These Kellyanne Conway microwave memes will have you ROTFLOLing

It was a rough weekend for two of Trump’s top officials. First, Sean Spicer got into a heated confrontation inside an Apple store with an Indian-American woman who accused him of working for a fascist. “Such a great country that allows you to be here,” Spicer snarled at the woman.

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Meanwhile, Kellyanne Conway told a reporter on Sunday that President Obama may have spied on Donald Trump via his Trump Tower microwave during last year’s presidential campaign. She then spent all of Monday morning defending those remarks on various morning news programs, first saying she is “not Inspector Gadget” and then insisting it’s not her job to “have evidence” when discussing the goings-on inside the White House.

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As usual, memers wasted no time pointing out the absolutely absurdity in Kellyanne’s latest gaffe.

Scroll down for the best Kellyanne Conway microwave memes (so far)…

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How long until Trump claims the illuminati are out to get him? ???? P.S. Ted Cruz's dad killed JFK.

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