Why Won’t Letterman Brand O’Reilly a ‘Charlatan’?

We’re sorry to do this to you, but we’re providing all three parts of Bill O’Reilly’s interview on David Letterman last night. Our apologies.

The reason Letterman invites O’Reilly on, and the reason O’Reilly accepts Letterman’s invitation, is because both of their egos are the size of a pair of saline-inflated testicles. And just as gross. Except one guy says things that make people laugh, and the other guy says things that misinform and terrorize people.

So let’s do this. Rather than go on and on about how terrible O’Reilly is — because HE IS — let’s just find as many instances in these three clips of him contradicting himself or spewing lies.

We’ll start. In the second clip, he says he doesn’t want to comment on Al Franken because he doesn’t like the guy. Except, uh, when has not liking somebody ever stopped O’Reilly from tearing ’em to shreds?

You go!