World’s First “Gay Airline” Launches To Jet Athletes to 2012 Eurogames in Budapest

Milestones in gay aviation: First, Air New Zealand gave you its all-gay Pink Flight to Sydney’s Mardi Gras; then, SAS added coupling to the mix with its revolutionary Love Is in the Air same-sex marriage flights to and from Stockholm in 2010.

Now Lufthansa has upped the ante, creating the world’s first-ever “gay airline” — FreshAir European Gaylines — in honor of the upcoming Eurogames in Budapest.

Of course the solely-homophile carrier doesn’t really exist, but this week Lufthansa rolled out a sassy queer-directed marketing campaign touting FreshAir’s intent “to fill the gap left by traditional, boring airlines.” FreshAir’s promo video presents a gayified in-flight world filled with hugging homo passengers and a female pilot who’s far more interested in the air hostess’s derriere than in the control panel. The airline’s sporty motto: “We all play the same, no matter which team we belong to.”

For flight booking, FreshAir‘s website ultimately links over to Lufthansa, where special fares are rung up for those flying to and from Budapest between June 27 and July 1, the dates of this year’s Eurogames.

While sparsely known on other continents, the Eurogames have been a near-annual LGBT Euro sporting event for the past two decades. At Budapest 2012, athletes from some 30 European countries are expected to compete in 18 sports.

This year marks the first manifestation of the games outside of Western Europe, and they’ve already caused an ignorant uproar in their host city of Budapest. Mayor István Tarlós has called the event discriminatory against straights, while the leader of Hungary’s nationalist party claims the advent of the games will bring on no less than the end of the world.

In better Budapest news, last month a court overruled local police efforts to stop this year’s Budapest Pride, which will go forward just a week after the Eurogames on July 7. Unless of course the world ends first.

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