You Won’t Believe The Latest X-Rated Male Trend Happening In Airplane Lavatories

MK-CB991_LAV_G_20130328182510Long before there was DickPics4Freedom, a new Reddit thread dedicated to standing up against the NSA by voluntarily posting photographs of their erect penises, there was Fly That Cock.

Fly That Cock is an 18+ NSFW Tumblr page that encourages male travelers to “catch a flight, go to the toilet and flash it” then e-mail their dick pics to the site’s curator for evaluation upon landing. Select photos are uploaded to the internet database for public consumption.

There are a few ground rules, of course. Absolutely no minors allowed. No disturbing other people’s privacy. And, please, no flashing innocent bystanders. Also, don’t include your Twitter handle with your photo.

So far, hundreds of men from all around the globe, including some pilots and flight attendants, have submitted selfies to the x-rated website since August 2013. And the varying types of penises are plentiful. Hard, soft, cut, uncut, pierced, you name it. Some men include their faces in the pictures. Others remain anonymous.

Seriously, we had no idea snapping dick pics in airplane lavatories was such a huge trend. This is going to have us thinking twice the next time we’re on a flight and we see a dude slip into the bathroom with his cellphone.

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