Memed again!

Wow, these animatronic Donald Trump memes are brutal AF

Sooooo Disney World unveiled its creepy new Donald Trump animatronic, which was added to the park’s famed Hall of Presidents this week, and let’s just say the response has been about as flattering as the robotic rendering itself:

Pretty much everyone agrees the animatronic is one of the most frightening of all presidential bunch. Not just that, but its audio only includes Trump’s oath of office. Presumably Disney couldn’t find any actual inspiring quotes from #45 to feature, though we’re sure they tried… or maybe they didn’t?

Naturally, memers have wasted no time getting on this sweet, sweet action.

Check out our favorite Donald Trump animatronic memes (so far)…

Snokes backstory revealed. —— #trumprobot #starwarsleaks

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Anyone else? #hallofpresidents #disney #totalrecall @realdonaldtrump #donaldtrump

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Is it just me or is #HallOfPresidents Trump Mrs. Doubtfire?

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