With the Libertarian Party Inviting Gays to Abandon the Democrats, Who Will Follow?

Libertarian Party Chairman Mark Hinkle wants it known that if the Democrats aren’t doing enough for The Gays, and the Republicans keep up their anti-gay act, then there’s a home for them in his party. And the appeal is quite an emotional one.

Telling gay voters that continuing to vote for Democrats is “like abused spouses who keep returning to their aggressors,” Hinkle is calling on gay voters to stop “handing their votes to the Democrats who abuse them.”

Well it’s about time somebody wised up that we’re been shopping around for a better deal.

“President Obama and the Democrats had almost a year of complete control of the federal government,” says Hinkle. “They could have repealed ‘don’t ask don’t tell.’ They could have gotten rid of the Defense of Marriage Act. But they didn’t do either.”

Instinctively, the gay Democratic machine has responded: Michael Mitchell, executive director of the National Stonewall Democrats, tells the WSJ Team Obama has done “more for the LGBT community than any other administration in our nation’s history – combined.” Which is true. Because the bar was so low.

But non-Democratic parties trying to make in-roads with queer voters isn’t new. The GOP has been trying its hand at this same tactic, despite John McCain’s best efforts to repel them. The Log Cabin Republicans are awarding GOP leaders with actual awards for their fictitious support of LGBT rights — which, to be fair, really amounts to a fringe group of conservative gays trying to suckle at their leaders’ teats.

I’m actually surprised it’s taken the Libertarian Party so long to make an obvious gesture toward LGBTs. While the party isn’t exactly in favor of anti-discrimination laws (too Big Government for them, and the party generally supports the right of private businesses to discriminate), it does say the government needs to be blind to sexual identity or gender orientation. But the time is prime: Obama’s administration continues defending DADT in court; fails to put any tangible pressure on Democratic leadership to move on ENDA (though the Libertarians wouldn’t support this either); fails to wholeheartedly support same-sex marriage; and is all but silent on the few but significant LGBT victories we’ve secured for ourselves.

Maybe November isn’t about Democrats or Republicans, but options. Or at least the appearance of them.