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Would Anyone Care About The Winklevoss Twins If They Didn’t Have Muscles That Rippled Through Lycra?

Oh good, more homoerotics from The Daily and Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, who are determined to unlike Facebook in court. These men aren’t just entitled Harvard frat types. They are “machines,” says the narrator. “Physically gifted in and extraordinarily driven.” Is it sad that this is the only part of the story I care about? I mean, there’s lots of money at stake, a big Hollywood movie playing in the background, and the world’s largest social network in play. And yet the only reason I’m watching these videos is because these muscular fellas are wearing Lyrcra rowing gear, and look great doing it. Also, there is two of them! Everything else: noise.

Here is Part 1:

Here is Part 2:

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  • Sean F.

    They are hot, but I can’t like people who think they are owed money for inventing something that already existed (hello, Friendster?).

  • christopher di spirito

    There is something hot about a fantasies about college twins.

  • mike

    Generally speaking, individuals and/or large corporations don’t settle a lawsuit for $65,000,000 unless there is some degree of merit to the plaintiff’s case.

    Facebook, by any objective degree of measure, is a global phenomenon. The Social Network was a top grossing film in 2010.

    So yeah, I’m interested … the fact that they’re hot and cause a whole brother-on-brother fantasy to pop up in my head only makes it more interesting.

  • ned

    if you had invented facebook, you would have invented facebook…

  • Gigi

    The jury is in. They’re hot. And the $65 million only makes them hotter!

  • Lucas

    Please note that not all rowers are huge douchebags.

  • UWSguy

    They’d make more money if they did porn together. Just saying

  • Jeebus

    Really? Seriously, do you have nothing better to do than snag on two guys who have been dicked over by a narcissistic shit only because they have nice bodies?
    Ugh…good luck to you in your life, wingers…

  • Tyler

    The answer to your questions is: NO.

  • w9jj320

    They make their case by attacking Zuckerberg’s character, instead of presenting evidence of work they did that predates the creation of facebook.

    All they need is documentation describing their “invention”, predating facebook’s origination date, which, if they really had ‘invented facebook’ they should have. No excuses.

    Clearly, they are con artists. People pull this crap all the time, claiming after the fact that someone else stole their idea – that they never acted on or documented.

    Odds are, they’ll lose that 65 mil in the end.

  • Ryan

    Okay, this is hot?
    What are the minimum standards here?
    Having a penis?

  • Mykey

    and they’re “famous” because??

  • AC Walker

    Who the hell is this “reporter” and childhood friend of the Winkledouches? How much money is she getting to shill them?

  • PJ

    I can see them in gayporn!

  • bob


    Big companies pay huge settlements to save time. THe winlefags didn’t invent facebook or have any intellectual claim to the idea. For 1 thing zuckerberg did all the work and for antoher the idea had already been done. Its just myspace with a twist. Marks lawyers settled to get through with it so he could get back to making 25 billion dollars. 65 million is nothing to him.

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