    Second. He told his cohost at the today show that he has 3 kids just 30mins be4 the show starts ??come on who would do that?? It’s too obvious that it’s an another keep -him -on the -gossip –
    colomn interview .
    The whole gay thing is just another publicity stun, just like what they do to Luke Evans ,( Luke is gay but the boss want him to be straight, Matt is straight pretending to be gay,both dating a PR, see the connection) I’m sayin thins cuz I’m pretty sure when I google him while he was on traveler, I read an artical about him being married to a woman and has kids, I remember this so well cuz I remembers my dissapointment at that point.

  • Keep your nose in your own Business!!

    You know what guys, just shut the f*** up! It’s his bussiness, not the whole worlds! I think all you people who just have to go after every little detail of their lives are just Pathetic!! You pursue every little detail of their personal lives and give them crap about it. You make them nuts then drag them through the mud. You all should be ashamed or yourselves! How would you like it if the whole world went digging trough your life, judging you on everything. They are just people and they have just as much right for privacy as the rest of us! I don’t care what is going on in his personal life, i like his show ane yes i think he is hot, but it is none of my business what happens in HIS personal life. It’s none of yours either I whole-heartedly agree with this comment-

    This is pretty disappointing, all these ridiculous comments on the man’s sexuality, is it really any of your business what his orientation is? And even if it is your business why does it matter so much to you all? I hate that I found this while searching up other jobs he has had. He’s a great actor and it is pretty much all I care about. And are you speaking for the WHOLE gay community when you say you won’t tolerate the “shame”? I personally don’t see any shame in their actions, they’re just protecting their livelihood and their loved ones. Either way gay or not it doesn’t make me feel differently about what I am watching, to do so would make me a close minded fool, which seems most of you are. One day your eyes may open, hope it won’t be too late for you to actually enjoy life a little more.

    It is none of all you fools business, so get over it! And keep your noses in your own business!

  • MvB

    Does it matter to you that he is gay or not? What to do with the private lives of other persons? None of your own? Well, worry about it! That’s it.

    Get off him at last!


    (Sorry for my bad English.)

  • MvB

    Oh, shit! Does it matter to you that he is gay or not? What to do with the private lives of other persons? None of your own? Well, worry about it! That’s it.

    Get off him at last!


    (Sorry for my bad English.)

  • Wieda

    Well..I don’t care if he’s gay…he’s still beautiful…and he still my fave actors…although I prefer Neil Patrick Harris over Matt…cause He’s Out, He’s Proud, and He’s happy. Maybe…just maybe, My dear Mr. Bomer should learn that from Mr. Harris…instead the “no comment” part…

  • Maddu

    He’s so smexy BWAH DEM ABS

  • Squeals!

    Matt Bomer is hot but if he’s gay then he’s even more hotter! So what if it’s man to man love, it’s more sexy than man to woman love at least to me, and that’s all it matters. More than that, having to see a real-life picture of it and Matt Bomer’s at that is a dream come true! Although, according to the situation, it seems to show disrespect. Uh well, my sincerest apologies for having such lascivious fantasies. But gay or straight, love is love and sexual preference is sexual preference. No one can change one’s sexual preference because, us humans, have our own differences. So, there’s absolutely no wrong in being gay, lesbian, bi or straight. However, I think it’s lame and unintelligent to think that all humans will have the same sexual preference just because society supposes it to be right.

  • Ken

    He’s out. This is old news.

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