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Why Trans Women (And Not Gay Men) Are the New Television Makeover Must

VH1, the Viacom network responsible for the exploitation of D-list has-beens and the word “Love,” this month premieres Transform Me, a television makeover show. Featuring three transgender makeover-ers.

Yes, we’re definitely living in a post-Queer Eye world.

“[U]nlike other makeover shows,” a release says, “this series focuses on overall transformations, helping to improve each woman on the inside as well as the outside. The team will have to push each subject out of her emotional comfort zones and there will be no shortage of tears, arguments, and OMG! moments along the way.”

OMG! moments?? OMG!!

With Laverne Cox (who you’re supposed to know from I Want To Work For Diddy), Jamie Clayton, and Nina Poon answering the “style 911 calls” across America, you can expect terrible gender-related one-liners matched with DVF’s spring collection.

But this is actually a breakthrough moment for our transgender gals out there. America is used to thinking of gay men as the ultimate style must-have, with their snap fashion decisions and know-it-all tips on slimming outerwear. But it was the T girls who were forgotten about — a shame, because nobody knows about fine-tuning a woman’s outfit than a former man trying to fit in.

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  • MickW

    I like that they have a diverse group of people.

  • RLS

    This is what I hate about the new online “journalism.” Thanks Queerty, for needless, pointless, and nasty snark.

    Typical of know-nothing, do-nothing bloggers who make their living criticizing those who are actually doing something.

    I’m looking forward to this show!

  • Tina

    This article was pretty well written and inoffensive actually – except for that last sentence. Wow, way to wreck it.

  • fredo777

    I do recognize Laverne from Work For Diddy, since I’ve watched + enjoyed both seasons of the show.

  • Ben

    “…a former man trying to fit in…”

    I guess that makes gay people former straights.

    Fuck you, Queerty.

  • Lara

    Wonderful news! Don’t forget about the March 7 protest against Avatar.

  • Qjersey

    Jamie Clayton was named the “second most beautiful woman in NY” by Newsday I think. CBS news on Logo did a piece on it.

  • fredo777


    What on earth would be the point in protesting against Avatar?

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    Laverne Fox was great on I Want to Work for Diddy. Also, she appeared in a Bobbyblue music video.

    Free Tan

  • Soakman

    I think the commentators are just as catty as the journalists. You know what they mean. If you have to doll yourself up to look like the other sex (NOT gender, so I’m not being offensive), then you must be pretty good at making people who are uncomfortable with their bodies more comfortable with them. And for Pre-op Trans people, that makes you very aware of fashion and how they shape the way your body looks to people.

  • jason

    I’m sorry but I have no respect for these trans genders. All they do is confirm stereotypes of women.

    Also, why on earth is a trans gender considered to be gay friendly? Trans genders don’t want to be gay, therefore they change their gender and avoid it. I certainly do not want these people representing our community.

  • mike

    Trans genders don’t wish to be gay. Therefore, they alter their gender in order to avoid being thought of as gay.

  • Sam

    Mike and Jason,

    You’ve both got the wrong end of the stick. People don’t transition to hide their sexuality (well, perhaps apart form in Iran where it is forced on them). You can easily be a lesbian transwoman or a gay transman. dig past the stereotype and you’ll discover that there are loads of queer and bisexual transfolk. I’m dating a queer transguy at the moment.

    Secondly, homophobia is so connected to transphobia you should support them regardless of their sexuality.

  • Tina

    I’m a lesbian trans woman. I transitioned to be female in order to ease my own discomfort – my brain has always been female. My body needed realignment. I didnt transition to ‘avoid’ anything – sexuality or labels or otherwise. Transitioning lands you INTO so much abuse – from straight AND gay people! The argument that someone transitions to get AWAY from negative stereotypes isnt valid.

    Soakman: Yes, we can be pretty good about finding clothes that flatter our bodies and whatnot. Its a pretty decent idea actually. The last sentence of the article was the only one offensive to me…(ps…why on earth do people call me a man now that i’m a woman? they never called me a man BEFORE i transitioned).

  • Dee

    lol Mike and Jason are the same person. Way to make another comment just to support your idiocy (look at the way he writes trans gender)

    Lots of trans people are ALSO queer! I’m trans and date both men and women, trans and non-trans…so fuck off. We’re all part of the queer community whether you like it or not.

  • alan brickman

    I have a tran friend I always take shopping..they always know how to dress a man like a man….

  • femme

    Personally I never understood the idea of gay men deciding what a woman likes or wants to wear. So many of the outfits I’ve seen in so many of those shows are ugly. My daughter and I will each comment on how this or that looks crappy and wouldn’t think of buying let alone wearing it.
    Yes they usually get some of it right but by no way do I think a gay man is who I want picking my clothes. Get me a woman to pick my clothes, be she dealing with a medical condition or not. So this show would be fine, if not for the fact I bet they will make them say a bunch of stupid stereo typical one liners through out it.
    “..who you’re supposed to know..” I wonder if this was a gay man the writer would have put it that way?
    Yes i remember Laverne on that show. Never saw that whole series but I do remember seeing that a segment or two.
    Mike/Jason, you schizophrenic person you, sexual orientation (who you love) and gender identity (who you are) are two different things meaning there is a cross over same with those who are intersex.

  • Janessa

    I’m so glad so many people realize what an idiot Mike/Jason is. I know not everyone can accept transgender people, but it is especially disappointing when someone in the lgbt community hates on transgender people. I mean, I know being transgender and being gay are two completely different things, but both groups share some things in common – such as the fact they are misunderstood and often discriminated against. =|

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