These Kellyanne Conway microwave memes will have you ROTFLOLing

It was a rough weekend for two of Trump’s top officials. First, Sean Spicer got into a heated confrontation inside an Apple store with an Indian-American woman who accused him of working for a fascist. “Such a great country that allows you to be here,” Spicer snarled at the woman.

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Meanwhile, Kellyanne Conway told a reporter on Sunday that President Obama may have spied on Donald Trump via his Trump Tower microwave during last year’s presidential campaign. She then spent all of Monday morning defending those remarks on various morning news programs, first saying she is “not Inspector Gadget” and then insisting it’s not her job to “have evidence” when discussing the goings-on inside the White House.

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As usual, memers wasted no time pointing out the absolutely absurdity in Kellyanne’s latest gaffe.

Scroll down for the best Kellyanne Conway microwave memes (so far)…

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How long until Trump claims the illuminati are out to get him? ???? P.S. Ted Cruz's dad killed JFK.

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I love waking up to the latest news headlines #kellyanneconway #trump #wiretap #surveillance #Obama #microwaves

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#kellyanneconway #paranoia #surveillance #microwave #bugged #hack #spy #privacy #ohforfuckssake

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#kellyAnneConway #microwaveSpy #alternativeFacts #madeWithPicsArt

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  • He BGB

    several days before she made the microwave remark, I was reading how Vizio tvs may have been hacking or spying on users and that they have since turned that off (or the owner has to turn it off?). Maybe thats where shes getting her crazy ideas. Anyway, when she said this, I realized you have to have the appliance CONNECTED,to Wifi, for them to be able to spy on you. And I’m tired of her using the “taken out of context” excuse. How many times can this excuse be used?

    • Low Country Boy

      I agree. This administration sounds like a broken record. The absurdity of their comments and utter incompetence in everything they do is astounding.

    • scotshot

      They may not have to be plugged in. I imagine they have a way to beam electricity through the air to power them.

  • QueerGal58

    It is not surprising that Trump’s personal advisor (as Kellyanne calls herself) makes extremely unintelligent claims. To date, the microwave one is the most hilariously stupid remark she has made.

    I am so relieved she is not Inspector Gadget! I was devastated to think she might be, he is my hero! Frankly, I can see her working for Meegan on “The Walking Dead.” ROFLMAO!!!

    BTW – someone needs to give her a makeover! Her hair color and eye makeup make her look hideously ghoulish. Her appearance does, however, fit her unexplainable attitudes and her relentless need to create new terms and extreme comments.

  • Giancarlo85

    Hey I am back with my original name. I don’t post here often because of a certain fraudulent troll.

    This nonsense about microwaves is a distraction from something bigger that is brewing. A real monstrous scandal even Trump won’t be able to spin.

    The New Yorker recently wrote an article about the financial ties Donald Trump has to the Mammanov family in Azerbaijan. There was a fraudulent hotel constructed in the capital city that was a joint venture between Trump and the Mammanovs. Trump wants you to believe he only had his name on it. Donald and Ivanka are both involved.

    The hotel has been linked to money laundering, drug trafficking, potential human trafficking and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Trump has since backed away from killing the Iran deal. Why? Because he basically he took money from the Iranian revolutionary guard through his dealings with this shell hotel.

    Is this illegal? Absolutely. Trump violated the FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) and RICO (racketeering).

    This is big news my friends. And it will hit mainstream shortly. The Wall Street Journal also covered it. Trump needs to be impeached and prosecuted with criminal charges.

    • Giancarlo85

      *Correction: Mammadov family. Ziya Mammadov is the Azeri Minister of Transportation. He has been blacklisted by Western authorities as being linked to organized crime and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

      By the way, my main point is this: stop covering trivial nonsense like this as it is only a distraction and cover that New Yorker article. The journalist who wrote it has put his life in harms way because Trump is itching to go down Putin’s path.

      The Mammadovs are so corrupt and wield significant influence in the country. Azerbaijan is called one of the most corrupt in the world.

  • ivanw222

    This falls under the heading…”Almost too stupid to be true”, except this is Kellyanne Conway, so lets call it “Kellyanne true”.

    Makes me wonder when someone will shoot her in the head and say “OOPS, it just went off”

  • btrmale

    She really very badly needs to get her teeth and her face fixed. But this is really scary that this is what is “running” the country these days. Trump is stupid. But Kellyann is so absurd there is no words to describe her

  • BGinBigD

    Poor pathetic bitch! The only thing that’s been nuked is Kellyanne’s brain!

  • dommyluc

    The best response to this insane nonsense was on “The View”.
    JOY BEHAR: “I think my dishwasher called me a bitch yesterday!”

  • Giancarlo85

    Oh and another note.. Maybe Kellyann can tell her little hands orange boss to stop using a five year old cellphone. That may be a bit unsecured and hackable.

  • gary69mike

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! these are excellent!!! what a dumb a$$

  • KaiserVonScheiss

    We know the CIA spied on people using various electronics, but I doubt they used a microwave. Don’t microwaves disrupt wifi signals? If so, I doubt it would be a useful device to hack. Are there any microwaves out there with microphones? I see little reason for why they would.

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