Bashful Boehner

Why Won’t John Boehner Answer Nancy Pelosi’s Letters?

Poor Nancy Pelosi. It’s not fun being a penpal if your pal won’t pen you back.

Pelosi wrote some very nice letters to John Speaker John Boehner on April 18th and April 20, demanding more information about his wildly expensive plans to defend DOMA. Still no answer! What are you waiting for, John?

Among her questions: how’d they pick Paul Clement to defend the anti-gay law? Did they put out bids? How did they settle on $520 an hour? And what are these vague “other fees” referred to in the contract?

So far, John’s been tight-lipped, and not just because he’s trying not to cry. Well, if he won’t talk to his colleagues, maybe he’ll talk to his constituents. Ohio residents, go print Nancy Pelosi’s letters from the 18th and the 20th, and then call your congressman’s office and pose those questions to whoever answers the phone. His numbers are 513-779-5400 (Butler County) and 937-339-1524 (Miami County). Or bug him in DC, at 202-225-6205.

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  • Pinkish Hugh

    Poor Nancy P . . . why will no one listen to her? Oh yeah, that’s right, she’s a jittery old flake who seems to have absolutely no idea what it means to responsibly hold public office. Such a legacy she’ll leave behind.

  • Go Galt. Please.

    Little boo-hoo Boehner keeps trying to apologize for not playing well with others, but no one can read his tear-stained letters.

  • Cam

    @Pinkish Hugh:

    Lets see, just why was it that the GOP has done nothing but target Pelosi, smear her, name call her…..

    Oh, thats right, she was effective. She got multiple bills past the house and Reid couldn’t get through the Senate. In the first few weeks of her term she got 19 bills through the house. Boehner in the same time only got 4.

    So insult her all you want but to say she doesn’t know anything about the job is idiotic. You may not agree with her politicis, but for workload she is one of the most effective House speakers in decades.

  • Lonnie

    Cam, what does Nancy’s ass taste like?

    She got multiple bills passed… AND NOT A SINGLE FUCKING ONE OF THEM WAS FOR GAY RIGHTS.

    The Republicans also get a lot of bills passed. Passing bills is what legislators do. It’s the CONTENT of those laws that matter.

    Did she end the wars that the American people (fags included, but apparently not you) voted in two national elections to end? No. Did she help create a national jobs program to address the massive unemployment created by Obama’s welfare to Wall Street? No. Did she fight for REAL health care reform (single payer) and to keep Big Pharma OUT of Obamacare? No. Did she fight against cuts to the programs that keep us alive? No.

    Cam, you can either fight for gay rights OR you can fight for the Democrats. They are NOT the same thing. Go botox with Pelosi.

  • Lonnie


    The world is much more complex than “Democrats… grunt grunt… Good… Republicans… grunt grunt… Bad…”

  • Lonnie

    Her party had control of the White House and both Houses of Congress and they couldn’t manage to repeal DOMA or pass ENDA. Shit talk the Republicans all you want to. They deserve it. But the Democrats are NO better.

    I loathe the Republicans with every fiber of my being.

    Now, name one single piece of anti-gay policy or legislation they’ve passed in the last 20 years. Can you?

    I can name two the Democrats have: DADT and DOMA. Both are still the law of the land.

  • matt baume

    Lonnie, please cut back on the personal attacks.

    Also, Pelosi regularly sponsored or voted correctly for LGBT interests in the 111th Congress. For example:
    – Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act
    – Murphy Amendment to National Defense Authorization Act
    – “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Repeal Act
    – Early Treatment for HIV Act

    And in the 110th:
    – Kennedy Amendment to Department of Defense Authorization Act
    – Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act Motion to Recommit
    – Employment Non-Discrimination Act
    – Souder Amendment to Financial Services Appropriations Act
    – Improving Head Start Act Motion to Recommit
    – Early Treatment for HIV Act

  • Seaguy

    Pinkish Hugh- you sound like a Fox News Watching Boehner loving Republican with your harsh and totally off base attack on the woman who was our nations first female speaker of the house, and who did quite a bit for the gay community during her tenure as speaker. Nancy Pelosi continues fighting for our rights. That’s more than I can say for Boehner!

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