Seeing double

Yup, that bizarre Bette Davis musical number from last night’s ‘Feud’ is very real

If you aren’t watching FX’s Feud, you’re missing out. We’ll leave it at that.

Susan Sarandon’s portrayal of Bette Davis is about as perfect as it could get, down to the constant theatrics and unique approach to vowels.

On Sunday’s episode, Sarandon is seen basking in the surprise success of her film with Ms. Crawford, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.

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At one point she shows up on The Andy Williams Show and performs a song based on the film.

So how much is dramatic reinterpretation?

Well check out the below clip of the actual Bette Davis appearing on the show in 1962 to see just how brilliantly Sarandon is nailing this role:

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  • natekerchel

    Brilliant! Close your eyes – that is Bette exactly.

    • Pete

      That’s because it is Bette Davis.

  • natekerchel

    The real Bette appearing this clip is almost a parody of herself. Sarandon is actually more believable.

  • pscheck2

    I agree completely! Sarandon is Bette reincarnated !In fact looking at that video, I was not sure if I saw someone impersonating Bette or if was Sarandon herself doing that scene! It’s great viewing and relish each scene when they become bitchy with each other.

    • Bob LaBlah

      I loved it when she (Betty/Sarandon) was in the theatre throwing out Baby Jane dolls to the audience while promoting the film and said “I left her dead on the beach” when asked where was Joan. lol

      I am sure Sarandon will win an Emmy award for this.

  • He BGB

    Bette Davis Sings or Miss Bette Davis Sings was a album she released back then. I remember seeing it in record stores. I must say she has balls.

    • Pete

      Like a lot of singers of that era who weren’t blessed with a great instrument, she was a stylist. When it comes to putting over a song, acting is the other half of the equation. This is a time when a lot of non-singers were making great musicals. Think of Rex Harrison in My Fair Lady, Hermione Gingold and Louis Jourdan in Gigi.

    • Bob LaBlah

      @Pete…………..I couldn’t agree more with your comment. Bette Davis was a star, regardless of the fact she couldn’t sing. Check her out in this clip. She lights up the screen as soon as she steps out of the car. Its not the song you pay attention to. Its her, the star. This woman had what it took for stardom.

  • mdhess

    Oh dear god; I loved the woman but I can’t listen to that caterwauling

  • Pete

    I haven’t seen any of this show, and I only hope it isn’t too campy. That would be highly disrespectful toward a woman I consider to be the greatest actor of the Golden Age of Hollywood, a woman who, even more than Kate Hepburn, brought to screen acting the level of artistry and respect formerly accorded only to stage work.

    • Bob LaBlah

      I hope the next series like this is based on All About Eve. Now there was a picture where it was almost impossible to believe Bette was acting. I think she was playing herself and was robbed of the Best Actress award. She had to resent that part (a lonely, aging actress in real life as well as in the script) but took it anyway to get the bills paid and look what happened. This woman was fantastic.

    • northparkgemini

      Bob, they’ve already announced that the next installment of the series “Feud” will deal with Prince Charles, Lady Diana, and Camilla.

    • Bob LaBlah

      @northparkgemini……………….thank you. I detest those freeloaders (the royals) but it wasn’t my decision to make. The last I read in the grocery store check aisle (The National Enquirer) was Camilla had been exiled to some Bahamian island because she was not only a drunk but she hauled off and slapped William’s ol’ wife (what ever the hell her name is. I honestly don’t remember nor care).

  • sfcarlos65

    I’d seen this before it’s one of the “extras” in “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane??: Special Edition”.

  • kurt_t

    I want this performed at my funeral.

  • mhoffman953

    The original is frightening

  • CarrieV

    I am trepidaciously thank QUEERTY for posting this video… but for the love of all gods I have tried everything I could since last night to get that gawd-awful ditty out of my head!

    WhuTEVVUH hapPUNNED to BayBee JANE!
    WhuTEVVUH hapPUNNED to BayBee JANE!
    WhuTEVVUH hapPUNNED… to Bay… Bee… JANE!

    I hope this full-length video will be a hair-o-the-dog treatment to help get that damnable song out of my head!

  • arcoarconcio_passivy

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  • IanHunter

    I am hooked on this show. When I saw that scene, I had to look it up on IMDB and I found out that it was an appearance. Then I found the original on YouTube. I love it! If I ever get married, I am going to use this as a wedding song.

  • lauraspencer

    What is more shocking than the song is that in 1962 when the original aired Bette Davis was 54 years old. In 2016 when the movie was made and Susan Sarandon played Bette Davis, Sarandon was 70 years old!!! Looking at these ladies side by side Davis looks 80 and Sarandon looks 50.

  • McBlee

    Who knew that Bette Davis was such a fantastic singer??? Not me!
    I am sure this album is better than Ethel Merman’s Disco Album!

  • Sluggo2007

    “Feud” is an amazing production. I am so sorry it is over. I’d put it right up there with Mad Men, Breaking Bad and Downton Abbey. The acting was sensational and I mean EVERY role.

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