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Bette Davis who? Jessica Lange’s real-life feud is all too real.

“I feud in my head with people. Like now I’m carrying on a feud with Kellyanne Conway — in my head. I mean the thing is, really, if you got a script as an actor, and that script came to you and they preface it by saying, ‘You’ve been offered this part.’ Your agent calls — ‘You’ve been offered this part.’ One of the most important women in the government right, you know, she’s a council to the president, she’s a spokesperson. And then you pick up the script and read it and think, ‘They’ve got to be kidding.’ You’ve got a scene where you talk about ‘alternative facts? You’ve got a scene where you imagine the microwave is turning into a camera? I mean, you go to the inauguration dressed as a nutcracker? You can just hear that conversation with the actor. ‘Are you kidding me?’ Nobody’s going to take this character seriously, she’s a joke.”— Jessica Lange, when asked by Steven Colbert if she has any feuds of her own. We’re with you Jessica, we’re with you.

Watch the full interview below: