Maddow Disease

Why’s This Douche Calling Rachel Maddow A ‘Nice Little Boy’?


It’s not just Anderson Cooper who’s seeing viewership slip, but another gay! MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow saw her lowest numbers since her debut this week; Nielsen’s reports show she’s been sliding since January. Of course, Nielsen doesn’t really know what it’s talking about (no, really, it doesn’t), and the election high is over, and it’s Fox News that’s actually benefiting from the Obama administration. But boy do we have a way to juice Maddow’s ratings: Start calling her a “little boy”!

That was just one description levied on Maddow by Andrew Wilkow, who guest-hosted Mark Levin’s right-wing radio show on Sirius XM. (It’s “one of the highest-rated right-wing talk radio shows in America,” notes Glenn Greenwald. Wilkow also has his own show.)

The full remarks aimed at Maddow: “You, the idiot taxpayer, are paying the salary of that nice little boy, Rachel Maddow . . . Keith Olbermann’s nephew, Rachel Maddow.”

Which is just silly, because if anything, Maddow isn’t Olbermann’s nephew. SHE’S HIS DADDY, BEYOTCH.

(There were also these comments for a certain anti-Carrie Prejean blogger: “Perez Hilton, who I am now terming a vile sodomite . . . yeah, Perez, you’re a vile sodomite – doesn’t that word have a ring to it – sodomite — and vile – vile sodomite – it just sounds so good to hear in my headphones – vile sodomite . . . . I’m not sure whose idea it was to have an overweight homosexual . . . What do gays constitute? They could announce the cure for AIDS on Logo and nobody would know for two weeks . . . And again, Perez Hilton, you’re a vile sodomite . . . and then this vile sodomite . . .”)