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Will New Jersey’s Attorney General Investigate DeFarra Gaymon’s Fatal Park Cruising Shooting?

The ACLU of New Jersey wants Attorney General Paula Dow’s office to investigate a detective’s fatal shooting of married businessman DeFarra Gaymon, who was allegedly cruising for sex in a public park last Friday and tried fleeing the scene when the officer tried arresting him.

This sounds like a reasonable request: Police in Newark are having a difficult time pursuing criminal suspects without shooting them, having now shot five people in the last month alone. Also, what’s with all the police resources being devoted to targeting gay men?

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  • Blaine Ward

    If they do investigate, I’m sure they’ll come up with something to rule it “justifiable”.

  • biguy

    Stupid fucking pigs

  • anonymous

    Does ANY city in America with a black gay population have a black gay group who speaks out against such things?

    During the pride week celebration you could see THOUSANDS of black gay men and women pouring out of the PATH trains and wait twenty deep to get inside the ONE bar in the Village (Chi-Chi’s)that caters to a black clientele to drink and party. Ask them to ban together to speak out against injustice and watch them all go impotent.

    My heart goes out to the family of this man and I do hope his kids do NOT read about the closeted life their father obviously led. If ever there were a reason for the black gay community in NJ to get their act together then this should be the starting point.

    This is sad on so many counts that they are just too many to list. Sad indeed. I don’t give damn who is offended by this but if you can not call me a lie then please direct your comments else where.

  • Kieran

    The poor man was likely panic stricken that his deep, dark secret of being gay would come to light if he were arrested. He was trying so hard to be that successful, upwardly mobile black man—-and being gay was definitely not a part of that. Oh what a tangled web…..

  • Kieran

    Nice to know that Newark, infamous in New Jersey for it’s drug dealing, violent crimes, muggings, car thefts and car jackings is so very concerned about that most terrible scourge—- men possibly making love in park bushes. Never mind catching muggers and car burglars, “the queers” are the real problem.

  • Isaac

    @anonymous: So, because it’s in Newark it’s a black thing and the gay black groups should handle it? That type of fractured thinking is what divides us. It’s not about being “PC,” it’s about everyone–black, white, gay or straight, being treated fairly by the police.

    In places all over America people who either ARE gay or are PERCEIVED to be gay are singled out for these police actions over their hetero couterparts who are also having sex in public places. Either they treat everyone fairly or leave them alone. The ACLU should handle this because his civil rights may have been viloated by police overreaction to a nonviolent offense.

    Now I’m not condoning having sex in public places. I would say that the vast majority of out gay people would never have sex in public parks, restrooms, and other such places, because we have other venues for meeting people. It’s most often those who are closeted that end up being caught in these police stings. This is not a black only “down low” thing either. How many Ted Haggards and Larry Craigs do we have to see before we realize that being closeted isn’t exclusive to the black “community.”

    It’s a sad thing that happened to him. If we lived in a society where people were accepting of each other regardless of all of our inherent differences, then perhaps he would have felt free to be who he was and he would never have ended up in that situation.

  • Black Pegasus

    @Isaac: I concur with your statements. It should not be a “Black Thing”!! But judging from the lack of comments and anger on this story, I’d say it is a “Black Thing” in the minds of many White Gay men and Women…

    A damn shame indeed! If he were a semi attractive White closeted man who was gunned down by police, you’d see the queens raising holy hell! An INJUSTICE for one is an INJUSTICE for ALL – regardless of Race!!!

  • Kieran

    Where’s Al Sharpton when you need him?

  • anonymous

    @Black Pegasus: Not only would WHITE gay men organize and protest and get action if such a scenario had taken place but take a guess who would be MORE LIKELY NOT to be at those protests supporting them? Where is your argument?

    Your comment sounds like a pathetic attempt to divert attention from the truth. The black gay community did the equivalent of nothing when the AIDS crisis hit back in the 1980’s and here twenty plus years later there still is no black gay organization stepping forward protesting this or other atrocities within the community.

    Dear, pick your battles more carefully. I see no reason for white gay men to carry this burden all by themselves. That B/S has gone on too long. It makes one wonder who is riding who’s coattails now, doesn’t it?

    Taking Mr. Gaymons age and his position in society (and yes, I know he lived a hetero lifestyle but still) he was a teenager entering college when the AIDS crisis was forming and graduated just when the shit hit the fan (1984-85). I find it inconceivable to believe that there are no single, out-of-the-closet middle-aged black gay men with organizing skills that could get SOME kind of black gay national organization on the map twenty years later in at least one major city. The lack or organization and community in D.C. is criminal. Newark is no better but D.C. is the poster child for shame. When you look at it on a national level and include Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City……….need I go on?

    Black gay prides are held not only in the cities I listed but also in those I did not. The attendance is in the tens of thousands as well.

    When white gay men were targeted for gay sex stings on 8th ave earlier this year in NYC no less than three organized groups emerged within two weeks and a protest rally was held in front of Mayor Bloomberg East Side residence. Now that was community spirit. Or is it racist to say it that way? Regardless, I’m sure you get my point.

    If not I will make it more plain. It is time for black gay men to get organized and stop looking like freeloaders when it comes to political actions effecting their community members. If thousands can line the streets to mill around and do nothing more than cruise then maybe at least ten out of those thousands can get together and see what can they do to show they are concerned about things other than the closing of a white owned bar………..enough said.

    What, if anything, are the black blogs saying about this? Please include a link if one exists. If not, have a nice day.

  • Action Jackson

    @ No. 9 anonymous: You are right about SOME of the things you are saying. The truth is painful, so a portion of what you are saying will be rejected by other readers. The gay black activist scene in Washington, DC is non-existent for the most part. Unless it involves random DL sex and alcohol, that group isn’t interested.

  • Chitown Kev


    There is some truth to what you are saying, but why is it specifically a black gay problem?

    Although that’s not true of the black gay activist scene in Chicago and we actually get plety of help from white gays; again, I can only speak for Chicago.

  • anonymous

    @Chi Town Kev: Since you are in Chicago hopefully you can answer this: A few years back six black gay men were killed at a party that was advertised on Adam4Adam. The shooter burst through the door and just opened fire. Over one hundred people allegedly were at that party.

    I do recall a group who spoke about this incident but I do not remember anything else said about it. Was anyone ever charged? Was there a rally held? To bottom line it, what has happened since then? And please don’t take it personal.

    Kevin, I know it is hard to accept but yes, in my opinion black gay men are simply TOO silent for the large number of them that do exist. I do regret offending people and targeted no one in particular but reality is reality.

    Back in the 1990’s Keith Boykin headed a black organization in D.C. and resigned a few months later stating that he was leaving because he felt he was being asked to do to much for one person (raising funds to keep it alive). Ok, fine. That was his prerogative. Within two months the group folded. We all have to pay rent, eat and keep the lights on somehow. However, it is hard to believe no one or group has filled the void since then in D.C. Keep in mind Howard U. is in D.C. and I say no more.

    To run an organization such as that requires funding for sure. But as I stated earlier, too many black gay men have experience in philanthropy foundations, charity organizations and things along those lines for there not to be something out there by now. It is simply shameful the state that the community overall is in.

    There are simply too many holes in the detective’s story for this not to be a homicide. A homicide that could have happened to any one, race be damned. The officer who is guilty of murder in this case is not going to be prosecuted because no one is going to speak up about this B/S from the black gay community.

    Yes, I do see it as part of a black gay problem that is only going to get worse. With AIDS dropping in every community except the black community round two of that crisis is already in progress. Who do blacks have to rely on since they can not marshall the force that does exist in their own community to do for self? You guessed it.

    Be thankful you are in Chicago and have a group to rely on who did decided enough was enough. What a shame more of them are not around who see it the same way.

  • Chitown Kev

    And we acknowledged the one year anniversary of the shooting…although it is believed that this was some sort of all gay squabble.

  • anonymous

    @Chi Town Kev: Kevin I thank you for the links to that shooting. I had no idea that site existed.

    Too bad you are NOT an activist (or are you?). You would make a DAMNED good one. I pray your talents are not wasted on some b/s going no where clerical position job. I have watched your posts over the years and KNOW you are a fighter. What is your age bracket?

    Take care and keep up that FIGHTING spirit. If only there were more like you I bet the black gay community of Chicago would be a lot stronger community.

  • Chitown Kev


    I guess it depends on how you define activism.

    Writing is my extreme strong suit (I’m a horrible speaker), so writing should be where my activism takes place, IMHO.

    Of course, the assumption of yours that I don’t like is the idea that so many white gays are activist and that’s not true.

    Apathy is a serious problem throughout the gay community; regardless of race/ethnic origin.

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