You’re Ruining the Gay Agenda By Demanding Marriage Rights

Hey, homos? All your attention (your “over emphasis”) on securing marriage rights is ruining things for gay rights. That’s the position of Harvard gender-sexuality prof Tim McCarthy, who was a founding member of Barack Obama‘s National LGBT Leadership Council. This means he is a smart person to listen to.

“We have asked for a fight that we have now gotten,” says McCarthy about our marriage struggle. Look at California: We fought for marriage, and now we managed to get it banned. Or something. He advises picking smaller fights, winning ’em, and then going after big stuff like marriage. That is, of course, if gay Americans even want to go there — since marriage isn’t a big deal to plenty of them. (They’d rather get health care benefits, or adoption rights. Though it’s arguable those things would be secured with marriage rights.)

If you’re fighting for marriage rights, argues McCarthy, you’re probably a middle-class white guy who’s not so concerned trans LGBT youth of color who are homeless and fighting to survive.