Why The Tudors Is Good for Mankind


Critics might argue there’s just too much sex on The Tudors, Showtime’s semi-true retelling of England’s King Henry VIII. And were the show set in reality, where the king wasn’t a strapping fit fella, and the women he slept with skinny model types, they might be right: Who would want to see gap-toothed monsters getting it on every other scene? But creator Michael Hirst didn’t make a show that’s historically accurate. He made a show that people wanted to see. Which explains why star Jonathan Rhys Meyers is treated like a sex object: the camera lingers on his torso, there are ass shots a plenty, and sex scenes are as much about showing bare breasted women as they are a grunting Meyers. Rather than criticizing The Tudors for having too much sex, we should be celebrating producers’ decision to finally glorify a dude.