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Why Trans Women (And Not Gay Men) Are the New Television Makeover Must

VH1, the Viacom network responsible for the exploitation of D-list has-beens and the word “Love,” this month premieres Transform Me, a television makeover show. Featuring three transgender makeover-ers.

Yes, we’re definitely living in a post-Queer Eye world.

“[U]nlike other makeover shows,” a release says, “this series focuses on overall transformations, helping to improve each woman on the inside as well as the outside. The team will have to push each subject out of her emotional comfort zones and there will be no shortage of tears, arguments, and OMG! moments along the way.”

OMG! moments?? OMG!!

With Laverne Cox (who you’re supposed to know from I Want To Work For Diddy), Jamie Clayton, and Nina Poon answering the “style 911 calls” across America, you can expect terrible gender-related one-liners matched with DVF’s spring collection.

But this is actually a breakthrough moment for our transgender gals out there. America is used to thinking of gay men as the ultimate style must-have, with their snap fashion decisions and know-it-all tips on slimming outerwear. But it was the T girls who were forgotten about — a shame, because nobody knows about fine-tuning a woman’s outfit than a former man trying to fit in.