Maddow Disease

Why’s This Douche Calling Rachel Maddow A ‘Nice Little Boy’?


It’s not just Anderson Cooper who’s seeing viewership slip, but another gay! MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow saw her lowest numbers since her debut this week; Nielsen’s reports show she’s been sliding since January. Of course, Nielsen doesn’t really know what it’s talking about (no, really, it doesn’t), and the election high is over, and it’s Fox News that’s actually benefiting from the Obama administration. But boy do we have a way to juice Maddow’s ratings: Start calling her a “little boy”!

That was just one description levied on Maddow by Andrew Wilkow, who guest-hosted Mark Levin’s right-wing radio show on Sirius XM. (It’s “one of the highest-rated right-wing talk radio shows in America,” notes Glenn Greenwald. Wilkow also has his own show.)

The full remarks aimed at Maddow: “You, the idiot taxpayer, are paying the salary of that nice little boy, Rachel Maddow . . . Keith Olbermann’s nephew, Rachel Maddow.”

Which is just silly, because if anything, Maddow isn’t Olbermann’s nephew. SHE’S HIS DADDY, BEYOTCH.

(There were also these comments for a certain anti-Carrie Prejean blogger: “Perez Hilton, who I am now terming a vile sodomite . . . yeah, Perez, you’re a vile sodomite – doesn’t that word have a ring to it – sodomite — and vile – vile sodomite – it just sounds so good to hear in my headphones – vile sodomite . . . . I’m not sure whose idea it was to have an overweight homosexual . . . What do gays constitute? They could announce the cure for AIDS on Logo and nobody would know for two weeks . . . And again, Perez Hilton, you’re a vile sodomite . . . and then this vile sodomite . . .”)

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  • Tintin Malfoy

    Who is this asshole? Thankfully I’ve never heard of him.

  • John Santos

    Typical repub, got his job through family, not his merits, or talent:

    Before entering talk radio in 2002 (on the graces of his father in law WABC program director Phil Boyce)…

    Ha! If it wasn’t for his daddy-in-law he’d be at MickyDee’s flipping burgers. He hates Rachel and Perez because they’re self-made and he needed to fuck someone’s daughter to get a job.

  • dgz

    now that’s a face built for radio.

    i doubt rachel is very offended, thankfully. she says she looks like a boy in interviews all the time.

  • Chris

    He’s got closet case face too.

  • Joeb1212

    Well, truth be told she IS ugly with a God-awful show.

  • Alexa

    @Joeb1212: Um no, she’s not. And her show is great. And even she was and it was, that’s not the point. I loathe Perez, but this asshole is far more vile than him. Thankfully most people had never heard of him until now, and probably would never have heard of him if we didn’t keep giving him and people like him free publicity by talking about them.

  • andy

    Conservatism is a form of paranoia, hasn’t that been proven already. Get the guy a psychiatrist quick it may not be too late for him.

  • lileasy

    Personally, I think Rachel is brilliant and beautiful. I would not think of missing her show.

  • kevin (not that one)

    We need new decency standards that discourage hate talk radio. And if we can’t get it through the courts, then we should get it through the pitchforks!

  • OldFAQ

    Radio – Schmadio. Who the fuck actually listens to talk radio in the 21st century? Wingnuts, that’s who. Other than FOX news, it’s all that those paranoid, homophobic types have. The cyber world is beyond the comprehension of most of them. They’re still doing dialup for godsake. As for this guy. Please. Rachael Maddow could do a smackdown on his ass without chipping a nail. And if push came to shove, so could Perez.

  • Andrew Wilkow Fan

    Ratings drop? False reporting. This is just an opinion piece by an author who should call up Andrew himself and debate him on the issue instead of hiding behind this website.

    1.866.95.patriot <—DO IT. Call him and tell him what you think.

  • tavdy79

    If Rachel’s a little boy, why isn’t she being mobbed by Catholic priests?

  • kevin (not that one)

    @Andrew Wilkow Fan: Hatertainers need the angry callers in order to feed off of the hate…and if they encounter someone who offers up reasoned opposition, they shout them down, sidetrack the discussion, lie without accepting a challenge to the lies, and eventually cut them off with the push of a button. Reasoned discussion doesn’t feed the trolls and doesn’t attract the many sad, lonely, disturbed people whose vision of the future is dire and defeatist – in otherwords, the folks who listen to Limbaugh, Savage, etc.

    Hatertainers are a text-book example of the cowardly demagogue, whose true product is pollution and who rejects responsibility for the consequences of their actions.

    Hatertainers should be discouraged, much in the same way we take matches away from known pyromaniacs. Their speech should not be protected, just as we do not protect the right of an ex-con to own a gun.

  • Bruno

    I watch Maddow every day ON THE NET and could care less what her ratings are. I don’t listen to Wilkow, but I’m sure he’d be good for a few laughs.

  • Nickadoo

    He’s only 36?! Sweet hell, I’m thinking he’s got a friend in Tina if he’s lookin’ that haggard.

  • AlwaysGay

    @kevin (not that one): Correct. These right-wing extremists’ philosophy is hate.

  • chuck

    David Gregory’s ratings have been at an all time low on Meet the Press too. The right has just chosen make a big story of Rachel and Anderson’s recent low numbers because they are sticking it to the ones widely known to be gay.

    The gender insults thing is an old and tired conservative tactic. Every right wing website has been calling Rachel a man just like they’ve made a long practice of dismissing Anderson as a fag and a girl. Rachel does look masculine and admits it and Anderson giggles like a girl, but it’s hateful and bigoted when the right use gender confusion jokes as an insult or reason to dismiss gay public figures the way they do. O’Reilly and right wing blogs were offensive too ridiculing gay New York Times reporter Jeff Zeleny for sounding too feminine with his “enchanted” question at the presidential press conference.

  • Jake the libertarian

    Nice dude! Way to give Michael Savage a run for his money.

  • atdleft

    @Joeb1212: Go to hell, NOMbie troll.

    @OldFAQ: Yep, the H8ers still in the midst of the 20th century while the rest of us have moved into the 21st with that thing called “the internet”. Suckers! ;-)

  • PaulD

    Maddow: Rhodes scholar and Ph.D.

    This douchenozzle: Not so much.

  • A.W.F.

    Perez Hilton dishes out hate all the time. Andrew dished to Perez what Perez dishes on his blog. Andrew Wilkow doesn’t hate gays. His debates are usually unbreakable.

  • Andrew Wilkow Fan

    @kevin (not that one): Hater? Listen to the show. Buy Sirius radio subscription and actually listen to him. Problem is, you don’t and that’s why you think you’re right. Listen to the entire show about Perez.

    @PaulD, just because you have a PHD in basketweaving doesn’t make you smart. Andrew has a degree and common sense. You’re upset because someone quoted his opinion on Perez and you can’t handle it. Listen to the entire broadcast.

  • atdleft

    @Andrew Wilkow Fan: And why does your hero need trolls like you to come to an LGBT blog to bash LGBT people? Just wondering…

    @PaulD: Heh. Way to make the NOMbie trolls’ heads explode! :-)

  • John Santos

    @Andrew Wilkow Fan:

    Didn’t you already catch hell at the Cyber Punk forum for using a stupid fan name, Andrew Wilkow Fan?

    1.866.95.patriot <—DO IT. Call him and tell him what you think.

    I’d rather listen to EastCoastBob make Andrew look like a fool:


    Perez Hilton dishes out hate all the time.

    So you admit Andrew dishes out hate?

    Andrew dished to Perez what Perez dishes on his blog.

    Yeah and Perez is loved for it! Wilkow dishes out hate and no one knows who the hell he is. Sad.

    Wilkow doesn’t hate gays.

    He calls all his friends “vile sodomites”?

    His debates are usually unbreakable.

    I broke Andrew’s arguments, just like I’ll break his ass-hymen if I ever get my vile sodomite hands on him :)

    @Andrew Wilkow Fan:

    Listen to the entire show about Perez.

    Why should I listen to a show, just to hear anti-gay slurs?

    Andrew has a degree and common sense.

    He has a degree in communications. Big friggin’ deal. As far as common sense, he obviously used that to marry a powerful man’s daughter, just so he could get his own radio show. If he had to get by on his qualifications, he’d still be a DJ that no one has ever heard of.

  • kevin (not that one)

    @John Santos: Thanks John. I guess the term “vile sodomite” is a term of endearment in AWF’s world.

    Oh, btw, “listen to the show”!…so his ratings will increase and it will lure in advertisers. For this WPOS, I don’t think so. Epic fail.

  • Todd

    Oh man, I try to be a nice guy about politics, but it totally burns me to see someone bash Rachel like that! At least I know she’ll handle it way better than I could — I’ll definitely be watchin’ to see what she does!

  • Nickadoo

    Congratulations, Andrew Wilkow Fan Producer. You got people to talk about your low-rent Michael Savage wannabe.

  • Wolf

    @kevin (not that one): Are you kidding me? His response was due to the fact that conservatives are getting sick of the vile and hateful comments of those in the mainstream media that passes for news. I’m sure the left is rounding up the hate parade as I type this to get at Wilkow…just like they did with the AIG execs. The hypocrisy is unbelievable. I didn’t hear anyone on the left speaking out when Hilton and the gay columnist were attacking her appearance because her views did not agree with theirs.

  • kevin (not that one)

    @Nickadoo: Better yet, let’s all talk about what a douche this Andrew Wilkow is only on Queerty or other gay blogs. We can drive the advertising revenue traffic to the sites we like. Don’t click on a link that goes to Sirius or to a right-wing blog…it’s giving money to the haters.

  • NewYorkness

    hahaha…this guy is so gay!! Gaydar detection is on extremely high!

  • getreal

    Any gay person who would even consider voting for repubs is crazy. This is what they really think of lgbt people even if they change their rhetoric this is what they really think. The democrats may be dragging their feet embarrassingly but they will eventually do the right thing most conservatives don’t even think lgbt deserve ANY rights. How do they live with themselves?

  • EE Keller

    @Joeb1212: DOLT

  • Dabq

    @Joeb1212: Your take and maybe you need to get to Eyemasters and get your peeps checked, I think she is actually kinda cute, but, the show has went down the tubes, night in and night out on the torutre thing, there are many more issues going on in this country she could discuss.

    The creepy guy with that hate and homophobia? Looks like the typical Craigslist married but curious type that make up 75% of that site’s m4m page, ugh.

  • emmazon


  • MTiffany

    He’s just jealous because he knows Rachel’s girl bits are bigger than his dick, any day.

  • tdub

    Typical hot headed show host. Bashing gays and 10 years later he is caught in a restroom with a young boy. Closet case with a guilt complex. It’ll happen. Until then, why doesn’t this knuckledragger just STF up?

  • jjj

    He is 100% right Perez Hilton is VILE!

  • getreal

    @jjj: You hope another human being gets murdered? Really?

  • sal(the original)


  • MTiffany

    @sal(the original): And he probably watches it late, late at night, when he just can’t seem to get to sleep.

  • James

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion; Rachel does suck. She admits “I dress like a 12 year old boy”. If she is going to state it herself, you cannot make people who refer to her as a “boy” out to be some hater.

    Bunch of whiny-ass bottoms on this web site.

  • hephaestion

    Wikow is 36?? God, he looks 20 years older. Drug-addled Closet Case for sure.

  • Joanaroo

    Why do the right wingnuts listen to and love their haters? Because they have to hear the words on the radio to convince themselves they really think that way and that other people are just as stupid as they are. Remember that Hitler was able to get many of his countrymen to kill another ethnic groups members with his propaganda. It’s the 30s all over again.

  • Gry

    I’ve always thought that Maddow is an example of perfectly-balanced androgyny, appealing Ying & Yang all at once.

    As for this guy, he’s just further proof that right wing radio is the go-to arena for unattractive men with lady problems.

  • winston legthigh

    You don’t know the half of it with this guy. He calls Michelle Obama “Rupaul”, his nickname for Janet Napolitano is “the silver-backed gorilla”, and his main nickname for Rachel is “meaty-fingers Maddow”, but I have no idea what he means by this. Oh, and one time he said Rachel “opens a can of tuna for potpourri …” He thinks this is all high-larious material …

  • sal(the original)

    @MTiffany: you know it lol

  • jason

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Andrew Wilkow is one of these turds with a stash of adult magazines containing lesbian scenarios to which he beats his meat.

  • sal(the original)

    @jason: probably wanted Maddow but she OBVIOUSLY turned his ass down

  • Nickadoo

    @winston legthigh: “opens a can of tuna for potpourri …”

    That’s the kind of dyke-joke that catty old queens find funny.

  • mikebuc

    I love it when someone no one’s ever heard of criticizes successful and well known people. Makes him seem…oh I don’t know…maybe a tad…JEALOUS!

  • Mike

    Ugh…this guy’s comments are so disgusting they make me want to throw up. Talk about vile! How many more 12 year old boys will kill themselves after hearing crap like this?

  • PuddyKatz

    Some moron on paid talk radio makes a stupid comment, albeit homophobic. This is a bad thing but it is hardly “news” since it happens everyday.

  • WL

    In Europe and other civilized parts of the world Andrew would be prosecuted for hate speech and inciting violence.

    He should be prosecuted here too.

    He abuses free speech.

  • Adam

    It’s true what he said about LOGO though…it’d be months before anyone knew.

  • ArchDLux

    I hope you all are able to note the hypocrisy in all of the hateful things being said about conservatives on this thread; justified by the pretense “they started it!”

    I’ll give an example:
    Jimmy: I hate Billy.
    Billy: Jimmy is such a hateful hater, I hate him. (but it’s ok for me to hate him, because he started it)

    Unfortunately, this hypothetical does not even carry weight, as Wilkow does not actually hate either Perez or Maddow. He purposefully chooses the use of harsh language in speaking about them because he knows it will incite anger among this community (i.e. this thread) and they will backlash angrily. He then notes that when Rachel and Perez engage in that same type of angry dialogue, this same thread which seems so concerned with fair and friendly, speech does not care.

    This is the exposure of a community that lives by double standards and hypocrisy.

    (see Maddow referring to conservative protestors as Tea-Baggers)
    (see Perez calling Carrie Prejeana dumb bitch based on her OPINIONED response to an OPINION question)

  • mark

    COUNTDOWN begins when will Andrew be caught cruising a men’s restroom…weeks, months?

    My gay-dar rang off the hook for this BIGOT!

  • ArchDLux

    @mark: This is not bigotry, this is a clear demonstration of “do unto others as you would have them do to you.” Rachel Maddow and Perez Hilton engaged in hateful speech against people they didn’t agree with, so Andrew Wilkow engaged this demonstration in order to promote empathy.

    Empathy, I’m sure to you, means people understanding what you’ve been through. But it’s not a one-way street. It also implies your understanding of what others have been through.

  • mark


    It is EXACTLY BIGOTRY,and I’d wager from a self loathing CLOSET CASE.
    I’m not a fan of Perez, but Rachel made fun of DOPES who didn’t have the faintest CLUE they were using such an easily double entendre phrase. ana marie Cpox actually ripped the tea baggers worse than Rachel, and nearly every thinking journalist snickered at their PR disaster with tea baggin.

  • mark


  • chadnnocal

    I have Sirius and I have never heard of this bastard. Hopefully in the next round of layoffs at Sirius/XM his nuts will be on the chopping block.

  • sal(the original)

    @ArchDLux: miss california “opinion” is disgusting,for her to think she is better than anyone cause she is straight!!!DISGUSTING!!!!You sound like the people who years ago would see me as inferior for my racial background…SHAME ON YOU!!!

  • sal(the original)

    @ArchDLux: what kind of society do we live in when humans can choose the fate and rights of other peaceful humans??!!!!shame on u all!!!

  • sal(the original)

    @ArchDLux: ..i was watching old images of black kids being attacked just because they wanted to go to school with the withe kids…the majority then thought that black and white kids were diff and black kids were inferior!to watch that now i feel sad for that time and now there are gays who are killed ,attacked because some people think they are better than them cause they are straight!!!the cycle continues and i know some kid in the future is gonna look at whats happening NOW and think what im thinking when i see those old images,the sad view of man and his blind hate

  • sal(the original)


  • PuddyKatz

    @WL: Dear WL,if you feel so strongly that what is considered protected political speech under the First Amendment in the US should be censored this is what I suggest you do
    1 not anonymously as WL but under your real name contact your Congressperson and Senators as well as gay Congresspeople and ask them to change the laws
    2.Petition the Democratic Party to put advocacy for such hate speech laws into their next Convention platform
    3.If it turns out that we need to amend the First Amendment to make sure that presently protected speech needs to be declared hate speech under the Constitution start a movement or political organization to do so.

    Otherwise your advocacy of a position which finds no basis in American judicial decisions is rather empty.

  • ArchDLux

    @mark: The term Tea Bagging was coined by critics of the movement, not the organizers. If you don’t recall, they were called Tea Parties. The pairing of the term Tea Bagging with the movement is reminiscent of a couple of frat boys high-fiving and saying “haha, good one! You made a gay joke about em’!”

    Again, Andrew Wilkow is demonstrating the power and impact of such imflammatory speech; and as is obvious in this thread, people’s tendencies to justify such speech as long as it is not targeting them.

  • ArchDLux

    @sal(the original): Miss California’s disgusting opinions are shared by Barack Obama and I’m pretty sure (I could be wrong as I don’t have the numbers in front of me) a majority of this nation. I’m not suggesting that a majority of the nation consider homosexuals inferior, but they do hold the view that marriage, as a familial structure, should be between a man and woman. (please note, I AM NOT expressing my own opinions regarding marriage right now, as that is not relevant, but rather explaining others’).

    Also, the likening of homosexual rights to the Civil Rights movement seems a little far-fetched. While there is an apparrent social tendency in this country that negatively affects homosexuals, I’m pretty sure it’s not nearly as constitutionally infringing as is denying a black person the right to vote. And last time I checked, homosexuality was a behavioral tendency, not a skin color.

    (and to save time and prevent extraneous posts, I did not just imply that homosexuality was a choice or fad or any of that mumbo jumbo, so please don’t accuse me of it)

  • mark

    Homo’s suck!!!! Literally.

  • Brian Miller

    @Wolf: conservatives are getting sick of the vile and hateful comments of those in the mainstream media

    Conservatives are “sick of vile and hateful comments?”


    *pant pant pant*


    Oh boy. Oh man. Oh boy.


    Oh no, I think I just pissed myself laughing.

  • Andrew

    Is it my eyes, or is this douchebag’s neck wider than his head?

  • jlojudge

    rachel who??? nobody is watching him…..msmnc is going down the tubes where they belong!

  • Zserilyn

    @Arch: I don’t think civil rights is just a matter of blacks getting everything that whites get. It was also a matter of interracial marriage and every race and gender getting equal opportunities.

    So gay marriage, if marriage is a right, should extend to gays. And if it is not, then this is a civil rights issue.

    Second, so the Douche is okay because his intended response happened? I still feel he’s a douche, no matter how he wanted to respond. To me, that just reiterates the fact that he’s wrong (and a small part of him knows it, or that he knows he will be hated, and is so desperate for attention he’ll garner hatred).

    Third, there are people here (and elsewhere) who hate Perez and Rachel. Still, that doesn’t make this guy any better with him hating on their ‘GAYNESS’ and not any part of their personality, you know, what gets them hated by other homosexuals. It’ll be fine if he talked about what he heard from them that was wrong, but just on their homosexuality is retarded.

    It’s like disagreeing with Obama’s policies but ranting on how a much of a huge monkey n****r he is.

  • Zserilyn

    I also believe Carrie is dumb. She spouted the exact same CRAP every other conservative spouted on the gay marriage issue. It would have been nice to turn it around a bit so it sounded more logical than her peers.

    Wait… I heard something different from her. It was ‘how I was raised’. I don’t believe she was raised against gay marriage (or any thought on it thereof).

    Now she could have said the truth and said she was raised to admonish gays or something similar.

    Raised against gay marriage? So her parents were telling her all the facts when she was what.. fourteen? When this stuff really hit the fan in 2000? I don’t know how old she is.

    Or, ‘I live in a country where I can vote against gay marriage’. And since I can, I’m going to say nay.

    This type of answer with utterly no thought makes her dumb.

    No offense.

  • say it with me, YOU ARE WRONG

    @John Santos: You should listen to him until you disagree with something, call in and just try to break one of his arguments. He will tear you up worse than an over-sized dong. And I am all about the gay rights.

  • Jay Stewart

    He is says this stuff on a daily basis. Making fun of the new Supreme Court Nominee by intimating the Taco Bell dog, calling gays sodomites as well as spewing talking points on the RNC. Calling Obama a Monkey. He is a racist, fascist homophobe and if he were in Europe he would be deported for hate speech.

  • Brant

    @John Santos:

    He grew up an orphan…But you dumbass wouldnt know that you listen to Meaty Fingers Maddow and her sister Keith Overbite. Damn, im sorry for your side…and the fact they have to deal with you fat, lazy, stupid uh…well you get the point. I bet you are really overweight and its not you fault…its glandular.

  • joubess

    @Zserilyn: Funniest thing is Carrie Prejean’s mother is at least bisexual. She was having a very hot affair with a woman up to the night of the pageant.

    And if guys think their women are in possession of tuna fish tacos for cunts, their women should try bathing and personal hygiene to the level of lesbians. If your woman doesn’t smell and taste sweet, she needs a seriously thorough bath (and possibly a douche!).

  • john

    perez hilton judging a beauty contest? what a country! he is famous for blogging u stupid people. andrew wilkow is very sharp and should be listened to by u america hating left wingers!! meaty finger maddow is just dumb i tried to watch her show but she is as stupid as John Stewart or Keith Oberman

  • david rades

    @Andrew Wilkow Fan:
    I have time and again called wilko… kicked his ass on the air… and made someone on his staff cry,who was then fired.
    They have caller ID at the radio station where they originate from and they won’t take my calls anymore because they know I’ll get on and kick his ass again with names,dates,places,facts,and figures.I proved that wiko was a socialist by stating the fact that he lives in a town that has a water tower,a public library,
    a septic sewer system,post office, roads,sidewalks,and the people in that town use money,all socialist programs, to name afew. He said i’m right you’re wrong and hung up. the fact is that i’m right. Just saying you’re right,doesn’t make you right.
    Conservative minded people confuse facts with reality and use a
    cosmic rationale to make anything fit their”reality”, and they are able to live inside that”reality”.Just like the German people
    in the 1930s and 40s,until they saw the devastation…the same thing is happening here thanks to these anti infomationist,anti intellectual,truth challenged,fact allergic,propaganda victimized
    war profiteering,brainwashed,political hacks, that won’t take the time to read a book.Hey listen to Adolf Hitler speak and then
    listen to wilco, same speaking style! Authoritarianism!

  • sweetdog

    Yeah, and he probably has to pull it out of his pants with a tweezers.

  • Whitney

    First, Andrew Wilkow was simply calling Perez Hilton EXACTLY what he is. He is a sodomite. He is a gay man. He didn’t call him the f—-t word. He is vile for using the words he does whilst discussing others. Put the two words together, and you’ve got a “vile sodomite.” Simple as that, really. And all of you calling Republicans and conservatives “right-wing nut jobs” are equally as offensive. It doesn’t have to be a curse word to be offensive. I find it interesting that the same people who have a huge problem with what Andrew is saying have absolutely no qualms about what comes out of thier own mouths, and that goes for those on both ends of the political spectrum.

    Furthermore, in light of what happened recently when Perez and the members of the Black Eyed Peas had an altercation, Perez used the very words his community has worked so admirably hard to remove from regular speech. You can’t defend one and not the other, you can’t condemn one and not the other.

    Finally, THE FIRST AMENDMENT affords Andrew and Perez to say WHATEVER THEY WANT, aside from slander and libel, which have to be proven in a court of law (innocent until proven guilty, at that). So please quit calling for action to stop words. It is NOT the job of the government to dictate what is or is not politically correct or what can and cannot be said.

  • Jay Stewart


    I am tired of people like you Whitney.

    Since you buddy Wilkow wants to call Perez a vile sodomite? I am going to call Wilkow a NAZI FASCIST PIG!

  • ArchDLux

    @Jay Stewart:

    At least Whitney gives a logical breakdown of that which he defends. A logical breakdown of your statement would lead us to believe that Andrew has beliefs that resemble those of National Socialists (NAZI’s) in Germany in the 1930s-40s. Wilkow, being an outspoken conservative, is the polar opposite. The liberal movement in America is loosely aligned ideologically with the NAZI party, in it’s support for gun control, population control (abortion), and strict control over the markets(obviously not in the areas of nationalism and race superiority).

    And to accuse him of being a fascist, you would have to equate him with historical examples of fascist ideology, which typically promote neither conservatism or liberalism, but rather a “third way” of political, social, and economic activity that is typically controlled by a single party with a dictator at the helm. Wilkow seems more concerned with being left alone as much as possible by our ever-expanding government than he does with aligning himself alongside a party that will seize social/economic/political control.

    And on a side note: if I read an article (like the one headlining this forum) that heavily edits (…) someone’s quote, I typically do some research before I draw conclusions. This typically involves finding the full quote, or reading a manuscript, because while light usage of … implies edits for simplicity, heavy usage leans more towards emphasis out-of-context.

  • David Mac

    Santos, you’re an idiot.

    “Typical repub, got his job through family, not his merits, or talent:

    Before entering talk radio in 2002 (on the graces of his father in law WABC program director Phil Boyce)…

    Ha! If it wasn’t for his daddy-in-law he’d be at MickyDee’s flipping burgers. He hates Rachel and Perez because they’re self-made and he needed to fuck someone’s daughter to get a job.”

    He went to work there, met his boss’s daughter, then married her. You don’t know shit, stop pretending you do. Wikipedia is not a valid source of information.

  • John Hallman

    You don’t know who Mark Levin is, but you do know who Rachel Maddow is? That’s good. Really, good. Left wing queer, he worked in the Department of Justice in both the Bush and Reagan administrations, is a constitutional attorney and one of the nation’s foremost authorities on constitutional law. Now do you know who he is? Good. Now, who is Maddow? A left wing dog-faced lesbo who gets all of her talking points from Media Matters and the Daily Kos/Cos – she researches nothing and parrots her gay uncles left wing lunacy nightly to an empty viewership – normal Americans watch Fox: Americans who work or try to work, and disfavor paternalistic welfarism. If you worship laziness and government ownership of the means of production and exchange in a macro economy, fine – get the hell out of America and settle in eastern Europe. America was founded on the basis of free market capitalism and hard work. If you don’t GET that, stop wasting oxygen and drop off. Understand this – contemporary American liberals are gutless wastage, hatched by the counter-culturalist revolution of the 1960s and raised by hippy freak parents who loathed the concept of a republic and lauded free sex, drugs and the merits of irresponsibility and moral depravity. On homosexuality: Call those who recognize and opine on it’s obscenity, homophobes – call names in order to try to justify your mental illness. But, look at the earth and the lifecycles of all organisms from microscopic parasites to the largest of ‘mammals’. Tell us, fem geniuses, where predilection for the same sex fits into this scheme. It is a disgusting aberration and you stinking well know it, argument over.

  • Wilkow?!

    I’d love to see Wilkow and Maddow have a debate.

  • Dasher

    The difference between Rachel and Wilkow is that Rachel has a brain.

    Rachel is brilliant and beautiful (someone said that already, but I’m not very original), and her program is more entertaining, at least in my opinion, than a lot of others on cable.

  • Sherri Joubert

    @Andrew Wilkow Fan: Maddow is a Rhodes Scholar with a Ph.D. in Political Science, that would be Oxford University in England. Her bachelor’s degree is in Public Policy from Stanford. She went to Stanford on scholarship as well and finished early. That would make her very smart.

    She debates Pat Buchanan on a regular basis and turns him inside out. She runs circles around Andrew Wilkow without even getting out of her chair. If all Wildow can do is call Maddow names, he has nothing of substance to say period. Name-calling is the last ditch effort people use when they’re losing, and it speaks to their character a lot more than what it says about their target.

    Most people Maddow debates get handed their own asses on a platter. If those people would stick to facts and support their positions with facts and logical reasoning, they would have a chance against her. But none of them know the first thing about real debate.

  • emma long

    Yes, Wilkow would kill Maddow in a debate.

  • Mike Eddy

    I don’t like Rachel Maddows reporting on her show, very biased with her gay agenda.
    I do have to say Bravo to her for her role in “Larry the cable guy,’Health Inspector'” She was great as his new partner. his character was very funny.

  • Mike Eddy

    @Jay Stewart: Actually the Nazi’s were commie lefties to th extreme. Big government, crush any talk that isn’t along the party line. Get the people to report on their neighbors. use the ignorant to force their way into power. Need I go On? I thought not. So next time you open your opinion hole maybe they wont smell your breath coming and you can spread other bullshit.

  • adman

    @Wolf: losers gossip. Mediocrities talk about people, folks on the left talk about ideas and concepts, you know, reality. Yeah that thing you hate, I know. Sorry to be so dry about it, but then I give fake apologies to trolls since I’m a lying hypocrite on the left.

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