Will John Katehis, Now 18, Take The Stand To Explain How George Weber Ended Up With 50 Stab Wounds?


Does it really matter who placed the Craigslist ad that brought together George Weber (pictured, top) and John Katehis, the latter who stands accused of stabbing to death the late WABC anchor? That’s one fact up for dispute as the murder trial for Katehis, now 18, moves along.

News reports last year claimed it was Weber who published the Craigslist post looking for somebody to smother him for $60, but prosecutors now say it was Katehis — a knife enthusiast — who put the ad online.


Katehis, who faces 25-to-life if found guilty of second-degree murder, and was 16 at time he went to Weber’s apartment, originally told investigators he merely responded to the ad.

Here’s one thing this murder trial is guaranteed to do, if not bring Katehis to justice: It’ll show the troubled, murderous mind of a teenager, and the unsettling fantasies of an adult man who had no problem engaging in sex with a high school-aged boy. There are no winners.