Bashful Boehner

Why Won’t John Boehner Answer Nancy Pelosi’s Letters?

Poor Nancy Pelosi. It’s not fun being a penpal if your pal won’t pen you back.

Pelosi wrote some very nice letters to John Speaker John Boehner on April 18th and April 20, demanding more information about his wildly expensive plans to defend DOMA. Still no answer! What are you waiting for, John?

Among her questions: how’d they pick Paul Clement to defend the anti-gay law? Did they put out bids? How did they settle on $520 an hour? And what are these vague “other fees” referred to in the contract?

So far, John’s been tight-lipped, and not just because he’s trying not to cry. Well, if he won’t talk to his colleagues, maybe he’ll talk to his constituents. Ohio residents, go print Nancy Pelosi’s letters from the 18th and the 20th, and then call your congressman’s office and pose those questions to whoever answers the phone. His numbers are 513-779-5400 (Butler County) and 937-339-1524 (Miami County). Or bug him in DC, at 202-225-6205.