Yes, All Of Your Obvious Gay Movies + TV Shows Received GLAAD Nominations

It seems like every year, it’s getting easier and easier for GLAAD to choose nominees for its annual Media Awards event. The Kids Are All Right, Howl, Burlesque, and I Love You Phillip Morris, Glee, and Modern Family all received nods from the group. So how about something more surprising next year, like an Outstanding Web Series nomination for Bryan Fischer’s wonderful little program?

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  • ChicagoJimmy

    I haven’t seen the movie and I don’t really plan to so maybe my scorn isn’t fair, but I can’t imagine why GLAAD would recognize “The Kids Are Alright” given the direction of the storyline.


    They are a lesbian couple and one of them ends up sleeping with the father? Really? That isn’t a depiction of a proud American family, but rather a disgusting fantasy of straight movie producers.

  • Jenny

    @ChicagoJimmy: The fact that Ms. Moore slept with Mr. Ruffalo was a sore point of the movie for me as well, but I’m very anti-cheating.

    SPOILERS: I also didn’t understand when he fell in love with her, as it was fairly suddenly forced upon the viewer. And at the end the lesbian couple are back in love even though they never addressed the reasons why they were unhappy to began with.

    I didn’t get all the love for the movie, which I thought was poor story telling.

  • jpgay

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