You Got the CD, Saw The Concert And Bought The Tee. Now It’s Lady Gaga, The Coffee Table Book

Terry Richardson is a sleazy and prolific photographer. Lady Gaga is a semi-sleazy and prolific pop star. Their collaboration isn’t just logical, it’s overdue.

According to The New York Observer, Richardson—who has been accused of exploiting young, naive models he shoots for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and other top mags—followed Gaga for almost a year to compile the 350 images that appear in Lady Gaga, the book, which is due out November 2011.

The duo first teamed up when Richardson shot Mother Monster for a Supreme clothing ad campaign.

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  • shle896

    God, I can’t wait for the public’s fascination with this woman ends. Once again, Gaga is copying Madonna with her version of the “Sex” book. What’s next.. no, let me guess. A movie role based on a Broadway musical.. a movie documentary of a world tour.. children’s books.. directing a film..

    Jesus, just give it up already!

  • Taliaferro

    No, thank you anyway. Also did not buy the CD or the T-shirt and would never go to a concert. I have scant appreciation for this creature.

  • Jim

    I never noticed her arm tattoo before.

  • AOG93

    Madonna’s “Sex” book was actually entertaining [her tongue-in-cheek sense of humor always is!] and had a reason. At that time she was looking to push the envelope and pose the question of where did art and pornography really seperate.
    I haven’t seen GaGa’s book yet, but I hope it’s good, and has a reason for being. She could put out good material.

  • John

    Glad to see that two people that have built a career off ripping off other peoples talent have gotten together. Americans are really dumb.

  • Tone

    Jeepers there are some bitter people here! Lady Gaga puts on a great show and her music is fun and lively. She’s an entertainer, and she’s doing very well at it. She is currently our strongest ally in the entertainment world. We need all the friends we can get in the struggle for equal rights. She also has some great words when she is interviewed, if only you’d listen.

  • Carson

    @Tone Thank you. I’m so sick of people jumping on every single positive post with a negative comment. It’s fine if someone sees the glass as half empty, but they don’t have to bring everyone else down with them. Some people are happy and content in life, and others are not. But, really, there is no need to comment and showcase your negativity on positive posts.

  • Oh Dear (John From England)


    You forgot she’s also a shrewd business woman who loves and needs your cash to survive. Gay people are the biggest group with a major inferiority complex who are constantly desperate for any kind of attention from absolutely nasty women who are entertainers.

    Gaga gets this and is making money from it. Good for her I guess.

  • jason

    Madonna’s Sex book was actually not very gay-friendly. It was basically a sop to the sleazy straight guy fantasy. There was a heavy emphasis on lesbianism designed to titillate sleazy straight guys. Think porn and you get the picture.

    Madonna failed big time when she published that book. It also caused a lot of people to question her commitment to gay rights. She was exposed as a fake. She was revealed to be your regular porn-like female who engages in lesbian acts to titillate sleazy straight guys and not to help the gay rights cause.

    Madonna was basically a cunt and has never changed. She used gay men to make money. Her shtick was to appeal to the very men who hate us. Once a cunt, always a cunt.

  • jason

    I don’t resile from what I said about Madonna.

  • John

    Ok how is this gonna be anyway like Madonna’s “Sex book” no one has seen it yet and people are already saying she’s ripping off Madonna like fuck sake haha come on! every single singer/celebrity has brought out a concert book or picture book!

    And I hate gay guys who hate her just for the fact that so many gay people like her, She does do a lot that helps the lgbt community and I wouldn’t care if she wasn’t genuine (she is) because she still makes a difference, and plus she’s a brilliant musician those who aren’t fans of lady gaga haven’t seen her perform live. She is as good as they get.

  • Carson


    Took the words right out of my mouth. She’s awesome for what she does and I’m just going to ignore the people that say otherwise.

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