Woman Who Screamed At Michaels Staff Also Berated Coffee Shop Employees In Boystown And It’s All On Tape


Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like we have a repeat offender on our hands.

Remember that angry, white, Trump-supporting woman who was recorded having a complete meltdown, shouting profanities in front of babies, and calling two Black woman “animals” all because she was denied a free bag at Michaels? Well, it turns out she may have a history of that sort of erratic behavior.

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In a new 1:48-minute video published by Chicagoist, a woman with remarkable likeness to the woman in the now infamous Michaels video can be seen shouting at two baristas at a Peet’s Coffee in Boystown, Chicago.

“You think because you’re in Boystown you’re safe?” she hisses at the barista. “Corporate’s not in Boystown!”

It’s unclear what exactly led the woman to become unhinged, though it may be because she didn’t have her wallet to pay for a bottle of water.

“You’re the bitch!” she hollers at the employees. “You are the bitch! You are literally the bitch!

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She then goes on to mock the store manager with some overly flamboyant body gestures and then claims she feared for her life because of something Becky, who we presume is the barista working the cash register, had just said to her.

“The way she got in my face was not professional. I actually was afraid for my life!” she cries. “Yeah! Yeah, I was!”

Watch the madness below…